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Introduction: You can expect monster yields of old school funk from this three way hybrid. Created for maximum production and resilience, Big Bud guarantees huge harvests everytime, meaning she is the best for cash croppers who need short flowering times and commercial scale harvests.

Genetics: Big Bud was created after crossing three old school strains Afghani, Skunk and Old School Big Bud. This strain carried forward all the most desirable traits from her parents, meaning she is highly resilient to cold and hot climates, flowering in less than 9 weeks and is unbelievably productive. Indoors she can yield upto 500 to 600 gr/m2 which makes Big Bud one of the most lucrative strains available. Outdoors she is capable to yield enormous amounts and will not suffer with mould thanks to her environmental resistance.

Strain Characteristics: This old school hybrid will grow with thick branches and quickly fill out your grow tent. Big Bud reacts very well to plant training, which we advise to take your yields to the next level. As the name suggests she will grow nothing but big buds at every internode. Her calyx to leaf ratio is very high making her a breeze to trim. The characteristics of the flowers will have a clear old school look with calyx stacking up surrounded by bright orange hairs.

Big bud has a vintage flavour that will take some old school growers back. A mix of earthy, sweet with a floral funk background that will have you licking your lips after every toke of a joint.

Her aroma when flowering will be more floral than pungent, so is a great choice for growers who require low profile varieties. Flowering time will range from 7-9 weeks depending on phenotype making Big Bud a fast flowering beast that has THC levels of 13-17%.

Experiencing the strain: The effects of big bud are very relaxing, dreamy and pleasant. This strain is potent so is well recommended for relaxing and evening times. Her effects can be sleepy with a mild body effect, meaning Big Bud is well suited for smokers looking for a calming balanced effect. Medical patients may find Big Bud can help stress, depression and improve feelings of well being.

What makes this strain so great: An old school blast from the past with an extremely high resilience to cold and hot weather. A very easy to grow strain that every cash cropper needs in their vault. Big Bud is a true pedigree and will not let you down!

Quote from a customer : “5/5 germed, beautiful strain, huge compact nugs, lovely strong scent with an earthy taste, I’ll be getting more of these for sure” – Tony H.

You can expect monster yields of old school funk from this three way hybrid. best for cash croppers who need short flowering times and commercial scale harvests.

Big bud strain seeds

On the hunt for a high quality strain with an extreme XXL yield potential? Our feminized Big Bud seeds are your best option. The Big Bud strain is a great potent Indica dominant hybrid skunk and with lineage from the Afghani x Skunk x Old School Big Bud, the genetics feature all the qualities to satisfy a cannabis lover like you. Curious?

Continue reading for more information and reviews or buy your Big Bud seeds here in our online seed bank!

Growing the Big Bud strain

The Big Bud strain is known for it’s ease of cultivation. It’s one of the big advantages of the strain and makes our Big Bud strain seeds a suitable choice for both novice and advanced green thumbs who chase ease of growing and a high-quality weed.

Both indoors and outdoors in warm climates, the strain feels at home. Many growers choose to grow the Big Bud on hydro, but soil will definilty do the job as well. Growing hydro will stimulate the development of buds and strengthen the stem but also in soil our customers achieve amazing results.

Indoors, the plant will reach an average height of about 1 to 1.5 meters and indoors between 2-4 meters

Flowering time

For a strain with such extreme yield potentials, the flowering time is rather short. It only takes 7-9 weeks for the Big Bud plant to finish the flowering stage and to become ready for harvest.


Our Big Bud strain seeds are known for their ability to develop a strain with XXL productions. It’s probably one of the best producing species ever. This predominantly Indica develops few leaves and primarily buds. As a result, the yields are generally much better compared to other strains.

Growing the big bud strain indoors can result in a maximum yield between 400 – 600 grams per m2. However, some growers report indoor yields which reach up to 600 – 800 gram per m2.

When growing the Big Bud strain outdoors, the yields can increase even further. When the cultivation takes place outdoors and the strain is harvested in October, the yield per plant can increase to as much as one kilo weed.

Tips to grow the Big Bud strain

Wondering how to grow the big bud strain indoors or outdoors? Use the following tips.

  • As the buds can become so big and heavy, it’s advisable to support the plant where necessary. For example, by stretching wires. This prevents the branches from breaking.
  • Grow with SOG or SCROG to achieve high yields and the best results.
  • For an Indica dominant variety the plant tends to grow considerably. It’s therefore advisable to control the height by applying LST (Low Stress Training). By applying this method the stems become much thicker, the plant grows considerably in width and yields will increase. In addition, the LST method lowers the chance of breaking branches.
Taste and aroma of Big Bud Strain

Most cannabis enthusiasts agree to the opinion that the Big Bud weed both smells and tastes great. This is mainly due to her fruity, spicy and earthy notes which are lovely with every inhalation.

Big Bud strain effects

The balanced effect of the weed provides a wonderful relaxed effect on both the body and the mind. Smokers report euphoric and happy feelings, but at the same time very relaxed. Some users indicate to become lazy, sleepy and hungry. Big Bud weed is therefore especially suitable for the evening.

Origin information of the Big Bud Strain

Big Bud belongs to one of the oldest known cannabis strains and originated in the USA during the time of the Nixon administration. In this period the strain was brought to the Netherlands and genetically stabilized. These days the strain is very popular in places like Australia, Amsterdam, Canada, California, Colorado and the UK.

Specifications Big Bud feminized seeds

THC level 22%
CBD level 0.6%
Variety 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Genetics Afghani x Skunk x Old School Big Bud
Max yield indoor 400 to 600 grams/m2
Max yield outdoor 600 to 1000 grams/m2
Height indoor 100 to 150 cm
Height outdoor 150 to 300 cm
Flowering time 49 to 63 days
Fungal Resistance High
Growersprofile Beginner
Cultivation Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Climate Temperate, Mediterranean, Arid
Flavors Earthy, Fruity, Skunk, Sweet
Effects Euphoric, Happy, Hungry, Lazy, Relaxed, Sleepy, Stoned
SOG suitable yes
SCROG suitable yes

FAQ of Big Bud feminized

How long to veg the Big Bud strain?

For the Big Bud strain it’s recommended to veg for 4-10 weeks.

Is Big Bud a low THC strain?

The avarege THC content is 20% – 22%. Big Bud is therefore not a low THC strain.

Big Bud feminized strain review

The latest reviews on Big Bud feminized seeds, do you have experience with this strain? Share your experience with other customers and write a review about the Big Bud feminized strain.

4.5 / 5 stars out of 17 reviews

Phillip (verified customer) 2020-06-19

Montana (verified customer) 2020-02-02

Karl (verified customer) 2019-10-17

Black19 (verified customer) 2019-06-19

Justin (verified customer) 2019-05-18

Baumann (verified customer) 2019-04-28

Dane Langley (verified customer) 2019-03-21

Cordova (verified customer) 2019-02-09

Andrew Goss (verified customer) 2019-01-12

Zehna Outten (verified customer) 2019-01-03

Anthony Jaggers (verified customer) 2018-12-23

Edward Laing (verified customer) 2018-11-28

Freel (verified customer) 2018-11-05

Troy Hanley (verified customer) 2018-10-20

Peterson420 (verified customer) 2018-09-09

J. Messmer (verified customer) 2018-06-22

Parrott (verified customer) 2018-05-28

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Big Bud feminized alternatives

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