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Video of stoned Texas Chihuahua dog that ingested pot goes viral

Marijuana used to be consumed primarily by smoking it, and if you were feeling adventurous — a brownie. Today, the only limits are one’s imagination and the law.

A screen shot shows a video posted to Seth Mersing’s Twitter account. His dog, Rita, is seen in an animal hospital after ingesting marijuana. (Photo: Monica Lopez/Caller-Times)

ORANGE GROVE— A small Chihuahua has gone viral after its owner posted a video of her after ingesting marijuana.

Seth Mersing took to Twitter to post a video of his dog, Rita, at an animal hospital after she “found an edible at the park.”

The post has more than 130,000 likes and has been shared more than 47,000 times.

According to Buzzfeed, Mersing told the news outlet that he was walking Rita in the park on Sunday he saw her eating something off the ground.

About 30 minutes later, Rita started to act strangely.

“Seth said he began to freak out because he didn’t know what was wrong with her,” the article reads. “Later that night, Rita started to lose consciousness, and that’s when Seth and his parents decided to take her to the veterinarian.”

After doing a drug and urine test, the vet told him Mersing and his family that Rita had tested positive for Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, or the mind-altering chemical ingredient in marijuana.

Mersing told BuzzFeed he suspects his dog ate a wrapper with THC wax or an actual edible.

“Dogs don’t know what they find,” he is quoted saying in BuzzFeed’s article.

“A staff member at the VCA Oso Creek Animal Hospital and Emergency Center confirmed to BuzzFeed News that Rita tested positive for THC and was kept at the hospital overnight,” the article states.

Here’s a short clip of my dog at the hospital after she found an edible on our walk at the park!

According to twitter, Rita had a detoxification done and an IV placed in her.

All jokes aside, marijuana can be harmful to pets.

Pet Poison Hotline states the substance is poisonous and can cause seizures, low blood pressure, low heart rate and respiratory depression.

If your pet ate marijuana, call a veterinarian or Pet Poison Helpline immediately for life-saving treatment advice.

A video of a Texas Chihuahua has gone viral after its owner posted the video of her after ingesting marijuana.

Tiny dog weighing just 2lb eats owner’s hash brownie and looks ridiculously high

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We all know that chocolate is poisonous to dogs. And it’s widely acknowledged that you shouldn’t give them weed.

Not only can they not consent, but we don’t know the effect it has on them or how being high could make them feel.

While smoking weed might make humans relaxed, it could make an animal quite anxious – especially because they won’t know what’s going on.

Some dogs have been known to vomit or lose control of their legs or bladder when they’re given weed – and, let’s face it, that’s not desirable for anyone.

So if you’re making hash brownies and you have a dog, especially a 2lb chihuahua, you should make sure you keep the brownies out of the dog’s reach.

This girl though made the mistake of leaving her pot brownies lying around – and yes, the dog ate them.

The girl in question goes by Twitter handle @ImNotSane – which is fitting given the photos she uploaded for her followers.

Including the bag, to show that the dog had indeed nibbled through to get at the brownie.

And this one, that shows how small the little dog is. So tiny, in fact, that he only weighs 2lbs – which is no more than a bag of sugar.

And then this one. Which anyone who has ever eaten too much hash cake will understand.

Fortunately, the dog is ok now.

‘While Cannabis sativa contains more than 60 cannabinoids, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the most toxic, affecting the nervous system,’ reports Compassion Center.

The most common clinical effects of ingestion of marijuana include depression, ataxia, – a loss of motor coordination and balance – vomiting and hypothermia. It can also decrease the rate of the heartbeat or even abnormally increase it.

And, while these effects can occur within just half an hour of ingesting the marijuana, they can last anywhere from 12 hours to days on end.

In other words, the physical effects it can have on your pet are nothing to joke about.

Twitter user @ImNotSane posted pictures of her tiny chihuahua weighing just 2lb after it ate some of her pot-brownie and looked ridiculously high.