Cannabis Seed Cracker Tool

Cannabis seed cracker may be a handy tool to help you germinate old cannabis seeds. Find out how to safely crack seeds without it! Seedcracker – the practical germination helper – this is how you germinate every seed Cannapot's Seedcracker is an innovative tool that can be used to germinate I had some seeds that I was trying to germinate but nothing happened for like 4 days. These seeds have been in a moist paper towel in my closet for 4 days…

Cannabis Seed Cracking Without a Cracker Tool

If you crack weed seeds just before germination, it may help them sprout

Sometimes, marijuana seeds are too weak or too old to sprout quickly, so you need to use some techniques to help them germinate. In this post, I will describe just one method – cannabis seed cracking.

The idea is that cracking requires some energy from an embryo and not all of them are strong enough for that. If you do this job for them, you help your seeds save energy and germinate faster. Besides, the process of germination requires some water to penetrate the shell, and if the seeds are old or haven’t been stored properly, their shell can get too dry to let water inside. The downside to this method is that you can damage the embryo if you squeeze the seed too hard.

Cannabis Seed Cracker: Is It Really Necessary?

I’ve come across a forum thread where people discuss buying a special cannabis seed cracker tool. I even watched a video where a weed grower uses it for seed cracking. You may google this gadget and spend a couple of dozens of dollars on it. But in my opinion there’s nothing special about a seed cracker. It’s just a simple contraption to hold a seed in place and gently apply pressure on it until the shell gives way with an audible crack. The cracking is done one seed at a time.

The good news is that you can do the same with your teeth just as easily!

Just firmly hold the seed with your finger tips, with the ridge positioned vertically and the pointy end facing outward. Gently bite on it with your teeth until you hear it crack. Then use your favorite germination method.

Cracked vs Uncracked

In my little experiment, I used 4 seeds of my OG Kush Auto that I’ve created myself. For some reason or other (because these feminized seeds were made by self-pollination maybe?), these beans are not very quick, especially if the room temperature is low, like it is now – 65-68 °F (18-20 °C). Let’s see if cracking makes any difference.

I’ve just placed 4 pot seeds between wet cotton disks.

After 36 hours, 2/2 of the cracked seeds and 1/2 of the uncracked (the one on the left) have shown tap roots.

After 60 hours, the situation has changed in favor of unckracked seeds. A least, the one in the bottom-right corner seems to be the winner.

72 hours (3 days) have passed, and the last seed to crack is also the strongest. The seeds that were cracked have crooked and somehow yellowish tap roots.

What Has My Cracking Experiment Demonstrated?

It is true that when you crack your marijuana seeds before germinating them, they may show tap roots earlier. However, the first one out of the gate isn’t necessarily the winner. Out of four seeds that I germinated I would definetely choose the one that was the last to crack. So, if you have a good fresh batch of seeds, don’t risk damaging them by cracking their shells. If the seeds are too old or haven’t been stored properly and wouldn’t germinate in a regular way, cracking may help.

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Cannabis Seed Cracker Tool

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Cracking seed shell with pliers

I had some seeds that I was trying to germinate but nothing happened for like 4 days. These seeds have been in a moist paper towel in my closet for 4 days and nothing happened. No white tap root. So I figured that I’d take my chances and take a pair of pliers and split the shell manually for the seed. Then I put them back in the paper towel. I work up this morning with tap roots showing! Little ones because the seed just recieved moisture. Hope this might help someone in the future!

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Well-Known Member

thats risky man. you shouldnt even touch the tail that comes out with your hands. cause of the oils you got in your skin.
it may turn out half cannabi half human

The Coral Reefer

I used tweezers to make sure that i didnt cross-breed the plant with myself. They are actually growing quite fast. Faster that my last seeds. One has already dropped its shell and the others are on their way. This was a neat little technique. I cracked 2 out of 4 seeds that i had and the 2 cracked ones germinated while the other 2 had zero progress.

Well-Known Member

after i wait for like seven days i get into scarcification of seeds i feel like ther is nutin to lose and sumtin to gain
most tmes it improves rate of germ
i normally split at seam wit razor crack off pieces of shell and sandpaper sumtimes i try all kinds of tricks i might try plyers next time

whatever technech you use try not to damage the inside embrio of seed
good luck

Well-Known Member

Another trick is to peel off the shell at the pointed end of seed. The taproot can then come out easy. As was said, whichever way you go, do not mash or cut the insides of the seed.

Well-Known Member

If you scrape the outside seed coat with a knife or sandpaper is increases the chances of water absorption and germination. Pliers seems a bit extreme but if it worked it worked.

The Coral Reefer

They have germinated and the cotyledon opened and was green by the time i turned the lights off tonight. This morning they were white. Much progress! I didnt have anything to lose and i took a chance and it paid off! Thanks for all the tips and tricks! We need a thread for tips and tricks or does one already exist?

Well-Known Member

lmao!! Thanks, that made my morning!

Actually what you’ve done is re-discovered an old time technique. As someone else said too, scuffing seeds w/sandpaper also works well. The trick is to make it easier for moisture to get to the inside of the shell casing.

Well-Known Member

i just had a seed germinate after a month of sitting in paper towels on a plate on my cable box. i might try “helping” a few of the seeds that haven’t popped yet.


I need some help.I got some lowryder from attitude n I’m on day five of the paper towel germination n there showing no signs of life. I’ve done this before n Its never took more them three for me.I may have put a little to much water once or twice but I don’t think I killed them.has anyone had there seeds take this long or have any advice on how to speed this process up,cause its slowly killing me on the inside

The Coral Reefer

Yeah this same thing happened to me so I figured that i would take my chances and experiment. I actually did this to a lowryder 2 seed and she is growing nicely. Im growing them right in my living room.

Well-Known Member

If they don’t germ in paper towels, put it in soil with saran wrap or a dome over it, with light and keep it moist. That worked for two fem seeds we ordered that didnt do anything in the paper towels.

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Detroit J420
Well-Known Member

Sometimes you just gotta up the temp. To get them to crack. I think 77f is good distilled water but i do get out my tweezers alot just to help em out a lil get the leaves showen, after there cracked though.

Well-Known Member

I need some help.I got some lowryder from attitude n I’m on day five of the paper towel germination n there showing no signs of life. I’ve done this before n Its never took more them three for me.I may have put a little to much water once or twice but I don’t think I killed them.has anyone had there seeds take this long or have any advice on how to speed this process up,cause its slowly killing me on the inside

Ok first and foremost, killing them with a little to much, well first you woulda seen a taproot, i mean the shell needs to soak up water, and then a tap comes, so to kill them unless they are rotted or mushy you didnt kill them odds are the just are hard ass shells and havent received enough water.

I am having issues with popping ATM I had like 6 or 7 from this batch i have pop just fine now the next 10 literally are like all 3-5 days inside with warmer temps and no popping, I cut into 2 just to see, inside you can see the baby bundles and tap developed slightly. This makes me wonder if the bun in the oven just takes a tad longer or maybe the shell was 2 hard and towel not wet enough.

Right now i am messing with bag seeds cause I dont wanna fuck up my nice attitude seeds until i have a pretty solid system down.

We all have our own plans and ways, I am gonna try a light scoring with a razor blade or scalp, not deep just a light score along either the sharp edge, or maybe a couple over the rounded top and bottom edged on some of these bags seed see if it helps take in some more water and crack. Seeds have some stored energy which is there to help a tap and base leaves develop. but if they use it all breaking the shell they cannot then push to set the tap and break the earth/soil/medium. NO BUENO. ( Learn this farming ** not bud btw real farming ** since I was a child so over 20 years. )

Also the soaking in water can be good, it can do some harm if your tap water or whatever has toxins in it. I perfer like Arrowhead or other Mt. Spring water, they have no chem and good trace minerals.

Also the towel has to be wet, I mean soaking wet, not dripping but soaking, you do not want a puddle but moister, it helps it soak through the shell and makes it easier for the tap to absorb.

Hum what else. I have bad luck on my last batch of 10 first time in years, my guess the towels were not wet enough and I may have had toxins on my fingers or the shells where to hard.

I am going to try cracking or scoring but cracking sounds a tad risky with $10 a pop seeds to me. ‘