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Top 10 Feminized Cannabis Seeds Of 2020

The days of checking for males and guarding against waves of pollen are over. Experience peace of mind with our top ten feminized strains of 2020.

These top-tier cultivars represent the best feminized genetics of 2020. All of them pack phenomenal flavours, intense effects, and impressive-enough yields to keep your stash jars full until the next growing season.

Bred to produce only females, you’re guaranteed to receive dense canopies of flowers when growing from feminized seeds. This erases the hassle of sexing plants and culling males.

As photoperiod strains, these feminized ladies flower according to changes in available light. Outdoors, they’ll begin to flower according to the natural rhythm of the seasons. Indoors, growers have complete control. Keep them vegging for as long as you please, or flip them to flower straight from seed.

1. Royal Gorilla

Our Royal Gorilla is one of the strongest strains available from Royal Queen Seeds. We have managed to bring this powerful cannabis strain all the way from the U.S. – the only place were it had been available until now.With an average THC level of 25% – and exceeding 30% depending on the phenotype – this incredible beast will take you soaring the skies. or have you glued to the couch!

Royal Gorilla
Royal Gorilla
Sour Dubb x Chem Sis x Chocolate Diesel
500 – 550 gr/m2
90 – 160 cm
8 – 10 weeks
THC: 27%
Sativa 50% Indica 50%
550 – 600 gr/plant
130 – 170 cm
Middle of October
Cerebral and relaxing

2. Wedding Gelato

This stunning strain produces dark purple flowers coated in trichomes and dotted with dark orange pistils. She inherited her stunning good looks from legendary parent strains Wedding Cake, Gelato, and Gelato 33. Speedy and indica-dominant, Wedding Gelato produces 450–550g/m² after a brief flowering time of 8–9 weeks. Her powerful lineup of parents also passed down enormous THC levels of 25% and one of the sweetest terpene profiles on the planet. Brace yourself for a body-slamming high that diffuses tension and elevates the mind into euphoria for several hours at a time.

Wedding Gelato
Wedding Gelato
Wedding Cake x Gelato x Gelato 33
450 – 500 gr/m2
60 – 100 cm
8 – 10 weeks
THC: 25%
Sativa 40% Indica 60%
350-400 gr/plant
130 – 200 cm
Early October
Relaxed and Euphoric

3. Green Crack Punch

Green Crack Punch stems from a breeding project involving Green Crack and Purple Punch. These two varieties exist at opposite ends of the indica-sativa spectrum, and thus are the perfect match for one another. Their offspring features a close balance of 60% sativa genetics and 40% indica, and produces up to 500g/m² after a flowering time of 8–9 weeks. Her colas grow tall and wide, boasting shades of purple, green, orange, and tinges of yellow. A THC content of 18% makes for a mellow and balanced high that soothes the body whilst keeping the mind alert and active.

Green Crack Punch
Green Crack Punch
Green Crack x Purple Punch
450 – 500 gr/m2
90 – 160 cm
8 – 9 weeks
THC: 18%
Sativa 60% Indica 40%
550 – 600 gr/plant
180 – 220 cm
Late September
Relaxed and Euphoric

4. Sherbet Queen

This heavily indica-dominant cultivar produces some of the frostiest flowers we’ve ever seen. Her buds are small and compact, possess gorgeous lemon yellow pistils, and feature a layer of trichomes so thick they’re almost white. Sherbet Queen descended from Pink Panties and Sunset Sherbet, inheriting a monstrous THC content of 24% and a sweet and fruity terpene profile in the process. After a couple of tokes or a single bowl, you’ll feel a heavy blow to the body. Feel your muscles melt, your appetite surge, and your mind delve into philosophical and existential territory.

Sherbet Queen
Sherbet Queen
Pink Panties x Sunset Sherbet
450 – 525 gr/m2
80 – 120 cm
8 – 10 weeks
THC: 24%
Sativa 15% Indica 85%
450 – 500 gr/plant
140 – 180 cm
Cerebral and relaxing

5. White Widow

First grown in the Netherlands, White Widow was developed from a Brazilian pure Sativa and an Indian Indica hybrid. Its popularity led to the seeds being strewn all over the world, and now every seed bank has their own knockout variety of the classic. We’re so proud of our feminized White Widow, and we offer it as a recommendation for first-time growers due to its low maintenance. Unlike other strains, it can actually be grown in colder climates, and the pine flavor and clean head-high will make this one of your absolute favorites.

White Widow
White Widow
White Widow S1
450 – 500 gr/m2
60 – 100 cm
8 – 10 weeks
THC: 19%
Sativa 50% Indica 50%
550 – 600 gr/plant
150 – 190 cm
Early October
Extremely stoned

6. Legendary OG Punch

Legendary OG Punch grows tall, wide, and produces a dense canopy abundant with bud sites. Her colas are dense and feature a dark green canvas contrasted by large quantities of glistening trichomes. Our breeders created this unique hybrid after carefully crossing Legend OG and Purple Punch over several generations. She emerged as a hardy variety capable of thriving in a wide range of climates. Indoors, she’ll produce a rewarding 500–550g/m² after a flowering time of 8 weeks. Her slightly indica-dominant buds possess a THC level of 19% alongside refreshing and fruity terpenes—limonene and pinene dominate the mix.

Legendary OG Punch
Legendary OG Punch
Legend Og x Purple Punch
350 – 400 gr/m2
90 – 160 cm
8 – 9 weeks
THC: 19%
Sativa 40% Indica 60%
500 – 550 gr/plant
180 – 220 cm
Early October
Cerebral and relaxing

7. Fat Banana

Fat Banana is the offspring of famed parent strains Banana and OG Kush. Naturally, she’s loaded with flavour and endowed with some serious potency. This indica-dominant cross features 70% indica genetics and 30% sativa. Her dense and resinous buds produce a titanic THC content of 25%. This cultivar delivers a tropical-flavoured body high that releases an internal pressure valve. Stress and anxiety melt away, and a sense of euphoria takes hold. Her fruity tastes make this strain a great addition to edibles such as banana bread and brownies.

Fat Banana won’t keep you waiting. She puts out a canopy of resinous buds a mere 7–8 weeks after initiating flowering. Indoor plants provide a yield of up to 400g/m² and won’t exceed 140cm in height. Plants grown outdoors offer strong returns of 450–500g/plant and ascend to a height of 200cm. Outdoor plants will be ready to trim during late September.

Fat Banana
Fat Banana
Banana x OG Kush
350 – 400 gr/m2
80 – 140 cm
8 – 10 weeks
THC: 25%
Sativa 30% Indica 70%
450 – 500 gr/plant
170 – 200 cm
Late September
Relaxing and full of flavour

8. Sweet ZZ

Many cannabis users select strains based on potency alone. But the allure of Sweet ZZ goes beyond psychoactive effect. Her tall, flavoursome colas leave smokers coming back again and again. She inherited her sweet and fruity punch from parent strains Grape Ape and Grapefruit. Every joint toke and bong hit sends a surge of citrus over the taste buds. Sweet ZZ is an indica-dominant cultivar that achieves THC levels of 22%. Her soothing body high is fast-acting and lingers for hours.

Sweet ZZ is a highly productive strain with a relatively fast flowering time of 7–9 weeks. Grown indoors, she’ll pump out up to 600g/m² while advancing to a height of 140cm. Outdoor plants grown in containers or garden beds will reward with up to 550g/plant and peak at a height of 200cm. Expect to harvest outdoor plants during late September.

Sweet ZZ
Sweet ZZ
Grape Ape x Grapefruit
550 – 600 gr/m2
80 – 140 cm
7 – 9 weeks
THC: 22%
Sativa 20% Indica 80%
500 – 550 gr/plant
160 – 200 cm
Late September
Stoned, relaxed

9. Purple Queen

Purple Queen is a sight to behold. This royal specimen dominates the landscape in grow rooms and gardens. Her eye-catching colas feature a bright green core and expand out into shades of deep purple. Her fan leaves—radiating bright pink—are equally as alluring. This unique colour is thanks to flavonoids known as anthocyanins, which produce a spectrum of pigments from red to black. Purple Queen is an indica-dominant specimen, the progeny of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. She’s ultimately a strain for the evenings, when her sedating effects can fully take hold. Her multicoloured flowers produce a THC content of 22% and a terpene profile defined by notes of citrus.

Purple Queen has a lengthy flowering period of 9–11 weeks, but the weight of her yield is worth it. Indoor plants produce up to 500g/m² and grow to heights of 80–120cm. Plants grown outdoors offer a mighty harvest of 700g/plant, grow to 210cm, and will be ready to harvest during October.

Purple Queen
Purple Queen
Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani
450 – 500 gr/m2
80 – 120 cm
8 – 9 weeks
THC: 22%
Sativa 25% Indica 75%
650 – 700 gr/plant
175 – 210 cm
Relaxed and Euphoric

10. Cookies Gelato

The lovechild of two of the most flavourful strains in existence, Cookies Gelato boasts a terpene profile that sets the taste buds ablaze. Girl Scout Cookies passed down fruity notes and hints of earthiness, whereas Gelato 33 endowed the progeny with powerful hits of sugar and sweet desserts. Flavour aside, Cookies Gelato also possesses one of the highest THC levels in the RQS archive, clocking in at 28%. With a perfect balance of indica and sativa genetics, she serves up a high that rocks the body and blasts the mind into a state of ecstatic stimulation.

These feminized varieties will provide you with a canopy of resinous female flowers every time. They're easy to grow, loaded with taste, and bursting with THC.

The best marijuana Kush strains

Top 10 best varieties of cannabis with Kush genetics

Which are the best Kush strains in the world? That is a good question. Nowadays, all marijuana seed banks offer Kush genetic strains; These Kush genetics are polyhybrid descendants of pure ancestral landraces from the valleys of the Hindu Kush mountain range in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan, origin of all marijuana genetics in the world.

In this original region, cannabis was part of the plant landscape in those latitudes, then taking its growing to other geographical areas because of its high value to obtain fibre, food and medicinal derivatives.

The high mountain climate of these ancestral places has made cannabis, after profound changes due to adaptive mutations, one of the most powerful medicinal and narcotic creations in the vegetable kingdom.

This is because during millennia the plants have been adapted to high rates of ultraviolet radiation, developing wonderful metabolites such as THC and CBD, which the plant uses to protect itself from the sun.

That is why this genetics of early marijuana, presents a phenotype known as Indica, presenting plants of medium size, large leaves with long and robust petioles, wide stems and deeply hollow inside, very characteristic of narcotic cannabis strains.

Its flowering is short and very sensitive to photoperiod and solar spectrum changes, producing abundant and heavy flowers, with highly developed resin thricomes (special glands) that change to amber color rapidly with the explosion of its cannabinoids and terpenes biosynthesis.

Their terpenes profiles are nowadays very variable, that is why the effects all these strains produce are also variable. Although we all know that an indica cultivar is deeply relaxing, it is not always so, since its THC level is very high, the profile of terpenes is decisive in its medicinal and psychoactive effects.

PEV Growshop brings you closer to the Kush world, making a well-deserved tribute to this repertoire of ancestral genetics, of great therapeutic value and top seller in the best marijuana dispensaries in the United States. We are happy to tell you that we have the best kush seeds in our catalogue.

Let’s get started!?

⭐ Top 10 Kush Feminised

1. OG Kush Feminized

  • Authentic Kush Flavor.

OG Kush is one of the genetics with the best reputation in the cannabis scene, and although it owes its genotype thanks to an endless number of mysterious hybrids, finally, its continuos hybridization by the breeders of different seedbanks has been able to give stability to this strain.

And with good reason… its stable cannabinoid ratio does not exceed the range of 19 to 27% THC, making this genetics one of the most potent.

Although clones of OG or “pseudo-OG” are circulating around the world, it seems that the real OG Kush comes from successive backcrossings between Chemdowg (a strong sour diesel genetic) and Hindu Kush, the pure Indica landrace par excellence, probably obtained from some of the most significant European seed banks.

It is a cultivar that provides a powerful cerebral effect, with a gradual descent to a generalized state of deep relaxation. Ideal for daily outdoor tasks.

  • What are the main recreational and medicinal OG Kush indications?

Its powerful and balanced effect offers a wide range of indications:

-Stress and anxiety, although there have been cases of side effects of paranoia due to misuse or high dosage.

-Anorexia and lack of appetite. Its use is very effective to be applied in pharmacological therapies that cause lack of appetite.

-Bowel dysfunction. Also occasionally caused by other drugs.

-Relief of pain. With positive trials in patients with neurological dysfunctions, such as spinal cord injury, fibromyalgia and various neuralgias.

Og KushOg Kush is not only a cannabinoid potent strain, but also provide us with a heady flavor and aroma…

2. Bubblegum Kush

  • It hurts, what strain do you advise? Bubblegum Kush!

Created and developed in the Netherlands, it is an ideal marijuana genetics for the great lovers of classic European cannabis.

Bubblegum Kush is a direct descendant of the world-renowned Serious Seeds Bubblegum, now also grown by other Dutch seed banks such as Bulldog Seeds, among others; it is known for its sedative effects and spicy taste. The established crossbred with a pure landrace Kush has served the breeders to guarantee the high THC range and a homogeneity worthy of specialized dispensaries.

With a long-lasting effect and a soft fragrance that reminds us of a Skunk garden, it is an indica with a calming effect, both for the body and mind.

  • What are the main recreational and medicinal indications of Bubblegum Kush?

From a recreational point of view, it seems to be more suitable for individual use, the typical herb you use to spend a winter afternoon watching a movie lying on the couch, as it is a potent chemotype causing deep sleepiness at high doses.

From a medicinal point of view, it is an excellent choice for all those who want to keep the pain at bay, as well as reducing the anxiety caused by chronic pain states.

A few puffs of this marijuana leave you immersed in a state of deep calm.

Bubblegum Kush is one of those plants of marijuana seeds with strong aromas and flavors, very fruity and sweet…

3. Orange Kush:

  • The citrus flavour of relaxing effect.

This is one of the most appreciated Kush cultivars, not only for its taste and aroma, but also because its sedative effects take you to a sea of deep calm, all thanks to the high concentration of monoterpenes such as Beta-Myrcene.

Although it does not enjoy the popularity of other Kush genetics, such as OG itself, this orange genetic is becoming one of the most popular in California dispensaries, in fact, this strain is a direct crossbred of Orange Bud, a Californian hybrid with THC content that exceeds 20% in most cases.

Orange Kush has also inherited the terpene profile of Orange Bud, providing a bittersweet and citric flavor, characteristic of the inner part of the orange peel. The earthy and woody notes it brings come from the Kush descendants which it’s been provided by its other parental line.

  • What are the main recreational and medicinal indications of Orange Kush?

Orange Kush is not an extremely potent cannabis, in fact, has moderate concentrations of THC (we are considering as moderate a THC content range of 18 to 22%), so it provides a refreshing effect, as well as soft, being ideal from the recreational point of view to relax after a exhausting day’s work.

Its sedative but balanced effect does not affect concentration, in addition, it does not enhance the appearance of side effects of paranoia and confusion, so it may be ideal for outdoor activities, or even snuggle on the couch and watch your favorite program or sports event.

From the medicinal point of view, it’s a Kush chemotype with a slightly sedative effect , yet, more balanced than a typical OG, so it helps to relieve daily stress and avoid repetitive negative thoughts which prevent us from getting a restful sleep.

4. Amnesia Kush:

  • The legend of the old European school.

It’s one of the least hybridized Kush, and therefore, a genetic that probably preserves in the best way its original terpenic profile of pure landrace Kush. That means it has different pharmacological properties with respect to the strains that we have already described in this post.

Amnesia Kush is characterized by a clear body effect. Typical effect associated with benzodiazepines as anti-anxiety drugs, medicinal effect now present in a variety of cannabis, being a much more natural medicine, without the potentially addictive effects of drugs derived from those anti-anxiety prescription drugs.

Winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup in countless occasions, this cultivar has always astonish the jurors for its powerful sedative effects, but leaving in your mind a very marked and lasting happiness.

Its high potency is due to THC ranges of around 23%, with minimal deviations from that percentage, something that informs us of its stable lineage strongly preserved by its Dutch breeders for decades.

Its aroma is powerful, as it has a high concentration of terpenes in its resin, mainly rich in sesquiterpenes such as Beta-caryophilene, and its most oxidized counterpart, Cariofilene oxide, hence its spicy, earthy and incensed flavor.

  • What are the main recreational and medicinal indications of Amnesia Kush?

From a recreational point of view, if you are looking for a lasting high, this is your marijuana. This marijuana takes you deep into a powerful valley of relaxation, at the same time that provides you a euphorizant effect, ideal for the development of lucid dreams.

From a medicinal point of view, we can say that its sedative properties are almost devastating, in order to make you sleep deeply, being a herb more recommended for experienced consumers, who have already tried the effects of other kush strains before somewhat more balanced.

Therefore, its use is based on the treatment of insomnia and chronic pain, experiencing a pleasant effect of physical heaviness, as if someone would hypnotize you, elevating you to a mystic state, beyond your pain and anxiety.

Its use during the daytime must be well dosed, although effective doses always depend on the physical conditions of the consumer, and the perception of their pain, it is convenient to experiment with microdoses to optimize the treatment.

This variety is distinguished especially by the large quantity of resin that covers its flowers at the end of the flowering phase, which is really interesting if you plan to make BHO or a homemade hashish….

5. Mango Kush

  • Is it Kush or tropical? An indica strain with sativa flavour.

It’s one of the most widely used marijuana strains to converse and socialize, sharing ideas, laughter and philosophy. Its sedative and physical effect, but at the same time cerebral, result of its successive sativa hybridations, gives us the perfect herb for creative activities and daily creative work tasks.

It’s even perfect to go out with friends and enjoying a humor show, a humor film, or read some news about the problems of Spain and Catalonia (these are quite funny).

Mango Kush is a hybrid 50/50 indica/sativa, fruity flavoured, being a descendant from the crossbred of the mythical strain Mango, providing from the famous but come down in the world seed bank KC Brains, with a pure landrace from Hindu Kush strain, probably also of Dutch breeding and development, for example, as the Hindu Kush cultivar bred by Sensi Seeds seed bank for decades.

This is not one of the most powerful Kush chemotypes, this is the reason why it has an effect balanced beside of a mixed effect, being a marijuana very suitable for novice consumers, both recreational and medicinal.

The most impressive aspect of this variety is its strong aroma of tropical fruit, with bittersweet notes typical of the fruit that is not too ripe.

  • What are the main recreational and medicinal indications of Mango Kush?

From the recreational point of view it is more advisable as a marijuana to consume in the afternoon, because despite its relaxing effect, it provides encouragement and positivism, releasing your mind to exploit your potential creativity either to go out at night, take a walk, have fun with your friends, or even stay at home working.

From the medicinal point of view, it is a sedative herb but at the same time mentally activating, triggering your social skills, and your capacity of maintaining a fluid conversation. It promotes appetite, partially relieves menstrual and neuropathic pain, as well as helps eliminate nausea and vomiting.

6. Afghan Kush Feminized

  • The Queen Kush par excellence.

It’s the Indica purity, the “raison d’ être” of cannabis, its origin… it’s the genetic basis used for the creation of most of the Indica hydrid strains nowadays selled in the cannabis market around the world.

It’s the marijuana that every cannasseur knows and admires, which they can smell from the distance, enjoying its grey smoke drawing dragons in the air in unmistakable way.

Afghan Kush is the pure breed indica par excellence, of Afghan origin, being the cultivar that for generations the locals have been used for the elaboration of the best hash in the world. Although this is a real fact, during the last decades this variety has been undergoing different adaptive changes, especially concerning indoor cultivation, cloning and reproduction, increasing considerably its concentration of THC significantly in recent years.

Afghan Kush is unmistakable for its spicy and incensed flavour and aroma, with a dense characteristic grey smoke due to its high water content, which persists relatively high, even if well dried and cured.

  • What are the main recreational and medicinal indications of Afghan Kush?

As a recreational marijuana, it provides a mystical experience, as it gives a devastating physical high, gradually inducing sleep, will make you feel heavy with the feeling of living a dream. Ideal for lying on the couch with a bag of grandmother’s sweets.

As breeders, it is the basis for the development of many other hybrid varieties, as well as for hashish processing, in fact, many producers of the best Moroccan hash only want to work with this marijuana genetic.

Hybrids have been developed with CBD, perfect for the elaboration of extractions to produce cannabis oils, to be applied in the pharmaceutical industry, to make your own hashish with a markedly medicinal effect, or to make your own infusion or elaborate your best edibles with medicinal marijuana.

From a medical point of view, it is the ideal option for relieving pain, anxiety and nausea caused by cancer treatments. The appetite that it provokes after the high is atrocious, you cannot avoid eating two dishes of paella if you enjoy it with us in Valencia.

Afgan Kush a very stable genetic, ideal for hashish extraction, known for its high tolerance to pests and high power…

7. Bubba Kush:

  • The most anxiolytic Indica strain.

Robust, fast growing and powerful. Those are the three fundamental qualities of Bubba Kush.

It is the variety chosen by domestic growers and small seed producers, besides being one of the first genetics to be developed by the excellent Spanish seed bank Humboldt Seeds.

It is an indica with a hybrid effect, since it produces a pleasant relaxation, without the cerebral stoned high provided by other Kush.

Although the mystery of its development is kept secret by its creator breeders, it is believed that it all began with a Californian clone of OG Kush brought by some Dinafem breeder; Knowing Dinafem guys we certainly may afirm that it was so. They never leave anything to chance.

The other component of their offspring is another Indica genetic, probably another Afghan descendant, perhaps, with genes closer to the pure landrace than the OG line in itself.

The result is an explosion of THC, almost always above 20%, with a short flowering period which oscilates between 60-65 days since its germination. On the other hand is a strain easy to grow, which makes it a high yield plant, in fact, is one of the most used by pharmaceutical companies.

Companies such as Cannopy or Tilray, have developed their genetics through selected clones of Bubba Kush.

The aroma of this variety is unmistakable and very characteristic, as it gives off a nutty aroma with notes of coffee.

In the the United States dispensaries, you can see it shining on the best-selling shelves, with its distinctive purple reflection, orange hairs and sparkling resin crystals.

  • What are the main recreational and medicinal indications of Bubba Kush?

For recreational marijuana users, this is a totally Kush experience as it provides a strong and long-lasting sedative high, very physical, but at the same time leaves you invaded by a pleasant and gradual feeling of happiness and well-being.

From the medicinal point of view, we have a perfect hybrid Kush for pain control, relaxation of the skeletal muscle system relieving the physical tension postural or derived from stress.

It is one of the best genetics to alleviate insomnia, leaving the mind prepared for a deep and restful sleep.

Bubba Kush, can register in indoor crops 450-500 gr per m2 and in outdoor crops of 400-600 gr per plant…

8. Banana Kush.

  • A sweet THC punch bathed in banana cream.

We might think that there are two genotypes of Banana Kush circulating in the cannabis market, either in the form of feminized seeds or in the form of buds offered by the best dispensaries in California.

It seems that the most common and appreciated of the two comes from a very well managed crossbred between a Ghost OG, which is also of little known origin, and a tremendously sativa and stable strain such as Skunk Haze. Regardless of its genealogy, Banana Kush is a marijuana genetic with a specific profile of sativa terpenes, but with tremendously powerful Indica effects, of those that make you sleep on the couch while watching your favorite movie, and therefore, is not recommended for novice consumers.

In addition, its intoxicating aroma engages you, as it is fruity and tropical but with marked hash notes.

  • What are the main recreational and medicinal indications of Banana Kush?

From a recreational point of view, Banana Kush can be a low profile, as it provides a deeply soothing “high”, which is good if you intend to isolate yourself for a while and relax, but it is not too useful as a marijuana for the daytime, especially if you have to work, drive or do any task of responsibility.

However, for creative works it is the ideal cannabis, since for individuals such as writers, painters, musicians, and sometimes scientists, this cannabis can be a gateway to a new world, raising your imagination to another dimension allowing you to promote deep, multiple and disruptive thoughts. Let’s not forget that being a hybrid of Haze offspring always has its touch of euphoric effect, which as always will depend on the dose we use. In the dosage control is its virtue.

From the medicinal point of view it is ideal for treating insomnia and other sleep disorders, as well as stress, anxiety, and depression.

9. Indigo Berry Kush

  • Available now in the best US dispensaries.

This cultivar is very similar to the previous described strain Banana Kush, in fact, we believe that they are sister cousins, since in their development stage it is very possible that both lineages could have coincided in one of their parents.

It’s a hybrid of indica dominance, both in its morphology and psychoactive potency and effect, but with unmistakable sativa aromatic notes. It is also one of the varieties that are gradually growing in popularity, since it gives the security of possessing an appreciated lineage Kush and on the other hand a flavor and aroma that enhance its organoleptic properties.

It seems that its origin, although not entirely clear, comes from a pure Afghan lineage (Perhaps a Bubba Kush), with later developments through hybrids inside the “berry” or “purple” family, for example blueberry (Perhaps the DJ Short’s one), so it is a very beautiful strain to the eye, presenting colors ranging from purple and reddish tones to dark green, presenting colors ranging from purple and reddish tones, to dark green.

Sybarites love Kush genetics, at the same time that they appreciate the quality of the aromas and flavors of a good herb, being this one of the few that combine the sweetness of blackberries and red fruits flavor, with the earthy flavors and noble woods typical of Kush genetics. Some even refer to a certain aftertaste of gasoline, as if we drink gasoline every day… we moke cannabis… but gasoline…I’m afraid not.

  • What are the main recreational and medicinal indications of Blackberry Kush?

It’s a great marijuana to consume in the afternoon or evening, being a powerful indica with a certain cerebral effect that will cheer you up, since it is not so powerful as to leave you knocked out, since although it presents ranges of THC around 20%, has a high content in CBD to be THC-rich genetic, which, mitigates the typical fast and portentous high of THC.

It is therefore a variety suitable for muscle aches, anxiety, insomnia and mood disorders such as PTSD and bipolar disorders.

Indigo Berry Kush, are marijuana seeds with the Sweet Seeds stamp, the Spanish bank continues this 2017 with its line of American genetics…


Type: Feminized.
Phenotype: Hybrid (Indica 60% / Sativa 40%)
Indoor Production: 400-600 g / m2 Outside
Production: 450-700 g / plant
Flowering Indoor: 8-9 weeks
Harvest Exterior Northern Hemisphere: late September
Harvest Southern Hemisphere: Late March

10. Afghan Kush CBD

  • The first stable Kush CBD-rich hybrid.

One of the most popular kush hybrids in history, in fact, we have already referred to the characteristics of this original hybrid in this post.

To begin our explanation, we can say that this Afghan Kush CBD-rich genotype has been obtained by trying to preserve the characteristics of the original genetics, but stabilizing a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio in order to obtain a genetic almost exclusively for medicinal use.

This chemovar presents stable concentrations of THC of around 10% on average, presenting the same percentage in CBD, causing a very different effect to the original Afghan.

This CBD-rich chemotype has a calming effect, providing certain energy, such as a cup of tea or coffee.

Afghan Kush, is a plant that we can grow indoor and outdoor, it is very resistant to pests and has a high production capacity…

Discover the best varieties of this mythical genetics ☝ Plentiful harvests ✨ with really short flowering periods ⚡ ➜ Choose your Kush marijuana!