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Bruce Banner #3 feminized seeds (Original Sensible Seeds)

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Bruce Banner #3 is a fantastic Ghost OG hybrid that has gained immense popularity in dispensaries across North America due to her euphoric effects and incredible aromas. Infused with 28% THC, the sweet, earthy and diesel-like flavors of this feminized cannabis strain make her a fantastic choice for recreational users who are looking for a cannabis plant that delivers truly Hulk-sized effects.

    Original Sensible Seeds Feminized Photoperiod Outdoor Indoor A good balance between high and stone Colorado Ghost OG x Strawberry Diesel 90 – 140 cm indoors 180 – 280 cm outdoors 800 g/m² indoors 1000 g/plant outdoors 60 – 65 days October 65% Sativa / 35% Indica 28 %
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Bruce Banner #3 Strain Info

Bruce Banner #3 is a feminized cannabis strain brought to you by breeder Original Sensible Seeds. Her origins are a cross between Colorado Ghost OG and Strawberry Diesel – two incredibly powerful cannabis strains. Bruce Banner #3 is a fantastic all-rounder that boasts 65% Sativa and 35% Indica with excellent effects.

Flowering Time

The flowering time for Bruce Banner #3 is definitely on the long side at about 60-65 days indoors. Outdoors, you can expect her to flower in October.


Bruce Banner #3 should be nicknamed ‘The Incredible Bulk’ due to her monster harvests, which will have your friends green with envy! Indoor growers can bring in as much as 800g/m 2 (2.62oz/ft 2 ), which can be increased even further by growing via SoG/SCRoG using high power lighting. Meanwhile, outdoor growers can expect to bring in as much as 1000g (35.3oz) per plant!


If you’re a fan of great-tasting cannabis strains with fantastic effects, Bruce Banner #3 is right for you. She delivers a good, balanced high that will leave you feeling relaxed and happy.

THC Levels

With a THC content percentage of 28%, Bruce Banner #3 is definitely one of the more potent strains on the market.

Smell And Taste

Bruce Banner #3’s Strawberry Diesel genetic lineage gives her an incredible fuel-like aroma, with hints of citrus over a general Kush taste. Her terpenes ensure that she has a good mix of sweet and earthy aromas and flavors.

Grow Tips

Bruce Banner #3 undergoes rapid growth during the vegetative stage and has relative stability during her 60-65 days of flowering. Here is some further grow info to help you with this strain:

  • The strain is suitable for both indoor and outdoor operations.
  • It grows to a medium to tall height – 90-140cm (2’11-4’7) indoors and 180-280cm (5’11-9’2) outdoors.
  • Expect dense, sticky flowers and huge yields.

Bruce Banner #3 Seeds

Bruce Banner #3 feminized seeds are exactly what the doctor ordered if you’re looking for a plant that delivers monster-sized yields and effects. Buy your seeds online today to enjoy her Hulk-like benefits faster.

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Bruce Banner Seeds

Bruce Banner Strain delivers generously frosted buds that are dense and gummy will leave your fingers feeling glued together. Large milky trichomes make for incredible hash making. The smoke tastes wonderfully earthy, fruity and will leave you craving another toke before you’ve even finished.

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Bruce Banner Seeds

Bruce Banner is a strain considered to be among the most potent sativa dominant hybrids available. Dark Horse Genetics developed Bruce Banner, aka Incredible Hulk by blending genetics from OG Kush and Strawberry Sour Diesel. A winner of the Denver Cannabis Cup, Bruce Banner has a THC content of 29% with a CBD of 1.0%. At 60% sativa, Bruce Banner hits hard and fast much like comic book character The Hulk.

Bruce Banner Appearance

Generously frosted buds that are dense and gummy will leave your fingers feeling glued together. The leaves are a robust crimson color and, the bright red pistils pop out against the forest and lime green colored buds. Large milky trichomes make for incredible hash making.

Flavors & Aroma

Powerful Sour Diesel flavors with a wild berry and citrus background make up the prominent scent. The smoke tastes wonderfully earthy, fruity and will leave you craving another toke before you’ve even finished.

Bruce Banner Effects

Bruce Banner is a serious contender for the one-hitter quitter category. The fast-acting heady high will blast you up into the stratosphere and leave you energized for 2-3 hours. The effects are uplifting but can also be disorienting in the initial rush. Bruce Banner has positive pain management effects and is also suitable for helping with PTSD. Dry eyes and mouth, as well as some feelings of dehydration, are sometimes associated with this strain.

Growing Bruce Banner Seeds

Bruce Banner seeds are vigorous, and they produce large yielding potent plants. This is a moderately difficult strain to grow to due to her quick-moving and stretchy nature. A favorable indoor harvest of 21oz/m2 can be achieved in a 9-10 week flowering time. Outdoors, Bruce Banner gets huge and will generally yield 35oz/plant by early October.

High THC Seeds

These seeds produce potent cannabis plants with THC in excess of 23%.

Bruce Banner seeds are vigorous and produce large, potent plants. Bruce Banner Strain leaves you feeling calm, relaxed and in control.