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breed by Dutch Flowers

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Basic / Breeders Info

Blowfish is a mostly indica variety from Dutch Flowers and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±53 days ), outdoors and in the greenhouse. Dutch Flowers’ Blowfish is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

Dutch Flowers’ Blowfish Description

Breeder: Dutch Flowers Seeds
Lineage: (G13 X Oregon Funk) X (G13 X Blue Dot)

Breeders Description: Named after the deadly Japanese delicatessen, this breeding project begun when we set out to improve taste and yield two weak traits of the G-13 by using Oregon Funk as a pollen donor. The results were quite pleasing but the smoke test revealed that G-13’s power had been downgraded somewhat. Then it was the turn of a very impressive Blue Dot hybrid stud, which qualified the G-13 with great taste and no harm to its potency, although this time yield was less than desired. Finally, we applied heavy selection to each of these two G-based lines, and crossed them giving rise to Blowfish, a winning combination of G-13’s deadly punch and the quality and taste of the Funk and Dot lines.
Blowfish exhibits great F1 vigor and disease resistance in a well-behaved plant that avoids the undesirable traits of “blue” genetics (difficult to grow, brittle, leafy, poor calyx to leaf ratio) while maintaining the flavor of the Funk and Dot ancestors and the brain-warping power of the G-13. A prolific flower producer even under poor conditions (it actually prefers low nutrient levels), this low-maintenance strain bears wonderfully dense buds, with a thick coating of milky crystals that will rival the best of the “white” strains in both crystal coverage and brain-thumping quality, with much better flavor and yield. We are proud to offer a hybrid carrying no White Widow, Northern Lights, Skunk or Blueberry in its composition.

Parental selection focused on potency and yield, as taste and resin genes were already well fixed on the Funk and Dot lines. Outstanding ancestors infuse the plant with a high quality feel, evident in the glossy leaves, harmonious phenotype and the particularly frosted, heavy and aromatic buds. Blowfish tends to branch out while adding girth to flowering clusters, forming sizeable snowy colas for excellent yield. Despite the remarkable density of its bud structure, mold and mites have not been a problem. This fish likes plenty of water as well as appropriate root and growing space, but prefers low levels of nutrients to fully express its potential. Very well-suited for bubbler systems and SCROG styles.

Blowfish retained the breathless intensity of G-13, with much better yield and a unique taste of berries and motor grease with fuel undertones that will appeal to pot-snobs. The experienced puffer will recognize a rotten animal scent lurking in the background of this Puffer, a sign of the abiding sativa influence that was a common denominator in parental stock selection. Its buds smoke very smooth and clean, with a great berry taste and a hashy feel that relates to its impressive crystal coverage.

Known as Fugu in Japan, Blowfish flowers live up to its namesake as a lethal delicacy with a body-paralyzing yet heady cerebral effect that defies traditional “Indica” and “Sativa” classification. The plant’s elegance stands in sharp contrast with the muscle and intensity of its buds, which stun the body but thrust the mind into a euphoric trippy experience with excellent visuals and duration. It does not seem to build tolerance with experienced smokers, maintaining its knock-out quality over repeated use.

Blowfish breed by Dutch Flowers Here you can find all info about Blowfish from Dutch Flowers . If you are searching for information about Blowfish from Dutch Flowers, check out our Basic

Blowfish strain

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I really like the blowfish. One of my all time favs. I’m now trying to find a healthy cut of her. one of a kind.

AMAZEBALLS! This has been my go to strain for several months and I haven’t gotten desensitized to it yet. and I smoke a large bowl iver the course of each evening. Doesn’t really cause munchies and only side-effect for me is dry mouth, that’s it. If u smoke a conservative quantity, u don’t have to worry about having it knock u off ur feet. Did I mention powerful aphrrodisiac effects? Yep. There’s that little bonus, too! 😉

Blowfish, oftentimes called "Fugu" by many cannabis connoisseurs, is an indica dominant hybrid (65% indica/35% sativa) strain created by breeders at the infamous Dutch Flowers farms in Amsterdam. This dank bud is an insanely potent cross between the (G13 X Oregon Funk) X (G13 X Blue Dot) strains …