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Ceres Seeds

The legacy of Ceres Seeds started in 1988 when its founders started cultivating their first seeds and cuttings. By the early 1990s, Ceres Seeds worked for the infamous Dreadlock Coffee shop in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, as well as reputable seed companies such as Sensi Seed Bank, where they learned how to produce and cross strong, healthy plants.

They took their name from Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture and motherly love. Her name derives from the Proto-Indo-European root “ker,” meaning “to grow,” which is also the root for the words “create” and “increase.”

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Ceres Seeds

Ceres Seeds are a legendary Dutch cannabis seed company with their roots firmly in the heart of Amsterdam – cannabis’ spiritual European home.

The guys behind Ceres Seeds learned their craft in the Dutch capital way back in the late 1980’s and 90’s while working for some of the oldest established seed companies and coffeeshops in Amsterdam, such as Sensi Seeds and the Dreadlock Coffeeshop.

After mastering the art of crossing and breeding cannabis with regular and stable results, Ceres Seeds was finally born and this incredible collection of old school marijuana seeds started to make its way to market. Since their inception, Ceres Seeds have enjoyed many years of thriving business and have been decorated with multiple industry awards for the quality of their product. They have won silverware at Amsterdam’s annual Cannabis Cup on multiple occasions – predominantly for their incredible F1 hybrids.

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Ceres Seeds is a 100% homegrown Dutch seed company with a wide reputation for high quality cannabis seed genetics.