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How To Hide Weed Smell: Keeping Fresh, Smoked, Or Growing Buds Odor-Free

Once you smell cannabis for the first time, you won’t ever forget that dank scent. However, because it’s so unmistakable, it’s highly important to be able to cover the smell up after indulging. Growing and using cannabis is still illegal in many parts of the world, and you don’t want to be caught on something as insignificant as smell, especially when there are so many ways to hide this dead giveaway! Stay tuned to learn about each of them.

Why Does Weed Smell?

Let’s be honest – weed smells a lot! But why does this happen? The main source of the cannabis smell is terpenes – fragrant chemical compounds that develop in marijuana’s buds. Plants produce these in an attempt to attract insects such as bees that will help them with pollination. Interestingly, people are just as attracted to terpenes! Our favorite cannabis aromas and flavors of citrus, fruit and pine likewise come from terpenes, and the weed drying and curing techniques people use aim to preserve as many terpenes as possible. As a result, we have a delicious but highly smelly product.

Covering Up The Smell From Storing And Smoking Weed

The smell of cannabis buds is, arguably, one of their most valuable characteristics. It makes each strain unique and each experience memorable. So, don’t think that we want to eliminate the smell of weed completely – definitely not. The main goal is simply to conceal it, both before and after buds are used. Luckily, there are many easy ways to achieve this.

Start By Storing In Air-Tight Containers

You should think of the smell not only when smoking weed, but also when storing it. Some strains have such a pungent scent that a single bud can quickly fill a whole room with its odor if left in the open. An old and proven method is keeping your buds in air-tight containers – you can never go wrong with a good old mason jar! For when you’re on the go, we suggest searching the market for special pouches made of odor-neutralizing materials.

Wanna Smoke? Go Outside

Pretty obvious, isn’t it? When smoking, always opt for doing so outside, be it in a garden or on a balcony. At the very least, you can smoke next to an open window. Air circulation outside won’t let your clothes and hair soak up as much smelly smoke, leaving you much fresher after your session.

Buy A Smoke Filter Or Make A Sploof

While the legalization of cannabis is gradually spreading across the globe, more and more technological advancements are also entering the world of smokables. One of these is a portable smoke filter – a trendy gadget you can use to cover your action of smoking. Just inhale as you normally would and exhale into the filter – there will be no trace of the smoke left. If you’re on a budget, you can try using a DIY sploof. To make it, simply cover one end of a toilet roll cylinder with a dryer sheet and secure the device with a rubber band, then use the result just as you would a manufactured smoke filter.

Try Air Fresheners Or Their Natural Alternatives

Essential oils, home fragrances, incense and air fresheners – there are so many options when it comes to covering up unpleasant smells. If you need to conceal the weed smell in your room as soon as possible, try using deodorizing air fresheners or burn an incense with piney, grassy notes – for example, patchouli or ylang-ylang (as these scents blend in with the marijuana odor perfectly). Another great old trick is a couple of drops of vanilla essential oil on a cookie sheet in a hot oven – this instantly makes the whole place smell like you’ve been baking cookies and not just getting baked yourself.

Vaping or Edibles – Zero Smell

Why waste your energy on dealing with the consequences when you can eliminate the reason behind the weed smell entirely? Try opting for vaping or edibles the next time you want to get high on THC – these methods of consumption are absolutely smell-free and don’t lessen the actual high.

Getting Squeaky-Clean

Finally, if after the session is over you can still feel the stink, the last resort is to clean yourself. Take a shower and wash your body (especially hands) and hair, not forgetting to brush your teeth. Lastly, put on clean clothes and you’re done – nothing to give away the fact you’ve been smoking weed. Well, nothing other than, possibly, your stoned behavior, but that’s a completely different problem!

Hiding The Smell Of A Grow Room

While concealing the fact that you’ve just smoked can be relatively easy, hiding the smell of a whole tree growing in your house is a task requiring a little more preparation. Needless to say, the stakes are also much higher.

Low-Odor Strain Means Low-Odor Grow Room

As we mentioned before, the odor from weed is caused by terpenes released by the cannabis buds. However, not all strains smell equally strong. So, if you’re worried your growing operation could be discovered because of the distinctive smell, choose seeds of strains that are known to be low-odor, such as Northern Lights or Durban Poison. The unique terpene profiles of these varieties keep them discreet right up until harvest time.

Ensure Constant Air Circulation

Once they start flowering, cannabis plants exude fragrant aromas 24/7. Some of them are skunky and pungent; some are very pleasant. Whatever the strain’s main notes are, they all can be a giveaway of your otherwise discreet business. To keep it to yourself completely, you need to make sure there’s constant airflow from your room to the exhaust. Thus, you will need a system of fans, vents and an exhaust. It’s not only beneficial for the grower, but for the plant too. Cannabis is much more susceptible to mold if kept in stale air. And what does mold mean? That’s right – less yield and more smell!

Get A Carbon Filter

Carbon filters or “scrubbers” act like an effective trap for any smells coming from your growing plants – they draw it in and don’t let it back out. They’re also an essential part of any good exhaust system. There are two types of carbon filters on the market, granular and block, with block making for a more thorough filtration and granular being sufficient for small grow ops.

Give Anti-Odor Gels A Try

If you’re a budget grower of just 1-4 plants, you might find anti-odor gels the best option. These are cheap, will last up to 6 months and are effective in minimizing odors. The best option praised by home growers all over the world is Ona Pro Gel. It doesn’t require any setting up in order to start working. Just open the jar and place it in the area that you want to keep odor-free. However, be careful to not keep it anywhere near the plant itself, as the gel may reduce the aroma characteristics of your harvest.

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Whether you’re growing cannabis, smoking it or both, there’s one thing that can easily expose your possibly not-so-legal activities but is often overlooked: the smell of weed. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ve learned enough to protect yourself and your hobby from unwanted questions and attention.

What tricks do you have up your sleeve? Let’s share the knowledge – tell us what makes your personal favorite ways of hiding the smell of weed so effective in the comments below.

If you don’t want to be caught on something as insignificant as weed smell, here is our list of tips how to hide it. Check out our article and protect your hobby from unwanted attention

How to Easily Hide the Smell of Weed

If there’s one drawback to smoking weed, it’s the smell. Sure some people love it, but one whiff of wacky tobacky and everyone will know what you’ve been up to. So if you would rather toke up a little more discretely, you’re going to need to learn how to cover the smell of marijuana. It seems like every stoner has their own method for masking the smell of weed, so it can be exhausting to figure out which way is right for you. To make it easy, we’ve created this list of all the best ways to easily hide the smell of marijuana.

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to smoke in a dorm room, at your job, or at home, you probably need to find a way to hide that marijuana smell. You can stay low tech and shove a towel under your door, get industrious and build your own sploof, or get fancy and invest in a vape. To help you figure it out, we’ve rounded up every weed smell-hiding trick in the book. (Although, we admit, some of them are more sketchy than others.) Remember, if you’re going to smoke, be smart about it and don’t drive – just chill out and read up on all the ways you can easily hide the smell of weed.

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Start Collecting Mason Jars

If you plan on keeping large quantities of marijuana around your home, things are going to get very smelly, very fast. Rather than keep your stash in bags, or any other receptacle that lets odors out, pick up some mason jars.

Not only do they keep smells in, but they’re perfect for making sure whatever you’re storing stays fresh.

If there’s one drawback to smoking weed, it’s the smell. Sure some people love it, but one whiff of wacky tobacky and everyone will know what you've been up …