azamax dosage cannabis

azamax! in soil. how should i do this?


Hey all. I’m trying to get rid of some larvae, and azamax is my choice. My medium is soil, and these awesome pointers tell how to apply to soil. I just feel kinda dumb because I can’t figure out exactly what this instruction I found means. Anyone out there abke to break this down a little more simply?

DRENCH APPLICATION Use AzaMax® as a soil drench for effective control of soil-borne insect larvae, including soil-borne larvae of foliar pests, such as fungus gnats, nematodes, or soil borne thrips. When applying as a drench, avoid excessive leaching. Preventive applications as a soil drench may be warranted for certain pests. Soil drench applications of azadirachtin will have a slower rate of activity because of soil absorption when comparedto foliar applications of AzaMax®. Target the initial application of a soil drench treatment to coincide with the early stages of young larvae and young nymphs. Dilute AzaMax® with water for concentrations of 0.4 to 0.8% volume/volume. See use rate table below. Add the required amount of AzaMax® to a clean bucket with at least one-half of the water to be drenched. Agitate the mixture thoroughly and then fill with the remaining water and continue agitation until the product is thoroughly dispersed. Drench the soil in the pot with one (1) pint of finished product dilution per 1.0 gallon of soil. For fungus gnats, use the 0.4% spray concentration. For mushroom fly maggot control, use the 0.6% volume/ volume spray concentration. For leafminers and other difficult to control pests, use the 0.8% volume/volume spray concentration. Make two to three (2 –3) applications at 10 –14 day intervals until pest pressure has ended. With high insect pressure make applications every 5 to 6 days. Additional applications of AzaMax® may be required with increased and prolonged pest infestation.

Great instruction, just don’t know exactly how to apply! Thanks for any help guys and girls.

Hey all. I'm trying to get rid of some larvae, and azamax is my choice. My medium is soil, and these awesome pointers tell how to apply to soil. I just feel…

Azamax dosage cannabis

Im having some fungus gnat problems and want to try out azamax as a solution.

Im wondering how to handle the root drench? Do I just add recommended dosage in my normal feeding?

Do I do a drench of azamax with no nutrients, then add food later?

After writing this, the former sounds better because plan 2 would starve the plants?

Im not sure though, what do you guys think?

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Mosquito bits, BTS bits, the bacterias used kill the gnat larvae. No added flavors or problems with soil or hydro.

Please no aza products, some users are having extreme issues with it being used as a pesticide with cannabis. With a 2ml/gal dosage, at week 2, there’s definitely going to be aza in the end flowers. Cannabis seems to do a great job of preserving aza intact, months after treatment. Do a search for CHS/Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome.

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Azamax (Azatrol), these products are derived from the same plant that neem oil comes from,are OMRI approved, and can be used in late stages of your bloom cycle. However, at 2ml per liter application rate, you will go broke trying to get rid of your root gnats as a 4 oz bottle costs around $25-$30. Your better bet (and way cheaper):
1) get a beneficial out there (I use oregonism from Aurora because is has the beneficial’s that you need to treat the root gnats and it’s cheap)
2)beneficial’s need food – you can use carboload, sweet from botanicare, etc.
3)apply the gnat sticks or yellow traps at the bottom of each of your plant sites as well.

-The beneficials and food will go directly into your reservoir. I used 8oz of oregonism for 50 gal res. You can go 5 ml per gallon for the sweet.
-If you are in bloom , I have bad news for you, you will not 100% entirely get rid of the gnats, however, you will have good flowers in the end and a proper yield if you follow this regiment all the way until the week that you flush.
e.g. I had a buddy ask to help save a crop and they had fungus root gnat infestation at week 2 of bloom. I used this exact regiment to treat them (they were on the virge of death). In 3-4 days they started to eat again. In the end, the results were 23 plants (in hydroponics ebb/flow 2 gallon buckets), under 6000 watts = 6.45 lbs. Better than 0 lbs which is what they were looking at in week 2 lol

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Holy Shit, I missed the people/cannabis/azamax study results?

Please link me to the study where they proved my research wrong. Thank you!

Azamax drench with rockwool grow, how to feed? Cannabis Infirmary forum at International Cannagraphic Magazine.