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Top 10 Games to Play When You’re High or Stoned

Throughout all these suggestions, there is but one golden rule: If this is your first time playing, you have to get high! No matter your taste, we have a variety of games that can be played on your own or with a group of mates. Be warned though, some of these games may leave you and your guests too stoned to move.

What makes a great house party or social event with friends? Laugh out loud moments, junk food, and weed of course! If, however, you are stumped when it comes to the best games to play when the party is flowing and the marijuana is on point, our selection of the best weed-related games will elevate your event to legendary status. Even if it doesn’t, at least your guests will feel like they’re on cloud nine.


Don’t worry if the idea of sitting in front of a TV has you turned off from playing weed-themed games; we have collated a mix of regular party games (with a twist of course) and video games to be played solo or with a group. All that’s left for you to do is decide which one you want to play first, and make sure there is plenty of cannabis to go around. Pot is all about having fun, so let the good times roll.


In no particular order, each one either features weed at its core, or as a forfeit that puts your stash to good use.


What kind of house party would be complete without some mild nudity? To support what is often a rite of passage for many young adults, strip choker is played almost exactly as it sounds. As a gracious host, it may be worth checking that everyone’s OK with potentially stripping down to their underwear. Assuming they are, rules are simple.

While sitting in a circle, a bong or dab rig is passed around, with each participant taking a hit. The only requirement is that you have to hold that hit in until the bong comes back around to you. If any players don’t, or they cough and splutter between turns, an item of clothing comes off. We will leave how far this game progresses up to you.


Whether it is the dynamic of the puzzles or the simple elegance of the game design, something about the greyscale approach is both haunting and mesmerising at the same time. Suitable for either indica or sativa strains, Limbo will be sure to open your mind to new possibilities and keep your guests interested as they try to predict your next wrong move. Take turns to play and remember, every time you fail a puzzle or die, it’s time to take a toke.


The internet is awash with memes of people rocking their heart out to Rock Band. While chasing internet fame may be a byproduct, nothing screams good times like a stoner trying to sing “Afroman — Because I Got High” while your mates try and play the remaining instruments. Anyone that fails the song or loses timing through laughter has to take a draw from their joint.


Never has one title contradicted itself so much. The chance of a straight-faced stoner is slim to none, so you can imagine how high everyone is going to be at the end. The premise is simple; once everyone is high, all participants have to keep a straight face. The first one to smile, laugh, or awkwardly snort through their nose has to do a penalty of the group’s choosing. That could be a hit from the bong, or much worse.


In Greek mythology, looking at Medusa would turn you to stone. In this variation, looking at another player will get you stoned—close enough, right? With a joint in hand, all players start the game with their heads down, looking at their feet. After being counted in, all players must look up and stare wide-eyed at another player. If the person you are looking at is looking at someone else, you are OK. If they are looking directly at you, yell “MEDUSA!”. Both of you have to light your joint and take a toke. The game ends when all players have a lit joint, or everyone is too stoned to continue.


If there is one thing Nintendo excels at, it’s making party-friendly games that are fun no matter your age. We don’t imagine for one second the developers thought their prized creation would become a staple of marijuana-themed antics. Players give it their all to come in first, except there is no forfeit this time around. Instead, a bonus. Those that place first get to take a hit from the bong; those that lose don’t. The only problem with this game is there is always one super-competitive friend. At very least, the higher they get, the worse they’ll perform. hopefully.


Who said you couldn’t remake a classic? Standing opposite each other, two players must bounce a ping pong ball into a cup of beer or water. Should they succeed, they get to fire up a joint. As an additional bonus, successful shots can either be rewarded with a shot of beer, or that can be the forfeit for the losing player. Either way, both parties are going to be stumbling away from the table.


Don’t worry if you haven’t “Fus Ro Dah’d” yet, because Skyrim will soon be released on every platform imaginable. It is not without good reason though; the mystic setting, dragons, and the tale of an underdog have cemented Skyrim’s place in the video game hall of fame. The rules can be as fast and loose as you like, but one suggestion would be taking a hit from the bong every time a guard tries to take you to jail or your companion gets downed. Oh, and you have to take a hit every time you see a dragon. Other than that, the rules are up to you!


Another game that has a ruleset determined by the party host. Pick a movie category of your choice—could be horror, romcom, or action. Then, decide on a suitable set of rules. If it’s a horror, everytime someone gets killed, all players have to take a drag. For a romcom, it could be every time someone on screen kisses another member of the cast. The choice is up to you.

For the hardcore among you, a fan favourite is the Friday The 13th game. While watching any of the movies, you have to take a hit when the following happens:

  • Jason appears on screen
  • Any of the cast get naked
  • There is a sex scene
  • When the iconic, suspenseful music kicks in
  • Anytime someone screams (either in the film or in real life)
  • Whenever a dead body is shown
  • Someone says “Jason”

No one has ever made it through all eleven films.


The highest-grossing game of all time is also the perfect way to chill and get high with friends. Besides the complete randomness of the game, you can, in fact, start your own weed empire, slowly amassing a powerful Los Santos-based business. To be honest, this game is just fun to play full stop, even if you’re not stoned. Although, the dialogue does take on new meaning when baked and trying to play. As a fun mini-game, make sure you smoke everytime someone gets run over—you’ll thank us later.

There's nothing like a bong to turn a first-person shooter into a hilarious kaleidoscope of blood, guts and inexplicable attempts to climb a solid wall. Here are just 10 of the best games to play when you're baked.

14 Marijuana Smoking Games (You Can Play All Night Long)

Last weekend I went to a Jersey Shore party.

I went to the gym, got a tan, and did laundry. Then it was t-shirt time.

With several pitchers of Ron Ron Juice ready—a very strong mixed drink that tastes like a delicious fruit smoothie—my roommate suggested we play some drinking games.

This idea fit the general “be drunk” theme of the party. But for my money, I’d have rather played a weed smoking game.

The problem was: I didn’t know any good smoking games. The ones I did know called for a LOT of smoking, and most of the people we were with would have had a lot of trouble keeping up. And those that could keep up had already made it clear they didn’t want to get too high.

So, in the interest of helping weed earn a recurring seat at the party table, I compiled a list of some of the most popular and easy-to-play marijuana smoking games.

The next time I go to a party (or host my own), I’ll be prepared.

Tips to Avoid Getting Too High During Your Next Weed Smoking Game

One of the reasons smoking games haven’t caught on is that most people are high enough after just one or two hits. And it’s hard to play a game that lasts less than one round.

To keep everyone playing longer, the first step is to reduce the average hit you need to take in the game.

  • Stick to flower

Instead of a dab of high-potency cannabis concentrate, take a light draw from a one-hitter. The goal is to control the size and potency of every pull. It’s the equivalent of sipping from your beer instead of taking a shot: you’ll feel more in control, which means you can play longer.

  • Use low-THC weed

I tend to buy strong weed for personal consumption. If I’m playing a smoking game, though, I want a strain with lower THC levels. It’s the same reason I use a light lager for beer pong. Sure, I’d prefer a strong IPA, but I couldn’t play as long if I did.

  • Don’t take extra hits between rounds

Depending on the pace of the game you’re playing, you might be tempted to take an extra hit between turns. Don’t do it.

Well, do it if you want.

But remember that every hit you take outside of the game will bring you closer to that “too high” point in the party when you say, “No more for me, thanks. I’m good.”

If you want to stay in the game longer, control your bowl.

  • Pick a game that works for everyone

Consider who will be participating in the smoking game. If you have a few beginners joining you, stick to simple games with less smoking. One hit of lower THC weed every 5-10 minutes is much more sustainable than several hits of your best bud in that same stretch of time.

  • Try not to drink too much while smoking

Alcohol has a way of strengthening the effects of cannabis. For many consumers, that can spell the end of their night. Or the end of their participation in smoking games, anyway.

Now that you have a few pointers for how to keep everyone in the game longer, let’s dive into the actual games.

And be sure to share your favorite marijuana game in the comments.

The 14 Best Cannabis Smoking Games (for Your Next Party)

The following games will work whether you have dozens of participants or it’s just you and a friend.

1) Cannabis Cinema

Turning movies and TV shows into drinking games is about as American as baseball. The same strategy can be applied to cannabis.

Start by picking a movie or series with cannabis as a key element or plot point (we have a list of the most popular in our Best of 420 post).

Now, take a hit every time:

  • someone in the movie or show mentions marijuana (or weed, pot, cannabis, ganja, etc)
  • someone smokes marijuana (or eats edibles)
  • you see marijuana on screen

2) Musical Marijuana

Lots of songs are about weed. But that isn’t a requirement for this game. Instead, choose a song with semi-repetitive lyrics. Now get all the participants a joint. Finally, take a hit every time that lyric is repeated.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Jammin’, Bob Marley & The Wailers (every time you hear “jammin’”)
  • Thunderstruck, AC/DC (every time you hear “thunder”)
  • Roxanne, The Police (every time you hear “Roxanne” or “red light”)
  • Hey Ya, Andre 3000 (every time you hear “Hey Ya”)
  • Single Ladies, Beyonce (every time you hear “Uh oh”)
  • You Spin Me Round, Dead or Alive (every time you hear “round”)
  • I Wanna Be Sedated, The Ramones (every time you hear “I wanna be sedated”)

The selection is almost limitless. Just find a song you like, pick a lyric, and enjoy! You can also make the game less weed-intensive by passing the weed each time the keyword or phrase is used.

3) Cannabis Categories

Categories is one of those games that anyone can play. It just happens to work well with weed.

  1. Get everyone to sit in a circle (or a vague, circle-like amoeba).
  2. Pick a category and a letter. For example, “Movies that start with ‘w’.”
  3. The first person to miss takes a hit.
  4. The second person to miss takes two hits.
  5. After two misses, the next person in the circle picks a category and letter.

For longer-lasting rounds, just pick the category (don’t choose a letter). You can make the game more difficult (and fun) by requiring subsequent picks start with the letter the previous pick ended on. For example, if the starting letter is “A” I could say “Avengers: Infinity War.” But, because my movie pick ends in “R,” the next player must choose a movie that starts with “R.”

4) Ghostride the Hit

This last-person-standing style game gets more difficult the more people you have, and is best for smaller groups of 3-5 people.

    1. Take a hit and hold it in.
    2. Pass the bowl or joint to the next person in the circle.
    3. Try to hold your hit until the weed gets back to you.
    4. If you exhale before the pot gets back, you’re out.

5) BlackJack Herer

The game is blackjack. The goal is to get your cards to add up to 21 without going over. The wager is the number of hits you’ll take.

6) Ash Bomber

This game takes a little more prep work, but it’s a guaranteed good time whether you’ve got a full house or you’re one of the last ones at the party.

  1. Cover the opening of an empty wide-mouth cup or jar with tissue paper, toilet paper, or rolling paper and secure with a rubber band.
  2. Place a penny on top of the paper.
  3. After someone takes a hit, they must burn a hole in the paper before passing the joint.
  4. The person who makes the coin fall into the cup loses.

As a penalty, you can either assign more tokes or have the “loser” roll the next joint from their stash.

7) Bong Pong

In case you were worried pong wouldn’t make the list.

  1. Set up a game of beer pong (or fill the cups with water).
  2. If you make a shot, the opposing team has to take a bong rip.
  3. If you prefer to be rewarded for a good shot—instead of penalizing your opponents—set the rules so the scoring player gets to take the bong rip.

8) Medusa

What better name for a stoner game than the famous mythical creature that turns people to stone.

  1. Arrange the group in a circle and make sure everyone has their own joint (or bowl or bong).
  2. Everyone starts by staring down at their feet.
  3. On the count of 3, everyone looks up and stares at another player.
  4. If two players look at each other, both take a hit.

9) Marijuana Obstacle Course

Worried about couch lock? Have some fun on your feet with one of my favorite games on the list.

  1. Arrange your furniture into an obstacle course. Careful not to make things too difficult, or you could end up with injured house guests.
  2. Place marijuana at various points in the course. If someone makes it to the weed, they get to take a hit before moving on to the next stage of the course.
  3. Fastest time wins.
  4. Spectators take a hit whenever someone falls.

10) Don’t Smile!

This one is easy to play and tough to win. After everyone is nice and toasted, the game begins. If you smile you lose and have to take a hit.

11) Master MacGyver

This game is great if you want a more active, creative option or if you want a souvenir to remember the party. It’s also a great bong smoking game you can play even if you don’t own a bong.

  1. Everyone who is playing builds a bong using only what is available.
  2. Participants test the DIY bongs.
  3. Everyone votes on the winner.

12) Ganja Jenga

Turn your game of Jenga into a cannabis party-starter.

  1. Write rules on all (or just some) of the Jenga pieces.
  2. A majority of the rules should tell the player to take a hit (or three).
  3. The remaining rules should be game rules: “Close your eyes when it’s your turn,” or, “You can’t say ‘smoke’ or ‘toke’ anymore.”
  4. If someone knocks over the tower or can’t take the hits their piece assigns, they lose.

13) Weed Power Hour

Power hours are a party and pregaming staple. And they aren’t just for drinking.

  1. Put together a 1-2 hour playlist of your favorite music or YouTube clips. Each clip should be between 15 seconds and 2 minutes long.
  2. Take a hit every time the music or clip changes.
  3. Last longer by passing a joint every clip change, or ratchet up the intensity by giving everyone their own joint.

14) Strip Toker

Strip Toker (also known as Strip Choker) is best saved for people you’re comfortable with. Like its namesake (strip poker), losing players are tasked with removing a piece of clothing. Except instead of playing cards, you’re all taking a hit of weed and seeing who exhales first.

First person to exhale (or start coughing) loses that round.

Any drinking game—any game, really—can be turned into a marijuana smoking game with a little effort. Just replace the booze with bud and reduce the number of hits the loser has to take so your event doesn’t turn into napfest.

Game On! Flame On!

Parties don’t have to be all about drinking. Many party-goers will actually appreciate the shift away from booze. And, by playing marijuana smoking games instead of drinking games, you don’t have to worry about babysitting your friends. If someone has too much weed, just grab them a pillow.

Stop by Karing Kind in North Boulder to stock up on top-tier bud for your next party. And, be sure to share your favorite smoking games in the comments below.

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Why aren’t we all playing more weed games at parties? I compiled a list of some of the most popular and easy-to-play marijuana smoking games.