cookie monster smoking weed

Cookie monster smoking weed

Cookie Monster Strain

THC: 17% – 21%

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Good for insomnia, solid sleep, but it doesn’t last that long. Also when I wake up I don’t feel refreshed , like I feel down mentally and a little anxiety. Not my fave. ?

I like the flavor and aroma. wish it was a little higher on the CBD and below 15% on the THC’s. also for my chemistry only lasts about 2 hours.

It got me craze round the city!

Best stuff ever!!

Great stuff here in Detroit

Bho of Cookie Monster 69.56 Total Cannabinoid content. With level of 64.08% THC-A 1.88% CBD 1.55% CBG 1.24% CBN .81% CBC Warm whole body feeling after taking a hit. Like taking a few hits of strong CBD Wax very fast back to back. And the quality of the pain relieve is unbelievable. Even helped with nausea. I’m not partial to the taste. Hints of GSC, with what I can only describe as leafy aftertaste. Not unpleasant, just takes some getting used to. Solid 9-10 just for pain relief alone.

Got Cookie Monster BHO Crumble. 80% THC/1.5% CBD. My back pain is almost entirely wiped out. The taste was nothing special or unique, but the headspace was warm and relaxed. I’ll be back for more!

Got this at Old Toby in Chehalis, WA. See pictures and detailed reviews on my blog the Aging Ent’s Tastings — Brand: Honu Strain: Cookie Monster Indica-dominant Hybrid –Potency Analysis: TTL 25% THC 1. 45% CBD 0. 16% THCA 23. 1%– Cost: $15/1 gram net weight filtered conical joint — This strain took 1st Place in the 2014 Cannabis Cup here in Washington, and it’s a real joy to smoke. The joint’s smell is slightly lemony, very sweet and complex. There were faint minty undertones as well, a whiff of the Girl Scout Cookies lineage you can catch on a nasal exhale. As an aftertaste, there’s an elusive lavender-floral something that I wish was more present. –The smoke was more of an experience – ethereal, light, wispy. The actual tastes were sometimes just barely there, and I found myself taking bigger and bigger hits to capture more and more aromas and flavors. –This delicious smoke seemed to melt away all my cares, aches, woes, stresses, anxieties, and pains.

Cookie Monster is a powerful marijuana strain that has a THC and CBD levels of 17.9 percent and 0.2 percent, respectively. It is a popular Indica strain which came first in the 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup. It was termed as the best Indica of the U.S. during that competition. Cookie Monster is a cro…

Cookie monster smoking weed

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