1000 gallon smart pot

Smart Pots: 1000 Gallon Fabric Pots

DIMENSIONS: 105″ x 24″

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Smart pots, which were founded in 1984 was the 1st fabric container company and has been by far of the most well-known. Easy to clean and reuse, smart pots have been growing larger plants for years. There are many benefits of using fabric gardening pot containers such as air pruning, temperature control, drainage, and affordability. Smart pots come in all different shapes and sizes.

Fabric Pot Technology

The latest trend in hydroponics is growing your plants in fabric pots. These pots are lightweight, in expensive, reusable, and highly effective. We have the largest online store for buying fabric pots at great prices. There is no better way to start your soil or hydroponics garden than with planting with fabric pots. Fabric pots are available in many different sizes and have many different uses. If you have only used the traditional plastic pots than you are truly missing out.

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1,000 Gallon Smart Pot 111″ x 24″ Tan by the Case

Product Description

1,000 Gallon Smart Pot 111″ x 24″ Tan by the case FREE SHIPPING

SPECIAL CASE PRICING (7 pots in a case) The Smart Pot is a patented innovative garden container constructed of highly porous material to encourage supreme aeration and maximal oxygen in your root zone. Use Smart Pot containers for monstrous plants with tremendous root growth!

As your garden drinks, the water in the rootzone is replaced with oxygen-rich air. In order for the plant to cope with dehydration, oxygen from fresh air binds to the root producing hormones that stimulate root growth in the direction of the oxygenated air. The roots in Smart Pots become dense, fiberous and grow deeply in your soil because of the added oxygen. A thicker root system encourages maximal nutrient uptake, leading to the best possible gardening results.

Smart Pots maximize your gardens fibrous root structure with a proprietary container design known for its extreme aeration. Use Smart Pots and get the root ball of your dreams!

  • Maximal Aeration And Drainage Capacity.
  • Less Bulky And Lighter Than Raised Beds Or Flood Tables.
  • Releases Heat In The Soil.
  • Aerates The Root Zone.
  • Stops Root Circling
  • Air-Prunes The Plant’s Root Structure.
  • Great For Plants That Drink Lots Of Water.

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