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7 relaxing weed strains

It’s hard to quiet the brain. It’s hard to relax the body. For many people, cannabis is the tool they use to make both processes a little bit easier. Weed provides an escape from the bad days, and that’s why so many of us seek it out to release the built up anxiety and tension in our bodies. However, with so many products on the shelves, it can be tough for the average consumer to know which cannabis strains may provide relaxing effects. But don’t even trip, because we’re here to help.

What does relaxed mean?

Relaxed and sleepy aren’t the same feelings. And if you’re an inexperienced cannabis consumer, it’s important to know that, or else you may walk into a dispensary looking for something that helps you chill and reflect, but walk out with something that immediately ends your night. This is why it’s so critical to add nuance to the “indicas are the downer weed” conversation. The spectrum of cannabis strains is way too wide to limit yourself to just a third of them.

How would a budtender suggest a relaxing strain?

Stopped by Fweedom in Seattle to scoop up some smokeables for 710 Day. While there, I asked Baylee, my favorite budtender, how she helps people who are looking for a relaxing cannabis strain. She said the first thing she always asks is if they want to feel sleepy or if they want to feel relaxed, because those two are two completely different feelings.

If they want relaxed, she may send them down the funnel of Glue and Kush strains. If they want to be sleepy, she may send them towards a GMO or Chemdog. Ultimately, it all goes back to your definition of the word. With sleepiness, you know that you are closing your eyes and playing dead for the next few hours. With relaxed, it can mean so many more things, and because of that, there are so many different types of cannabis strains that can make you feel at ease.

7 weeds strains that may help you relax

As always with strain suggestions, the most important thing to remember is that building your relationship with cannabis is a game of trial-and-error. If you find something you like, dig into the genetics of that strain and product, and then use that as a guide for what you might like smoking. If you don’t like something, also learn more about it, so you’ll know what to avoid.


GG4, also known as Original Glue, was originally named after the couchlock sensation that leaves you glued to the couch. Since then, it’s gained a reputation as being powerfully relaxing.

To Baylee’s point, the type of relaxation you get from a glue is like this: you come home from a long day with a bag of groceries and a backpack full of paperwork. All you want to do is throw everything on the floor and take your pants off. After stashing the groceries, you kick your shoes off, and fall directly on the couch. Now, you’re finally chillin’, but you still need something to transition you from the stresses of the day to the silence of the evening. The answer is GG4.

Bubba Kush

Right after the Glue strains, comes the Kush strains. Kush is responsible for that stoney euphoria that we truly seek from cannabis. And honestly, anything with its genetics may be pretty potent and relaxing. That’s how we arrived at Bubba Kush. It comes from Afghani, Kush, and Northern Lights descent.

The result is a sweet and earthy strain that leans towards the more relaxing side of Kush strains, while avoiding a direct-to-sleep kind of high. Instead, you’ll get a heavy ass cerebral buzz that eventually kicks down into your body, and turns you into a lazy pile of goo. It has a hashy earthy taste as flower, and a sweet floral flavor as a concentrate, so choose your fighter accordingly.

Blue Dream

Outside of the Glues and Kushes, you have to look at the Hazes and Skunks too. Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant cross of Haze and Blueberry genetics that makes most people feel happy, goofy, and in a positive state of mind.

As far as reducing tension goes, Blue Dream is a great option for anyone looking to relax, yet still be upbeat and spry. But don’t let its uplifting effects fool you, if you smoke the right amount of Bluey, you’ll definitely be kicked back with your feet in the air.

Black Cherry Soda

Black Cherry Soda is a middle of the road hybrid that tastes great and makes you feel chill without being too overwhelmed. The flower looks beautiful with an array of green, purple, and red colors throughout, and the flavor has a red wine and cherry essence that’ll have you like, “Damn, this is the one.”


There are 1:1 balanced and CBD-dominant cannabis strains that can help you settle down. Harlequin is one of the more well-known ones. It comes from a complex mix of several landrace strains, which results in a pretty underwhelming flat sour citrus flavor.

The effects are what has it on this list though. No one can definitively say a strain can treat anxiety, we’re not there as an industry yet; but Harlequin comes highly recommended from those seeking mental and spiritual healing.


Remedy is another CBD-dominant cannabis strain that many seek when melancholy. It has a reputation for being more relaxing and heavier than other CBD strains. With that said, it’s really tasty too. If you came into this list looking for something light and flavorful to vape, this is the one to scoop up. Remedy kicks out a sweet, woody, and earthy aroma that skips directly to the sweet and earthier side of flavors in oil form. A few farms I’ve visited had this growing in bunches simply to send it straight to the processor to end up in vape cartridges.


Zkittlez is a fruity cross of Grapefruit and Grape Ape that people hold as one of the more flavorful strains out there. If you came here wanting to skip the effects, and instead seek out the terps, here you go. Zkittlez gives off a super sweet, berry, and fruity smell that transfers directly to the smoke when inhaled. Past the flavor, the effects are potent and relaxing.

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This summer is clearly more tension-filled than usual, so we found strains to help us relax a little.

The Best Cannabis Strains To Help You Relax After Work

Exposure to stress is an almost daily occurrence in the modern age. It’s important to find time to rest and recover, and cannabis is a perfect ally when looking to get some quality down time. These 5 strains are particularly effective at taking the edge off of stressful days.

Modern Western life comes with many comforts and luxuries, however, it can also keep many of us in a constant state of stress. Work deadlines, schedules, bills, traffic. All of these factors, and others, keep the sympathetic nervous system engaged, keeping the body and mind in fight or flight mode. This physiological response evolved to keep us alive, but in modern times, it is triggered by sources of anxiety that are not legitimate threats. The hormonal cascade caused by this response can become detrimental over time. Therefore, it’s critical to find ways to bring about the relaxation response, activating the parasympathetic nervous system and calming the body down.

There are a variety of ways to activate the relaxation response. Many people find relief in meditation, yoga, hiking, and exercise. Smoking weed is also a good choice for some people for relaxing both the body and the mind. Indica strains are particularly calming, and are associated with a soothing and sedating high. However, sativa strains can also help to ease stress by inducing creative flows and taking your mind off the busyness of the day to come. In general, cannabis is a great herbal aid for quality sleep, the lack of which can contribute to stress. These five strains are ideal choices when looking to wind down at the end of the day.


OG Kush is one of the most famous cannabis strains in existence, and it has earned its popularity. The deeply stoning variety sits firmly on the pantheon of heavy indica strains. This queen of the cannabis world was born out of the crossbreeding of Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Pakistani Kush. This mix of prime genetics results in a strain that features 75% indica genetics and THC levels of approximately 19%. Her tall and slender flowers induce a high that melts the muscles and evaporates stress. It can be hard to properly relax after a long and stressful day. A few hits of this beauty in a vape or bong will make this process a lot easier. Your eyes will begin to feel heavy just minutes after inhalation, and it won’t take long to feel a strong appetite arise. This therapeutic high is delivered along with tastes and aromas of citrus, pine, and fruit.

If you fancy cultivating your own supply of this relaxing variety, OG Kush can be grown well both indoors and out. Indoor plants grow to heights of between 90–160cm and put out yields of 425–475g/m². Plants cultivated outdoors in the elements grow to taller heights of 180–220cm and produce yields of 500–550g/plant. OG Kush has a flowering period of 7–9 weeks.

Modern life poses many different sources of stress. These strains provide valuable relief after long and busy days of work.