5 gallon fabric pots

5 Gallon Smart Pots

Five-gallon Smart Pot felt grow pots provide improved aeration and root development over standard nursery pots and grow bags. Their breathable fabric construction produces an effect known as air-pruning, which encourages lateral growth for a healthier more natural root system. More and more growers are switching to Smart Pot fabric containers to take advantage of these benefits.

  • Smart Pots work well with any type of grow medium including coco coir, hydroton clay pebbles, and other soilless mixes.
  • The five-gallon Smart Pot is an excellent size for growing medium size plants to maturity.
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5 Gallon Smart Pot – #5, 12″

The 5-gallon Smart Pot® container is a soft nursery pot that allows more air to reach the growing medium and roots, improving drainage and keeping the root system from overheating on hot days. Plant roots also benefit from their natural tendency to grow into soft surfaces like the Smart Pot material, becoming thick and healthy instead of circling the inside of the pot and becoming root-bound.

Measures: 12″ diameter x 9.5″ tall

Five gallon Smart Pot fabric planters contribute to healthier root growth through the benefit of air pruning. Buy them now at HTG Supply with fast & discreet shipping guaranteed!

Smart Pots: 5 Gallon Fabric Pots

DIMENSIONS: 12″ x 9.5″

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Smart pots, which were founded in 1984 was the 1st fabric container company and has been by far of the most well-known. Easy to clean and reuse, smart pots have been growing larger plants for years. There are many benefits of using fabric gardening pot containers such as air pruning, temperature control, drainage, and affordability. Smart pots come in all different shapes and sizes.

Fabric Pot Technology

The latest trend in hydroponics is growing your plants in fabric pots. These pots are lightweight, in expensive, reusable, and highly effective. We have the largest online store for buying fabric pots at great prices. There is no better way to start your soil or hydroponics garden than with planting with fabric pots. Fabric pots are available in many different sizes and have many different uses. If you have only used the traditional plastic pots than you are truly missing out.

Buy wholesale 5 gallon Smart Pots online. Browse our 5 gallon fabric pot containers. We offer black and natural tan pots with cut or strap handles.