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This soothing body massage oil combines the properties of full-spectrum hemp and organic jojoba oil to revitalize the skin and soothe tension. Shop now! Our CBD massage & body oil contains 300mg of broad-spectrum Nano hemp extract and natural ingredients to soothe tired muscles and dry skin. 100% THC Free.

Full Spectrum CBD Massage Oil

Massages are the perfect way to calm the mind and unlock new levels of relaxation. Elevate your massage experience with our all-natural CBD Massage Oil. This soothing body oil combines the properties of full-spectrum hemp and organic jojoba oil to revitalize the skin and soothe tension.

Designed with a convenient, pump-style bottle, our CBD rubbing oil can be an excellent addition to your daily routine. If you are looking for a relaxing massage experience, this natural CBD rubbing oil may ease discomfort in the body so you can feel rested and rejuvenated after a long day.

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Massages help quiet the mind and relax the body. Enhance your massage with our Full Spectrum CBD Massage Oil to:

  • Keep skin hydrated and moisturized
  • Soothe and revitalize skin
  • Ease discomfort in the body

What’s Inside

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Our full spectrum CBD oil is extracted from the finest, non-GMO hemp plants grown on our sustainable, Colorado farm. This all-natural oil is hemp oil in its purest form, as it contains all beneficial compounds found in the plant to help you feel restored and balanced on the inside and out.

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Organic Jojoba Oil

This potent moisturizer is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants that can help reduce signs of aging skin. Jojoba oil is non-toxic, non-comedogenic, and non-allergenic, so it’s safe for all skin types.

How To Use

Enhance your massage by applying directly to the skin as needed.

  • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
  • Jojoba Oil

WARNING: Consult a physician before using this product. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use if under 18 years old. If pregnant, taking medications, and/or have known allergies to ingredients, consult your doctor before use.

This product does not exceed 0.3% concentration of THC. Federally legal nationwide. (State laws may vary)

Our CBD products are produced with the highest safety and consistency standards — and are third-party lab tested for quality assurance.

WARNING for California Residents: California’s Proposition 65

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can you use CBD Massage Oil?

You can use our CBD Massage Oil as needed! Massages are the perfect way to relax and calm the mind. We recommend using this body rub oil to enhance your massage experience and ease tension.

How to apply CBD Massage Oil?

This oil is easy to use! Simply apply this CBD rubbing oil as you would any other massage oil. Its natural formulation with full spectrum CBD and jojoba oil absorbs deep into the skin but not too quickly, and best of all, it does not leave you feeling greasy or sticky.

How do I know if CBD rubbing oil is right for me?

Thanks to its simple and all-natural ingredients list, this CBD Massage Oil is perfect for all types of skin. This oil is also an excellent alternative for the person giving the massage, making it an ideal natural choice for massage professionals and spas.

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CBD Massage Oil

CBD Living Massage & Body Oil a topical product will soothe tired muscles and dry skin. A 100% natural blend of oils (including hemp, almond, grape seed, apricot and Vitamin E) creates the perfect professional glide. This nutrient-rich formula absorbs into the skin for deep conditioning and moisturizing without a greasy residue. You won’t need (or want) to wash it off.

Utilizing our Proprietary Skin Retention Technology allows nutrients to better penetrate the layers of the skin, and stay on the skin longer, for lasting relief.


* Unscented
* Vegan
* Non-GMO
* Natural Ingredients Used
* THC-free
* CBD Living uses only 100% organic hemp sourced from state-licensed farms in Oregon and Colorado.
* Made in the USA

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