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The Best Way to Travel With Marijuana (And Not Get Caught)

So you want to bring your pot on vacation. Of course you do!

Even if you happen to live in a state that legalized medical or recreational marijuana, there’s a good chance that the place you’re traveling might not be so progressive. Plus, there’s the tricky issue of getting your goodies from point A to point B. The last thing anyone wants is to get smacked with a giant fine — or jail time.

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Traveling with marijuana doesn’t have to be complicated. The best way to avoid getting caught? Be cool, man. Times are changing, and a little marijuana isn’t that big of a deal anymore. Right now, recreational marijuana is legal in nine states and medical marijuana is legal in 29 states. A 2017 Gallup poll shows that 64% of Americans supported the legalization of marijuana.

Editor’s note: Federal law prohibits transporting marijuana by plane or by car. By doing so, you are taking a major risk and breaking the law. You do so at your own risk.

How much weed can you fly with?

The key to traveling with marijuana is simple: don’t be greedy. Packing a little jar of weed isn’t going to set off any alarm bells, but transporting several pounds it almost guaranteed to get you busted. Practice self-control and use your common sense. Typically, one-eighth or less will slide past security just fine.

The best place to hide your weed is in your carry on.

Trying to check your weed in your bag is a terrible idea. You could become the target of a random bag search and the results would be disastrous.

Instead, keep your small stash in your carry-on and hope for the best. Typically, TSA agents are looking for bombs and liquid bombs, which is why the rules for transporting liquids are so strict. They’re not after your weed — they just want to keep everyone safe on the plane.

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Here’s how to hide weed when you fly:

  • Joints — Put them in a pack of cigarettes with regular tobacco sticks.
  • Bud — Hide it in a bottle of ibuprofen underneath the pills and cotton.
  • Edibles — These are the easiest thing to fly with. Gummies can go in a gummy bear bag. Cookies can go in a Chips Ahoy package. You get the picture!
  • Wax and oil — You can hide these in candy bags also, just be sure any liquids are less than 3 ounces.

The most important thing about getting through security with marijuana is to make sure everything complies with the rule for liquids. It’s not a guaranteed way to get your stuff through, but it’s your best chance for sliding past TSA undetected.

You can sneak your weed through airport security without getting caught

Getting weed through airport security is a lot easier than you even realize. There are stories of people traveling with marijuana who forgot they had it and somehow breezed right past TSA without getting caught — even though they didn’t try to hide it!

Here’s the other thing that should make you feel better about traveling with marijuana: even if you do get caught, no one is calling the DEA and putting you in jail (probably). TSA is on the lookout for bombs and weapons, not a little dimebag of bud.

What happens when you get caught with weed on a plane?

If you get caught, the worst that will happen is security will make you toss your marijuana in the trash with your unauthorized yogurt and then proceed through the line.

There is a chance that you could be referred to law enforcement and may even miss your flight, though. It’s best to proceed with caution and assume that this might happen. Of course, traveling to and from states with more lenient marijuana laws makes a big difference. The TSA agents in Denver are a lot less likely to care about your weed compared to other places.

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Can airport scanners see your weed?

The thing about airport scanners is that they’re checking for very specific contraband — weapons, bomb materials, and excessive liquids which may be liquid bombs. They are not hunting for drugs.

There is no way for the scanners to detect and identify each individual item in your bag. If you take the proper precautions to camouflage your stash, chances are it will sail right through the security scanners as long as it complies with TSA guidelines.

It’s a real risk to drive with weed.

The weirdest thing about traveling with marijuana is that it’s easier to transport it via plane than it is to drive around with it. Part of the problem is that police officers often target out-of-state plates — especially from states with legalized marijuana.

If you do choose to bring your weed in the car on your road trip, stick with gummies or vape pens so the smell doesn’t give you away. But if at all possible, skip driving with your stuff and just buy it when you reach your destination instead.

Here's how to bring weed onto your vacation.

7 Ways To Carry Weed While Traveling

For cannabis lovers of the world, one of the biggest dilemmas of life is how to carry weed from one place to another. The complicated laws that embody the plant leave people confused about the best way to carry weed while travelling.

Well, here are seven simple ways to carry weed without getting caught.

Know The Destination Cannabis Laws:

Irrespective of the mode of transport you are planning to use, the legal status of weed in your destination city is a key factor to consider while carrying cannabis. There are no federal laws governing cannabis, and hence state laws and local regulations have to be considered while carrying cannabis. It applies to recreational and medical cannabis as well as hemp-derived CBD.

Some states issue out of state marijuana cards to patients to help them obtain a temporary license to shop from local dispensaries. It means that you could buy from your destination city instead of carrying with you. Keeping the cannabis laws of the destination into consideration helps to improve your experience while carrying weed.

Carry Small Quantities:

The best way to travel with marijuana without drawing too much attention to it is to carry only small quantities of it. Packing a small jar or bag of weed does not set off any alarm, especially with TSA agents, as they are mostly focussed on identifying threats to the flyers. The same goes for authorities at state borders or while travelling via train or bus.

Even though it might be legal in the state, a bag full of weed could trigger them to confiscate it. Carrying a small amount indicates that it is mostly for personal use, which is legal in some places.

Consider Alternatives:

One of the most subtle ways of travelling with weed is to choose an alternative way of consuming it, such as through edibles. Weed shop are becoming increasingly popular across the globe, and there is a diverse variety available to explore. Not just pot brownies, but gummies, candies, chocolates, coffee, tea, energy drinks, flavoured drinks, honey, butter, and so many more infused products are easily available in the market.

They are potent and powerful and give a slow and steady high that lasts longer. Of course, compared to cannabis flowers or scout master strain, it is easy to carry edibles while travelling as they are more discreet. Authorities may barely notice it is an infused product, and it is also possible to enjoy them while on the plane, unlike other forms. Thus weed edibles make an ideal choice for travellers.

Pack Properly

How you package the weed you are carrying is very important to avoid attention and problems around it. If your back reeks of cannabis, then it is obvious that the authorities might want to ask questions. It will also draw unwanted attention from fellow passengers.

Choose an odour-proof container or bag to store your buds. Seal it properly and place it in your bag. If you are travelling with a joint, place it with tobacco sticks or cigarettes. In the case of wax or oil, make sure to carry only in small quantities and place it with some edibles or cosmetics.

Keep It With You:

Never place your stash in the check-in luggage. It is possible that you could become the target of a random bag search and end up in a lot of trouble. The best way to carry your weed while travelling is to place it in your carry on baggage. TSA agents are scanning for threats, and unless you are carrying a large stash, there is a very thin possibility that they might hold you up at the screening.

If you are travelling by car, the risk could be higher as authorities at state borders often tend to question vehicles with outside plates coming from legalized states. Avoid keeping the weed in the trunk as it could introduce unwanted attention. Pack it discreetly and keep it in your bag.

You Can Carry Vape Juices As Well

Vape liquids are also a simple and subtle way of travelling with weed. But the restrictions on carrying liquids in planes could be a small problem. To overcome the issue, pack small bottles of vape liquids that are not more than 3 ounces. Choose a petite vape pen that does not look like a threat under the scanner.

Often, agents ask passengers to open the bag for a different reason when they spot the weed. In that case, the passengers are requested to dispose of the possession right there. Therefore make sure your vape kit blends with your luggage and does not invite unnecessary attention.

Explore CBD:

If you are worried about carrying cannabis buds, the best way to travel safely with the company of cannabinoids is to choose CBD. CBD derived from hemp with less than 0.3% THC concentration is legal for possession and consumption at the federal level.

Unless you are travelling to a red state where all forms of cannabis are considered illegal, there is very little possibility of getting into trouble with CBD. As a precaution, carry the product certificate to confirm the THC levels, and you are good to go.


Compared to air, train, bus, or road travel, driving with weed poses the highest risk of drawing attention from state authorities. Hence, avoid travelling with large packages of buds to avoid problems. As long as your stash is small and discreet, the risks of getting into trouble with law enforcement are minimal. Use the above tips to carry weed safely while travelling.

7 Ways To Carry Weed While Traveling For cannabis lovers of the world, one of the biggest dilemmas of life is how to carry weed from one place to another. The complicated laws that embody the