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Reverse Dictionary This reverse dictionary allows you to search for words by their definition. Check out to get words related to a single word. Click words for definitions

Synonyms for skunk


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I had been a long time coming to my mind concerning the skunk.

I remember my younger brother once ran across a skunk like this and he had to live in the barn for two days.

I shouldn’t think honey flavoured with skunk cabbage would be fit to eat.

By this we mean, that ordinary people, other than naturalists or scientists, little understand the habits and value of skunk.

The track of the skunk is peculiar and is not likely to be mistaken for that of some other animal.

I reset the trap and took the fox and skunk to camp without skinning.

Womb Spasms: Cramp bark, one ounce; skullcap, one ounce; skunk cabbage, four drams.

A skunk’s a varmint that don’t stink tell ye meddle with him, but Hank Halliday stinks all the time.

Signs of the skunk may be noted also in summer and early fall.

Come out and look me in the face, you squinting son of a Skunk!

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