best civ 6 seeds

Best civ 6 seeds

Last game I played I got a an isthmus.

Which is a narrow, one hex strip of land connecting two larger landmasses.

With water on two sides.

The way I play, that is like hitting the jackpot.

. gave me a nice place to start off. I think you also need to set the other map settings like mine
to start exactly where i started:

civ: Arabia and just five other civs
map size: standard
map type: fractal
speed: epic
worldsettings: all standard
resources: many
start: legendary

I used 47772436 as map / 47772437 as game seed on a tiny map (continents; epic start resources) to create a god mode single-town game with Arabian (I’ll try to go for faith).

The north of the town is protected by a few mountains. If you walk with your warrior to north-west you’ll find after about 5 rounds a nature wonder. In the east are 3 city states, the south is protected by tundra. You are on a mid size island with only norway on the same island.

There is stone, copper, iron, truffle, sugar, 2 * rice and dye in the range of the town; a river, many hills, swampland, some desert in the south-east.

If you went for Stonehedge and Oracle you have to cut two times the forests next to your town. For Stonehedge you have furthermore to sacrify one of the rice plants (you have to learn ceramic and build a farm onto it to be able to do that). The holy district could be placed next to 3 mountains in the northeast (you may need to buy this tile), this would enable you to build this forest-temple-wonder that gives you 2 Apostels)

– no horses next to the town
– about 7 tiles are blocked by mountains

Best civ 6 seeds Last game I played I got a an isthmus. Which is a narrow, one hex strip of land connecting two larger landmasses. With water on two sides. The way I play, that is like

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I’m looking for the best LARGE map seeds with tons of flat land and resources. I’m currently using 877724825, it’s descent let me know if you find a better one.

Please post more seed with some descriptions

I am looking for a seed with a lake connected to a major river. No luck so far thus I did not search much.

Will share my seed in the evening after work, my large valley map has 2 lakes, one connected to the river, some mountains at the edges of the map, tons of resources and quiet a lot of flat land.

Realy enjoying it!

i just went with my birthday as seed “30081984” mapytpe valleys and this is what i got

a really nice map with lots of flat space and the river nearby.

there is one downside though, the river is somewhat not near but not too far away and no lakes nearby what makes fishing huts as early food kinda tricky, you have to start the fisher huts immidietly when you begin the game else half your population will starve

“yea well i had the choice between my birthday and mashing my face on the numpad. i went with the less painfull choice.”

What did your face produce then? 😛

to be honest i just used my palm and ended up with a map where there were hills all around my starting point and the river being really far away. and i mean really far away i started out like lower right and the river was top left. i didnt write down the seed because it was a real pain in the buttox to even imagine how to tackle that map -.-

on second thought i should have wrote it down because albeit being a shitty seed i can see people enjoying a hard start

Haha, Esto. That overview shot kind of looks like a classic troll meme. Sure you didn’t bash your head on the keyboard? 😆

Not tried my birthday yet, but will later. Hopefully it turns out something good as it’s coming up any day now.

Tried my birthday as: Year-Month-Day and as Day-Month-Year.
Both are pretty crappy xD

Try this new seed I found 9161982

You start on a island, surrounded by a river and a lake. Also tons of flat land and resources. Sorry no time to post screens.

Tried my birthday backwards and forwards, and think the forwards one looked best. Pretty flat nearby, and there is a huge-antic lake just to the south (clipping the screenshot). Not as much forests as in the virgin map, but think I’ll have another go with this and see how it goes. I was getting into some trouble with logs in the first one, always a little behind, and the next winter could have been rough.

27021981 btw. Medium/Fair weather/Valleys

Hit escape when playing that map. Should be a option in the menu, like map or option or something. It will tell you your game settings and map seed.

Sorry no screenshots. Lots of open level-ish land, rivers and lakes.

I think this map is super, actually the first it gave me.

Thanks guys for great seeds, now I will have to find some time to play them all.

I recently found . I post a link here for all those that did not spot it earlier like me.

This one was tough for me finally after about 15 tries I’m above 50 people with actual food stores.

Large Mountain map

@Drops, thx for the reddit link!

cross post from reddit:

I’m currently numbercrunching maps during my sleeping hours. I have a thread with 300 large valley seeds over at

Small valleys 0-200 are ready on my PC, which is currently generating Large mountains 0-500. I’ll upload both tomorrow morning when I wake up.

I’d really like to get some feedback whether you find this usefull. If so I’ll generate all type/size combinations, not just the ones I’m interested in. Currently my focus is getting all combinations to at least 0-200 and then continue with large maps as a priority but I’ll gladly generate medium and small maps if it’s desired. Large maps take about 62 seconds to generate and screenshot, while small maps are at about 20 seconds, so it’s easy to generate a few hundred maps a night.

I’m having a lot of fun with my current map – 84791871. It’s a large map with lots of flat land and lots of resources. There are two very large lakes, both of which are connected to the trade river. You start out in a small clearing between the two lakes.

Incidentally, I tried my ‘birthday map’ and I ended up on a small hilly island 🙁

11091983 Starts you right between a big river and one of two lakes on the map. This is medium sized valleys.

This map is perfect to try your first experience on “Hard”!

887905354 – Valleys – Small

A lake just north, main river just south, 2 big resource areas on close east and west.

The other side of the main river has perfect location for a mine on the east, lot of resources and another lake.

You really get everything you could possibly need!

using the random button (no pics and i dont have the seed cuz i rage quit the second i saw my starting position.

You start with your cart between a mountain and a river and on the other side of the river there were more mountains(valley type). the river was shaped like a “U” and to get to somewhere where you could build anything you had to build a couple of bridges lol.

Hard, valleys, fine and large map.

Nice map, but in my game after 6 years a Tornado reduced the population from 42 to 17, took out the trader dock, a fishing hut, 3 houses, forestry hut and a gather hut. I’ve saved it to have a go at salvaging later 😛

Hard, valleys, fine and large map, was named Sunsett, nice map lots of space.

I named it Valdemar

Medium, valleys, mild and large map.

Starts off right near a big river with both ends trailing off the map, somewhat similar to the pic above 2 posts up. Theres plenty of rock and amost twice as much iron laying all over the place. Some nice mountains well out of the way of the flat ground.

As in the pic above i have some more land across the river but its flat, as well as covered in rock and iron. This is my 2nd go on a successful city past 30 years as the first 1 got the crash bug. For the first time i actually made all 5 stars of happiness, i think because the mines are out of the immediate vicinity.

I had a tornado go right thru the middle of town after 6 years it left me with 4 people. I just reloaded a previous point about 10 mins earlier and hoped i’d be ok, i was.

Shining Rock Software Forums I’m looking for the best LARGE map seeds with tons of flat land and resources. I’m currently using 877724825, it’s descent let me know if you find a better one.