Cannabis Seeds In The Usa

Eva seeds shop, high quality marijuana seeds If you want to know how to buy and which cannabis seeds choose to grow in the United States ✅ this guide ❤️ is made especially for you Get FEM and REG cannabis seed packs, plus bulk cannabis seeds from Brothers Grimm Seeds. Our weed and pot seeds have top germination rates.

Cannabis Seeds In The Usa

Eva Seeds is a Spanish Seeds Bank characterized by the high quality of its genetics, as well as the ease of cultivation and high yield of its strains.

The cannabis seeds of Eva Seeds are produced in a 100% organic way, without using chemicals or aggressive techniques for the plant.

We carry out a multitude of germination test to ensure the viability of 99,99% of our cannabis seeds, thus ensuring a rewarding final experience.

After many years of intense selection we achieve very fast flowering varieties, only 45 days of flowering, without using any crosses with Ruderalis or other auto-flowering varieties.

Our Cannabis Seeds are of the fast flowering photo-dependent feminized varieties, which guarantees a high quality final product, great performance and spectacular smell and taste.

We also offer Limited Editions: these types of seeds, created form elite crosses of different varieties of the world, are designed to generate a greater genetic diversity than our standard varieties, which are more stable. If you are looking for a special mother that nobody else has, our Limited Editions could be your choice.

Also available some varieties in regular option (not feminized)

Eva Seeds varieties are only marketed under Eva Seeds brand, all our varieties are registered trademarks.

(The final use of our cannabis seeds is for cultivation where permitted by law, in other cases they are sold as collectible seeds)

Cannabis seed growshop from USA

If there is a country that changed for good both the varieties of cannabis and the way to cultivate cannabis plants that is the United States, and it is not a coincidence, since in the USA west coast, especially in the state of California, the “seedless” culture was invented and many of the first cannabis hybrids were developed during the sixties and seventies.

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USA was also the country that fought the most in the so-called “war on drugs”, in which in which they compared our sacred plant with dangerous substances like cocaine or heroin. Many marijuana plantations of its southern neighbor (Mexico) were massacred by U.S. aviation, and many producers and Californian breeders had to flee to other countries because of the great prosecution exercised by the government, first Nixon, but then also with Ronald Reagan and other later leaders. Obviously, cannabis seed growshops in the US were out of the question.

However, about 25 years ago, back in 1994, another struggle began, this time by the hand of pro-legalization activists of medical marijuana, who did not stop their battle until many dispensaries offered therapeutic cannabis to patients. Many other U.S. states joined the fight and also managed to approve the law that allows access to medicinal weed.

However, about 25 years ago, back in 1994, another struggle began, this time by the hand of pro-legalization activists of medical marijuana, who did not stop their battle until many dispensaries offered therapeutic cannabis to patients. Many other U.S. states joined the fight and also managed to approve the law that allows access to medicinal marijuana to those who need it.

inal marijuana to those who need it.

In 2013 they achieved something even better, the state of Colorado legalized in addition to the medicinal use the recreational consumption. This way any person over 21 years old resident in that state can buy buds, extractions or edibles from cannabis. The experiment worked and since then there are more and more U.S. states that allow the general sale of marijuana.

The United States is the home of many pioneers in the breeding of new cannabis hybrids, is also the place where many of the most prestigious seed banks are located today, although the sale of seeds of this plant is not very regulated.

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But don’t worry, because Pevgrow sends feminized, regular, autoflowering and CBD-rich marijuana seeds all over the U.S. territory.

How to buy cannabis seeds from the United States?

Ordering marijuana seeds from USA is very simple, Pevgrow has a variety finder that helps you to filter the genetic based on their characteristics, you can search only medicinal if you want, or select only colorful plants, in our online Grow shop you will find the widest range of marijuana seeds to grow in the United States of America.

How can I pay for marijuana seeds in the USA?

You can buy cannabis seeds online from USA and pay in different ways on our website:

-We accept any type of credit or debit card, your data will be far from the hands of hackers thanks to 3D secure, being one of the safest forms of payment.

-You can make a bank transfer, in which you must indicate the reference of the order.

-You also have the option to pay in cash, in this case you have to put the money of the cost of the shipment in an envelope, indicating the number of your order. Once we receive your money we will send you the order and an email with the tracking number.

-Payment with Bitcoin, if you prefer to make the transaction with this crypto currency we guide you on how to proceed on this page.

What are the best cannabis seeds to grow in the USA?

This depends on where you live in the United States, this country is very large, and has many different climates and microclimates, so you can not recommend a specific variety of marijuana for USA, therefore we have created this section to help users choose the best cannabis seed to grow in the region of the United States where they live:

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In the map below you can see many of the states of USA where we send seeds and all the necessary products to cultivate marijuana, if you can not find your city click in your state and you will have access to more precise information.

How long does it take to deliver my weed seeds to the USA?

In Pevgrow we try to speed up the process of sending seeds to the USA, once we receive the order we process it, which usually takes between 3 and 5 days to reach any destination within the United States of America.

It is possible that if you live in New York your package arrives earlier than if you live in Alaska or Hawaii.

Come in and take a look for yourself how buying cannabis seeds in the USA has never been so easy.

Get FEM cannabis seeds and bulk cannabis seeds with confidence from MrSoul, Original Breeder of Brothers Grimm Seeds.

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We ship our female and regular photoperiod cannabis seeds to all 50 states in the USA. Over the summer, we ship seeds on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. For international seed orders, use the contact form and we will assist you.

We sell and ship weed seeds in the USA safely and securely. Find exotic cannabis strains here and grow our proven genetics with confidence!

Our weed seeds are known for top germination rates in the industry. Get potent, uniform, fast flowering photoperiod seeds that never have intersex (hermie) issues from Brothers Grimm Seeds.