707 og strain

707 og strain

707 Headband Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
THC: 24%

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First time smoking this strain..LOVED IT. Initial effects uplifted, mesmerized, and calm. Its now 2 hours later and I’m floating lol

I just bought this in a disposable vape. I just now took my first hit. 2 am here in PA. Waiting to see if it will help me sleep. I suffer severe pain due to Spinal cord injury and trauma. Basically I have very little spine left. I suffer from PTSD. I also have fibromyalgia and a litany of other diagnoses. I bought this because they were out of Dank Commander. I see the revies here and read about the strain. I am glad I made this purchase. well already feeling somewhat I call my Mellow. And I got a discount on this. Hope this doesn’t mean the dispensary is going to discontinue! Will come back tomorrow with an update.

707 Headband is one potent strain. With THC levels that top out at 24%, it's one of the strongest choices on the market. This strain is mostly indica (40:60 sativa/indica ratio), so the high is primarily focused on the body. 707 Headband has Kush and Diesel origins; it's a crossbreed of Sour Dies…

[Sold Out] 707 Kush – 10 Souvenir Seeds (R)

[SFV OG Kush x 707 Chemdawg]

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Name: 707 Kush
Pool: SFV OG Kush x 707 Chemdawg
Brand: 707 Seedbank
Type: 10 Souvenir Seeds (R)
Inside: 8 – 10 weeks
Outside: Mid-Late October
Notes: Pine, lemon, fuel
Achievement: Purchase ‘707 Kush’ to unlock the speakeasy achievement: ‘Dawg Eat Dog’


What Is 707 Kush? A cross between SFV OG and 707 Chemdawg. This super potent hybrid will lay out the most experienced of users. Gorgeous large light green trichome coated flowers fill the air with piney, lemon fuel aroma, and flavors. Very pungent!


“This is a heavily worked Chemdog #4 line. After generations of back crossing, I am very pleased to be able to offer this variety. Many breeders today have based their seed line on–or used–my 707 Chemdawg in their breeding. Chemdawg 707 grows fairly large with huge flavorful flowers. Fuel, citrus, and pine-sol aromas fill these large light green crystal covered buds.” -707seedbank


*Speakeasy Seedbank seeds are exclusively available as novelty souvenir collectibles and/or bird feed use–Speakeasy Seedbank fully complies with all legislation and by visiting our website you agree to do the same (Speakeasy Seedbank will not be held responsible for your failure to do so!). Refer to the Disclaimer tab below for additional details. Please collect responsibly, friends.*

**These are souvenir seeds with zero cannabanoids–details are provided exclusively for the purpose of entertainment**

707 Kush – created by 707 Seed Bank and Shaw Bud – breeds the SFV OG Kush female to the 707 Chem Dawg male. 707 ChemDawg is a heavily worked ChemDog 4 / Chem Dog 4 IBL. This super potent hybrid will lay out the most experienced user. Large trichome coated flowers with pine and lemon fuel aroma.