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Couchlock Buzz Rating: The danky, hashy and robust flavor of this weed is followed by an earthy, skunky and danky exhale. This bud has immense smoke expansion and hits instantly. The name says all you need to know about the effect of this heavy-hitter.

This potent F1 hybrid was created breeding the brilliantly selected strains of Afghani #1 and the oh-so-famous Northern Lights #5. Nearly pure Indica, this bud was given its particular name for a reason: patients who medicate with Couchlock notice that it begins with an instantaneous high (practically upon exhale) that first results in an intense, buzzing body high, giving you a 10 minute window to grab whatever munchies you want before a heavy, sedative-like effect sets in, resulting in extreme drowsiness and eventually sleep. This is a favorite medication of patients who suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, chemotherapy treatment, anorexia, and anxiety. Couchlock is a definite nighttime medication that is available at many dispensaries in the U.S.

Cultivation of Couchlock has optimum results when done indoors or in a greenhouse, but outdoor plants are possible. Having a short flowering period of 7 to 8 weeks and growing short in height makes this strain an ideal candidate for the Sea of Green method of cultivation. Growers of all skill types are fond of cultivating her due to the fact that she is relatively easy to grow, resistance to mould and mildew and is easy to clone. Grab an jar of this and maybe a clone or two the next time you’re at the club.

Couchlock Buzz Rating: The danky, hashy and robust flavor of this weed is followed by an earthy, skunky and danky exhale. This bud has immense smoke expansion and hits

Couch Lock

Definition – What does Couch Lock mean?

A cannabis slang term, couch lock is a common side effect of smoking or ingesting indica cannabis strains. When in a couch lock, the smoker is too high or stoned to get off the couch and function properly. The person is so high that he or she cannot do anything and just sits on the couch or wherever he or she is sitting, doing nothing at all.

While there is a lot of discussions as to what really causes a couch lock, many people argue that indica strains are the main culprit. However, there are a few sativa strains, too, that will also knock you off your feet and onto the couch.

MaximumYield explains Couch Lock

No matter how many times you have smoked weed, most smokers have experienced couch lock at least once. Some marijuana smokers have described being couch locked as feeling extremely helpless. Most marijuana users enjoy the euphoria and energy of being high, rather than being frozen on the couch.

While some stoners want to avoid a couch lock, others embrace it. Those who enjoy couch locks believe those strains are the best for when you’re sick and need to rest, or when your sleep cycles are off and you need a re-calibration.

Sometimes the couch lock hits you when you least expect it, and once in a state of couch lock, it can be hard to remedy the effect. If you are in a state of couch lock and dislike it and want to snap out of it, try drinking some coffee or soda. Make sure to eat something substantial and rest for a good 15 to 20 minutes.

Once you’ve rested, you can get up and fight the couch lock effect by being more active and getting your blood flowing in your body by stretching. Take deep breathes and maybe even splash some water on your face to freshen up. Sometimes, even just a simple surrender can snap you out of your couch-lock trance. So, if you have the couch lock, you may just have to embrace it and enjoy the ride.

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