airborne skunk

Airborne skunk

STRAIN: Airborne Skunk
MEDIUM: Flower
(19.58%THCa / .17 D9 THC )
PRODUCER: Evermore
PURCHASED: Mission Catonsville Medical Dispensary NOW ETHOS

CLASS: Indica Dominant Indica/Sativa Hybrid
LINEAGE: Airborne G13 X Basic Skunk

Airborne G13, or G13 as it’s sometimes called, has background of mystery and intrigue. Rumors and stories alluding to it being from a cut of a phenotype stolen from a government lab or as the story goes government “greenhouse #13” or “bay 13”.
Either way, this is clearly potent cannabis and its influence on Airborne Skunk seems apparent.
Mention of “G13 x Northern Lights #2 hybrid, the So Cal G13, the Louisiana G13 and the Pacific G13 cuttings” bring little illumination if any to the origins of this strain. Since only photographic evidence has ever been found, identifying the exact origin is impossible.

But many online sources suggest that “If they indeed contain the original G13 genes they are most likely related to one of the F1-hybrids created at the Seed Bank and not the original mother plant.”

TOP TERPENES for Airborne Skunk:
1. b-Myrcene 0.855% (euphoria /sedation)
2. a-Pinene 0.267% (anti-anxiety sometimes produced by thc)
3. Occimene 0.149% (anti-inflammatory/anti-congestant helps to expel phlegm)


Even at 19.58% THCa, there is a rapid onset of cerebral and physical effects that are quite elevating, relaxing, and euphoric.

  • +mental euphoria
  • +increased ability to focus
  • +potentially socially engaging: a slowing down of thoughts that precipitates a willingness to share them
  • +aural and visual amplification (G-13 genetics?)
  • +cerebrally stimulating
  • +feelings of physical euphoria
  • +sensation of body core-warming
  • +physically relaxing /muscular tension release
  • +/-light to medium cranial and facial pressure*
  • -Dry “COTTON” mouth*
  • -dry eyes*


  • Depression/ depressive thought cycling
  • Anxiety/Panic Disorder
  • Potentially useful for treating symptoms of IED Intermittent Explosive Disorder) and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)


  • Activities requiring patience and focus
  • Creatively pastimes/ activities
  • Making lists of things to do and actually doing them

Airborne Skunk is a potent Indica dominant hybrid cross of the legendarily mysterious Airborne G13 X Basic Skunk, which offers a balanced cerebral and physical high that is both uplifting and inspiring as well as relaxing and stress relieving.

Airborne Skunk

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About this product

About this brand

Evermore Cannabis Company

1 customer review

on August 29th, 2020

I bought an 8th. buds are nice size looks good and burn smoothly. I rolled a blunt hit it like 5x and it went out but I can feel it already 🔥🔥

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Airborne Skunk by Evermore Cannabis Company