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Yoohoo and hello! Thanks for popping in to our online store. We love butterflies, bees, flowers and … well, the environment in general! We want to have as little impact on nature as we can and our products reflect this – here you will find an array of plantable seed papers, recycled papers, plantable seed paper shapes, recycled envelopes and seed packets, and all sorts of other loveliness! Come on in and take a look! We are also very friendly so please do tweet to us, chat with us on Facebook or email us with any queries!

A wide range of plantable seed papers, recycled papers, plantable seed paper shapes, confetti and other lovely products for parties, weddings and crafts.

Plantable seed paper

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Ecological and sustainable communications, with our plantable seed paper!

Our plantable seed paper is the ideal product for carrying out Green Marketing campaigns.

Manufactured with natural and biodegradable cotton fibres, we avoid the unnecessary felling of many trees.

We can offer the best price and rates in Europe.

Use our plantable paper for an ecological, sustainable and surprising form of communication.

A great ally for marketing and advertising professionals.

The seeds of our plantable paper.

The seeds have been chosen on account of their great pollinating capacity and mellifluous characteristics. They provide the bees, pollen, propolis and honeydew.

Cornflower Poppy Rudbeckia

Bee in cornfloer Bee in rudbeckia

Or between three aromatic varieties:

Chamomile Lavander Peppermint

A bee on Chamomile A bee on lavander A bee on peppermint

By using our ecological and sustainable seed paper, your message helps to feed the bees and insects

We have 2 types of paper:

Seed paper, 130 grs.

Characteristics :

  • We print to 4 + 4 (4 colours on both sides)
  • High quality printing
  • Biodegradable and sustainable paper made with cotton fibres
  • Available with flower seeds: rudbeckia, poppy, cornflower and.
    herbs lavender and peppermint.
  • Minimum order 100 units
  • Delivery in 3/4 days

Standard sizes:

The links will take you to our online store where you will find prices up to 1000 units in our standard sizes of plantable seed paper.


Seed paper book marks Seed paper labels Plantable seed paper flyers
Seed paper squares DIN A6 Seed paper Bussines cards seed paper

90 grs. Seed paper:

Seed paper characteristics:

  • Printed in 4 + 0
  • Minimum order of 2000 units
  • Production time of 3 weeks
  • You can choose the seeds

We recommend using wildflower seeds, pines, lettuce, tomato, grass, alfalfa, watercress or similar. Small seeds germinate easily and so, quickly make a positive impact on the client.

Naturalbranding Plantable seed paper, specialized details for events, gifts for customers, packaging and ecological merchandising.