blackjack strain review

Blackjack strain review

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This stuff tastes like good, old school kind bud from way back in the day and I love it. G

The most amazing smell ever. Straight lemon gas absolutely overwhelming. Small dense buds and a .50 had me well on my way🤙🤙🔥🔥

Found this strain ($225 an oz, which is way more than I like to spend) I went for a walk. Two joints later, I’m home and feeling no anxiety.. very uplifted. I feel like this cant be 70% indica because thats almost all I smoke. If you aren’t a sativa guy, this feels like the perfect amount without getting your head racing. This might be my top 3 favorite strains.

Nice blend of mild couch lock but with a laptop at hand, it’s a good 2 hours you’ll have. It eases your worries and starts your curious and creative thoughts. Enjoyed this one! I can’t normally do any type of sativa except Jack so this was a match made in heaven.

Jack H is probably my favorite Sativa so I was excited to try this hybrid. It did not disappoint. Relaxed and happy high that cracked all the tension out of my back.

Just got some at fireleaf in okc.coming in at an amazing 23.5% thc! And for only $95 a half.smoked a few bowls,great head buzz and a very nice relaxing body high.will put you on lockdown for sure.great pain relief i can see why this flew off the shelves at the dispensary.

Just what it says, It does just that.

I just got some of this and it works amazing for pain. Also the relaxation you get from it is wonderful.

A great example of this strain just cam through our lab. The terpenes were obvious so I suggested to the grower that he should sample them. The terpene profile is almost all jack herrer, so Im doubting the “70% indica part”. We saw 26% THCA+THC, 2.3% terpinolene and 0.96% myrcene and 0.28% alpha pinene. All other terps measured were below 0.1%. Its one of the highest terpinolene strains we have seen, but those are jack herrer terpenes not black domina.

Blackjack, or “Black Jack,” is an indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) strain created through a powerful cross of the infamous Jack Herer X Black Domina strains. If you're looking for an uplifted head high that's pretty well balanced with a relaxing body buzz, you've found it! Blackja…

Black Jack Is A Thought-Provoking Hybrid

Black Jack is a hybrid cannabis strain that stems from two prominent strains from opposite ends of the spectrum.

Black Jack Strain: Black Domina X Jack Herer

At first thought, I assumed that the Black Jack strain was a combination of the Jack Herer strain and Blackberry (or Blackberry Kush). In fact, the berry-like aroma and slightly purple tint furthered this assumption, leaving me all-but certain that I was correct…

However, a small amount of research led me to the realization that the Black Jack strain is actually the result of crossing the Jack Herer and Black Domina strains. With that knowledge, I was slightly less sure what to expect when medicating with the Black Jack strain.

As we know, the Jack Herer strain has a great deal of Haze influence in its lineage and is incredibly Sativa-dominant. In contrast, the Black Domina strain is a powerful hybrid that was the result of four classic Indica strains: Ortega (from California), Hashplant, Northern Lights, and an Afghani landrace.

All in all, this would leave me to believe that the Black Jack strain could lean towards either end of the spectrum, depending on the exact phenotype being considered. On that note, the team here at Medical Jane is working behind the scenes with lab testing facilities to show/document these differences. We will coordinate this data with anecdotal reports to collect detailed information on each phenotype.

How Will The Black Jack Cannabis Strain Affect Me?

For those who don’t already know, the Jack Herer strain is one of our favorite strains here at Medical Jane. The best batches of Jack Herer often resemble some sort of freeze pop. The smoke it creates seems to have a cooling effect that is very easy on the throat.

As for the aroma, one can typically tell what to expect from Jack Herer strain based on smell alone. The cool effect that I mentioned can quickly be noticed when taking a whiff of Jack Herer – it’s similar to a freshly powdered snowfall.

“The Black Jack strain provided quick stress and anxiety relief, yet seemed to motivate me to get as much work done as possible.”

Thankfully, this trait was passed on to the Black Jack strain. It may have even improved, as the interaction with the Black Domina strain seems to have brought about a noticeable berry scent.

I found the Black Jack strain to help improve my focus, which came as no surprise considering that is exactly what I expect when medicating with the Jack Herer strain. However, the slight body buzz that accompanied it was a welcome addition that I attributed to the extra bit of Northern Lights in the Black Jack strain’s lineage.

Overall, I found this strain to be perfect when working into the evening. It provided quick stress and anxiety relief, yet seemed to motivate me to get as much work done as possible. It may be beneficial for patients suffering from ADHD, fatigue, muscle spasms, or depression also.

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The Black Jack Strain Is A Thought-Provoking Hybrid