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Top 6 Best AK-47 You Must Buy 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

The AK 47 rifle has been long renowned for its incredible reliability and durability. It’s been the choice for many tactical shooters throughout the world and continues to this day to be a top choice.

As you are probably aware, many gun manufacturers produce AK 47 style rifles at the moment. And it can be difficult to know which one will suit your needs best. Therefore, in this article, we will run through our 6 best choice AK 47 rifles on the market today. We’ll also let you know the Pros and Cons so you can make your own mind up and find out which is the best AK 47 for you?

But before we look at the rifles, let’s go a little deeper into the AK 47 history and then find out the Pros and Cons to this iconic rifle…

Brief AK 47 History

Back when the Soviet Union was in full swing. The Russians wanted to develop a rifle that could function well and be reliable in tough environments and all-weather conditions. Their answer was the world-renowned Avtomat Kalashnikova (translated – Automatic Kalashnikov), or in the abbreviated form – AK 47.

The AK 47 was the brainchild of a Russian inventor called Mikhail Kalashnikov. Who came up with the design after many efforts to make his “perfect weapon” for the Soviet Union. The “47” aspect of the gun’s name came about simply because this was the year that he completed his design. It was then adopted by the Soviet military two years later in 1949.

Although the gun had incredible resilience and reliable functionality, it did have one flaw. The early AK 47 models had a heavy recoil which brought about common complaints from the Russian military in that they couldn’t hit their targets consistently.

Later models tried to address the accuracy issues that were faced when using the AK 47. However, by this time, the AK 47 had gained iconic status. And it is now considered a true classic – with most people knowing something of its existence.

How Did The AK 47 Style Rifle Become So Well-known & Popular?

An incredible amount of AK 47 rifles were produced by the Soviet military. With an estimation of a fifth of the world’s firearms actually being an AK 47. The Russians obviously sold off a huge amount of these rifles to war-torn countries, and many found their way through the black markets into all sorts of hands.

As a result of this gun’s wide exposure, many of these iconic guns have been portrayed in movies and media throughout the years. This is because they have been an integral part of the firearm industry for a very long time – whether you like it or not.

It is important to mention that what most people would regard as a widely distributed AK 47, is actually the AKM rifle – a variant of the AK 47. Since the AKM is a variant, we can, like many others, refer to it with the popular name stamp of AK 47, where its true roots lie.

The Real AK 47 Pros & Cons

For the AK 47 to have remained a strong weapon of choice, especially in tactical and combat situations, it must have a lot of pros going for it. So here they are…

As many of you will know, the AK 47 is built to be incredibly resilient and has been proven to be effective in most weather conditions. You can even search the web now to find an AK 47 rifle being fired completely submerged underwater!

When you think this gun was made in Russia, it’s understandable that they would ensure it would work very well in cold weather too. Plus, it works the other way – even in the hottest desert climates the AK 47 will still function astonishingly well.

Back when the AK 47 was introduced, it revolutionized the process of loading a magazine, removing the safety and firing. Before the AK 47 was introduced, guns made this process a lot more difficult than it needed to be.

With the AK 47 being so intuitively easy to use, it was made accessible to almost anyone that got their hands on one. This means that the proliferation of this gun around the world was easy. As language barriers would not get in the way of training people to use this gun.

There are two sides to the argument with the recoil on the AK 47.

Firstly, the recoil has been dubbed enough for many to complain, in the past and to this day, that your shooting accuracy is affected negatively. This is true, but the AK 47 is by no means renowned for its pinpoint accuracy, but more as a general combat rifle.

The second argument is that for a rifle that fires heavy rounds, the recoil is much less than you would expect for this size of a rifle. So ultimately, you will be able to fire incredibly powerful bullets with a very lightweight and tactical firearm – which does have strong appeal in real combat situations.

One issue that people have had with the AK 47 is that it has a loosely fitted stamped rail on top. This means that it’s very difficult to mount extra hardware on top of the rifle without it moving around. In recent times, however, modifications have been made whereby scopes or other hardware can be mounted firmly onto the AK 47 without any issues.

Finally, when considering the Pros and Cons of the AK 47, you really have to look from differing perspectives.

This firearm was made with looser tolerances so that it could handle dirt and the effects of bad weather. As a result of the loose tolerances, you forego on some of the potential accuracies that this rifle could have. Plus the sights don’t help either!

However, if you want a rifle that will work no matter what type of tough demands you put it through – the AK 47 is a great choice. It just means that you have to put up with a firearm less capable in the accuracy realm.

Top 6 Best AK-47 For The Money 2020 Reviews

  1. Century International Arms – WASR-10 16.5 inch 7.62 x 39mm Blue 30+1RD
  2. Century International Arms Inc. Red Army Standard
  3. Arsenal SAM7K01 Milled Receiver AK Pistol
  4. SA VZ. 58 Bolt Action Tactical
  5. Arsenal SAM7R-61 Rifle
  6. SLR-107 Series

1 Century International Arms – WASR-10 16.5 inch 7.62 x 39mm Blue 30+1RD

The first AK 47 style rifle we’re looking at is this Century International Arms WASR-10 model, which comes with a 7.62 x 39mm cartridge and a 30 + 1 round capacity.

WASR is short for Wassenaar Arrangement Semiautomatic Rifle, and its design is taken from a semi-automatic Romanian pistol used by their military, produced as far back as 1963.

One of the greatest draws to this pistol is that it’s reasonably priced, yet it’s made to be incredibly strong and durable like an original AK 47 rifle. You also have a good choice of customization choices, so you can really personalize this gun to your taste.

This gun has a blue finish and a beautiful natural wood tone on the stock and foregrip. The entire length of the gun is 37.25 inches, plus the barrel length is 16.5 inches.

The gun also features the traditional removable magazine, which as we mentioned before has a 30 + 1 round capacity.

If you are a collector of AK 47 style guns or want a very original looking and performing AK 47 rifle – Century International Arms have done an incredible job with this WASR-10 model.

You’re searching for the Best AK-47. We know that and don’t worry we got you completely covered with our updated review on them.

Why I wrote this Buyers Guide

I had never intended to write an AK-47 buyer’s guide. Plans, however, are always subject to change. As I shopped around for an AK, I became acutely aware of how different an animal it was from other rifles. Finding good advice on this iconic weapon was hard to come by, which made the task of choosing the right one downright confusing.

Whether I was inspecting rifles at a neighborhood dealer or an online auction site, it occurred to me that choosing an AK is a bit like walking through a house of mirrors. Regardless of price, to the untrained eye, they all looked the same.

What I came to discover was that trying to assess the merchandise superficially was an exercise in futility. I found out that you need to know what’s under the hood. Unless you’re intimately familiar with the individual manufacturer and the provenance of the parts, you don’t know what you’re getting.

Even didn’t help my research at all. There were some books on AKs listed, but they were either highly technical or devoted to the history of the rifle. There was no real AK-47 buyer’s guide out there. The forums were too esoteric and while there were a few websites with good data, they were few and far between.

A comprehensive AK buyer’s guide simply didn’t exist, so I figured I’d write one.

As a discerning buyer, I needed to understand some basics. These are critical for an AK-47 buyer’s guide:

  • The differences between a $600, $1200 and a $2000 rifle.
  • Which AK manufacturers offer the best bang for the buck.
  • Whether to buy online or from a local dealer.
  • Whether to buy new or used.
  • What type of optic to buy and how to mount it.

The purpose of this little book is to provide buyers with answers to these queries and much more. In short, my objective is to de-mystify the process of purchasing an AK.

In addition to the basic questions that revolve around choosing the right gun, How to Buy an AK-47 also offers ideas on customizing your AK with aftermarket parts such as stocks, folders, grips, rails, etc. Some of these suggestions come from my own product reviews but most advice is garnered from professional gunsmiths and trainers—people who design, build and operate Kalashnikov-style rifles for a living.

I sincerely hope that my efforts help you find the rifle you want and that you spend many safe hours at the range or in the field, enjoying it.

Why I wrote this Buyers Guide I had never intended to write an AK-47 buyer’s guide. Plans, however, are always subject to change. As I shopped around for an AK, I became acutely aware of how