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Portland Dispensary | Recreational Marijuana

Oregon Weedery, a Portland Dispensary




We are a full service OLCC Recreational AND Medical dispensary serving all customers, 21+ with a valid photo ID as well as OHA medical patients. We carry some of the best strains in the state. We feature our Pineapple Kush which placed 2nd for Hybrid Flower at the 2014 Oregon Medical Marijuana Cup.

The Oregon Weedery, the friendliest flower shop in town, is located in the heart of the vibrant NW Nob Hill shopping and restaurant district.

Come find us on NW 23rd & Kearney, up the stairs to the second floor of a charming old house.

Recreational Marijuana is Here!

When The Oregon Weedery became open to the public fall 2015 we were here to provide Oregon with the best products available.

We are excited to now be a fully licensed OLCC dispensary serving our customers with exceptional products and extensive customer service.

Oregon Weedery, a Portland Dispensary

We carry some of the best flower in the state. We feature our Pineapple Kush which placed 2nd for Hybrid Flower at the 2014 Oregon Medical Marijuana Cup. We are eager to announce Happy Bud Farms who is known for growing this amazing strain is now fully OLCC Licensed! We will now be exclusively carrying their local favorite at an unbelievable price as well as many other amazing products. Be sure to make this a stop the next time you’re in the Nob Hill area!

Portland Recreational Dispensary

Oregon Weedery was opened by three partners who wanted Portland Marijuana patients to have safe access to marijuana in Downtown Portland, Oregon. We are constantly upgrading our dispensary to meet our high expectations and the ever changing laws in Oregon. We are expanding our lines of edibles, concentrates, and flowers to meet our customers needs. If you ever have a special request for an item that we do not carry, please let your bud tender know.
Portland Has over 100 Dispensaries to choose from. We want to be the choice you make when you choose your favorite Recreational Marijuana Dispensary. Oregon Weedery has some of the best products and lowest prices in the entire state. We are in the early stages of creating an express ordering system so you can order online and skip the line.

Portland Dispensary – Oregon Weedery aims to be one of the top dispensaries in Portland. Come in and see why we have some of the best marijuana in Oregon.

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A Weed Tourist’s Guide to Portland

If you come from a prohibition state where partaking in cannabis is limited to puff-puff-passing a joint handed to you by some strangers at a music festival, coming to Oregon can feel like crash landing in a promised land where the streets are paved with kif.

From neighborhood dispensaries to bud-and-breakfasts to mellow, terpene-infused cocktails, there are so many ways to consume THC and CBD in Portland it’ll make an outsider’s head spin. Shoot, it sometimes even overwhelms the natives.

Fortunately, we took some of the legwork out of finding the best cannabis experiences in Stumptown, and created this handy weed tourist road map. From dining and shopping to activities and lodging, we’ve got you covered in the many fun ways to explore Portland’s rich cannabis culture.


1. The Doctor’s House

The great irony of parachuting into Portland’s cannabis scene is that, due to public clean-air and consumption laws, there are few places to legally smoke. Hotels are out, so you’ll have to find a weed-friendly Airbnb—in this case, that stands for “bud-and-breakfast.” To that end, you’ve got a few options, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find better hospitality than you will with Bill, a professional in the medical cannabis industry who runs this cozy, art-deco home in the Alberta Arts District. Staying at the Doctor’s House, you feel instantly a part of the community, and right at home. No one will bat an eye if you wake and bake, and your morning toke might be accompanied by fresh coffee and homemade muffins, as your host is an excellent cook. See page 52 for more options.

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