banana split strain

Banana split strain

True to the description.. smells great, taste great… If you like that fruity flavor and an uplifting and goofy buzz… It’s great for social situations… But it won’t ramp you up so high that you can’t chill out and relax. I was trying to put it at about 4.8 stars… But of course that’s difficult to do… So five it is… I must say that my favorite strains are Jack Herrer, GG4, GSC, White Tahoe Cookies.. and I would rank this very close to these strands… It’s so difficult to say these days, there is so much great but going around… Everything has been engineered to have both uplifting and relaxing/euphoric effects… What a horrible time for marijuana.?

Banana Split is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain (60% sativa/40% indica) created through crossing the infamous Tangie X Banana Sherbet strains. If you're after an insanely delicious flavor and a long-lasting high, you've found it with Banana Split. This lovely lady packs a super delicious…

Banana Split

Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

Banana Split

Banana Split is a cannabis strain that gives the taste and feeling of a dessert similar to vanilla ice cream. Created by Crockett Family Farms by crossing OG Kush and Banana Strain, Banana Split packs a punch with THC levels falling between 22% to 25%.

The effect of Banana Split starts with a tingle in the head and seeps slowly to spread all over the body. You may feel like jumping on to the couch and lay down for a while. Then the couch lock effect sets in fixing you in the same position for hours. After you come out of the couch lock, the nerves and muscles of your body start to feel relaxed and you may want to move to your bed to have a long and deep sleep.

The medical applications of Banana Split have proven to treat several ailments. The strain is mainly helpful in treating stress, bipolar, anxiety, and depression since it is a sedative and mood booster. The relaxing properties of the strain help in treating headaches, chronic pain, spasms, and tension. The sleep-inducing quality of Banana Split is helpful for people suffering from insomnia.

Banana Split is a cannabis strain that gives the taste and feeling of a dessert similar to vanilla ice cream. It crosses the OG Kush and Banana strains, ]]>