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Home of the famous Cinderella 99!

Brothers Grimm Seeds is a cannabis seed bank based in Colorado, United States. MrSoul founded the company in 1996 but left the business abruptly in 2002. More than a decade later, in 2015, he found a way to start breeding in other facilities without problems and since 2016 his genetics are available again.

Brothers Grimm Seeds focuses on producing highly selective crosses that are unusual and original. Brothers Grimm Seeds offers an impressive array of rare cannabis genetics derived from legendary landrace strains and other varieties that meet their high standards. The most famous strain by Brother’s Grimm Seeds is of course the highly prized Cinderella 99.

Something that makes Brothers Grimm Seeds a little different from most other seed banks is the process they go through when breeding new strains. A great deal of thought goes into what they want to achieve before they even start. It lets them discover exactly why they want to cross certain genetics from a male and female plant.

Although the goals for each breeding program differ slightly depending on specific objectives, Brothers Grimm seeds always strive for an outcome that includes compact plant structure, dense budding, fast flowering, high resin production, and unique terpene profiles.

Brothers Grimm Seeds, founded in 1996, is a cannabis seed bank based in Colorado, US. Home of the famouse Cinderella 99! Check out their strains.

Brothers Grimm seeds

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Hopefully they still have some of the old originals. It would be a shame if they would sell something else as C99 or something.

They have Apollo13 on their website, does anybody know how Apollo13 compares to Bodhi’s Apollo11 genius F3?

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mr soul’s comments on subby :

“Shortly before leaving NYC, my buddy “subcool” from TGA sent me a personalized copy of a book he’d written. In it, he waxed poetic over how much he loved the Genius bud I sent him a long time ago. I called him and thanked him for passionately continuing my genetics over the years while I was MIA and told him I’d create this strain, Avenger 13 in his honor.

Of course the mother is Genius, that’s obvious… however the male selection needed to be just the right compliment to capture her qualities in the progeny. As karma would have it, I was growing subcool’s award-winning Vortex (Apollo13 x Space Queen) cross, and those seeds produced a very unique male to compliment Genius. When we tested his Vortex sisters, we found two basic phenotypes (tall and short) both are very potent, but only the short ones have the tropical scent. This male combines with Genius to produce squat, branchy plants with tropical scented flowers bursting out of every bud site on the long, sticky colas. Smoke has a citrus-pineapple flavor as it expands in your lungs, delivering a speedy rush of euphoria. It’s simply Genius.”

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all the contact info is legit.

smart they in colo. all the line they have now are old school.
nice to see. put back some history into the genepool.

cant wait to see peeps growing the a11 & c99.
i got c99 (dizzle) on deck too.

Anyone thinking of getting seeds from this company in the future? I think the seeds might start being available around april. I honestly can't wait to pick…