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The 6 Best Cannabis Strains for Creativity

Thursday May 28, 2020

S ince we’ve all been cooped up for a bit at home, many of us have turned to creative outlets to pass the time and ease our minds of stress and anxiety associated with current events. Whether it’s drawing, dancing, music or something else you enjoy, cannabis might be able to help you express your creativity more fluidly. Check out some strains below that have been known to encourage creativity.

6 Cannabis Strains for Building Your Creativity

Before we dive in, it’s important to remember that cannabis affects everyone differently. These strains are recommendations that have been anecdotally known to encourage creativity but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other strains out there that might work well! So, try these strains below and if they’re not what you’re looking for then continue to do some trial and error until you find the right strain for you!

Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie is a long-time favorite of cannabis connoisseurs has captured more than the imagination of growers since the 1960s, it has also treated creatives well throughout its distinguished history. Known for being uplifting and energetic, there’s nothing quite like this citrusy, piney sativa for boosting your spirits and letting your mind experience the limits of its creativity.

This variety is known to grow tall and rather quickly. More importantly, it provides a solid yield that’s suitable for anyone looking to stock-up on creativity inducing cannabis flowers. Many creatives enjoy smoking or vaporizing Maui Wowie since it has a pleasant taste that seems to add to its uplifting spirit.

Betty Banner

Just looking at the beautiful bud structure of Betty Banner is enough to send creative-types into a whirlwind of fantasy. The intense mixture of lime-green and deep purple buds makes one wonder why this isn’t the most popular variety on the market. Betty Banner smells much like her parent (in botanical terms, not The Hulk story), Bruce Banner, with fruity and earthy overtones that are underscored with a bit of diesel and pine. From aroma to taste, Betty Banner frees the mind and lets creatives do what they do best: create.

For someone looking to let their creativity flow, Betty Banner relaxes the body while stirring the mind. Her gorgeous appearance, seductive scent, and powerful effects all combine to make a variety Shakespeare may have written a new sonnet about.

Critical Mass

A great strain to examine under a microscope, Critical Mass is an inspiring plant simply through its aesthetics. It’s wrapped in fuzzy orange hairs, spotted with gummy trichomes, and has a beautiful natural green hue to it. Just looking at it seems to eases one’s mind since it’s a reminder of the beauty of nature. It’s loaded with both THC and CBD, which gives it a delightful balance for those looking to create.

When engaging with Critical Mass for a creativity boost, it’s recommended that you infuse it into your food. When smoked or vaporized, this variety can have a strong beginning that might overwhelm your mind. When eaten, it has a powerful, long lasting effect that soothes without negating mental energy.

Gum AKA Bubblegum

Another beautiful strain to view under magnification, Gum appears to be coated with powdered sugar. Many people love its appearance for this reason, even though it’s not packed with the furry hairs that consumers often enjoy. Gum has a more subtle approach than other varieties on this list.

Gum’s scent reminds one of fruity candy, but isn’t overly pungent or revolting to those who avoid sugary foods.

Likewise, its effect is strong without leaving one dazed and confused. It’s an uplifting strain that lets those who want to write, draw, paint, or create music fully engage with their practice. Strong but subtle, Gum is relaxing without taxing creativity. After initial mind-rush immediately upon consumption, the effects level out and let users focus on their task at hand.

Super Lemon Haze

Unsurprisingly, Super Lemon Haze is best known for its super lemony taste. Some people report their own attempts at growing have produced plants that smell exactly like a lemon tree. A perhaps lesser-known quality of this cultivar is its ability to induce a creative state-of-mind. With a wonderful, soothing feeling that washes over the body, Super Lemon Haze also delivers a positive and energetic mindset.

Some rank Super Lemon Haze as having the most powerful, stimulating properties possible from cannabis. Creative folks tend to agree. With a long-lasting impact that allows creatives to enjoy their craft for hours, this variety is sure to please anyone who wants to expand their mind and dive into the most creative corners of their abilities.

Third Dimension

When creatives want to create, there’s no better place to be than to the third dimension. Of course, we already live in the third dimension, and Third Dimension is the perfect partner to help creative people let go of everything that’s negatively affecting in our shared space. With dark green buds sprinkled with sparkling trichomes, this strain relaxes with its appearance alone.

However, upon consumption many may find what they consider to be a scattered brain. For creatives, this scattering can generate new ways of looking at a problem they are facing in their artwork. Instead of keeping them focused solely on the problem, Third Dimension lets them see things from a different angle. For a creative person who wants to find a new perspective on a project they are building, Third Dimension is a great way to relax the body, let the mind wander, and improve their art on a fundamental level.

What strains do you consume to help you get in a creative mindset? Share your favorites in the comments below.

If you're stuck at home looking to express your creativity, then check out these 6 strains to help get your mind flowing.

Creative strains

A dozen or so decades back, creative types referred to the psychedelic drink absinthe as “the green fairy.” That was then, weed is now. So forget the green fairy; to ignite fresh ideas and light a fire under your ass to make them happen, weed is nothing short of “the green dragon.” It’s a friendly dragon, to be sure, but that doesn’t diminish pot’s positively roaring power.

Science agrees. Multiple studies have concluded that cannabis enhances the creative mind and boosts the process of being productive. It’s true now more than ever, as cannabis cultivators continuously craft hybrid strains and cultivars specifically designed to fuel imagination and ingenuity.

Producing such strains is a creative process in itself, made possible by the growers’ passion for marijuana. While it’s true that sativa strains are known to spark cerebral effects and a “head high,” not all sativas are created equal (or yield the same psychoactive experiences). Certain terpenes, as well as THC ratios, may play a factor in a given strain’s effects, too.

That said, which flower varieties are historically known to get the brain buzzing? The cannabis strains listed here are just a few that have reputations for opening the third eye and inspiring some insight in consumers. Take your pick and puff along to kick-start your creativity — something we could all use when stuck in quarantine.

While the name AK-47 conjures images of rampant destruction rather than steady inspiration, the moniker itself is just a dash of creative flourish. AK-47 contains a 65:35 sativa to indica ratio, and the strain is derived from Afghani, Colombian, Mexican, and Thai varieties. It’s known to be strong, sour, and calming. The high is simultaneously regarded as relaxed and cerebral. Use AK-47 to gently blow away your jumpy inner thoughts and clear the deck for bright concepts and sterling strategies.

Chem Dog

Not for reefer rookies, Chem Dog is the strain of choice for seasoned smokers who swear by its muscular ability to get the mind popping and the spirit enthused to produce.

Some cannasseurs believe the mysterious Chem Dog is a blend of Nepalese and Thai sativas, and it’s also the “source of powerhouse strains like Sour Diesel and OG Kush,” according to Leafly.

The overall consensus, though, is that it’s killer when it comes to arts, crafts, and getting things done. As one Leafly reviewer raved: “I had many thoughts rush through my head, and it was a little overwhelming. But once I settled into the high, it was very creative, imaginative, and invigorating.”

Durban Poison

Durban Poison can taste like licorice and it lights up the inside of your head like few other creativity-inducing cannabis strains. The “Durban” half of its name is for the South African port city from which this sativa strain originated; “Poison” may as well be in reference to how it slays racing thoughts, self-doubt, low-energy, and other blockers of inspiration and productivity.

Boasting bulky resin glands, Durban Poison’s round, thick buds come coated with trichomes. In its review of Durban Poison, Diamond Green Tacoma writes, “If you’re the type of person that likes to keep a busy brain throughout the day, Durban Poison may offer a great boost to your creativity.” This is one type of poison that you actually want to consume!

Jack Herer

Named after the endlessly inspiring cannabis activist who authored the essential pro-legalization treatise The Emperor Wears No Clothes, the great Jack Herer strain is a combination of a Haze hybrid, Northern Lights #5, and Shiva Skunk that reflects the man itself in its ability to galvanize and motivate.

Kali Mist

In the Hindu faith, Kali is the four-armed mother of both destruction and creation, which makes her the perfect namesake for this 90:10 sativa-dominant hybrid.

Upon impact, Kali Mist zaps users with vivid focus, rapidly laying to waste any mental clutter in the way of creative thinking. Then the elevating high of Kali Mist, which flirts with being psychedelic, conjures welcomed storms of original thinking, backed by the energy to transform those notions into finished results.

Purple Haze

By invoking the signature anthem of Jimi Hendrix, Purple Haze is culturally connected to one of history’s most superhuman innovators and artistic trailblazers. Of course, Hendrix also happened to make no secret of his passion for puffing as part of his creative process.

Fruity and sweet (you may actually taste grape), the 85/15 sativa-dominant strain Purple Haze also emulates the song by hitting hard, fast, and transcendentally — and as it keeps going, so do you.

On his I Love Growing Marijuana site, reviewer Robert Bergman raved, “If you are looking to feel inspired and creative, then this is the right strain for you. Purple Haze is all about cerebral stimulation, and you will see the world in colors that will further fuel you to create…. Definitely a good get-up and get-things-done strain.”

Sour Diesel

A big-time go-to strain among stoners who like to get creative and make things happen, the California-born Sour Diesel boasts a 90:10 sativa-indica radio, ideally rendered to crank up alertness while quieting anxiety and enabling creativity to cascade forth into the real world. Be ready, though, Sour Diesel packs a major wallop both in terms of its high and its unmistakably pungent odor.

The weed site Ooze notes that Sour Diesel has “become a popular choice among celebrities” who appreciate that the strain is “known to invigorate a creative flow quickly, and deliver energizing, dreamy cerebral effects.”

Space Queen

Ready to blast off in cannabis-propelled creativity and productivity? Just light the fuse of Space Queen and you’ll be rocketing into a visionary mindset and a raging mode of output.

The child of Romulan and Cinderella 99, this indica-dominant hybrid dispenses a joyful, cerebral high that makes you feel weightless, and then backs it with an energetic upturn. Once you’re in these cosmos, you know you can get anything done — and you’ll actually follow through with it!

These cannabis strains have reputations for opening the third eye and inspiring some insight among consumers. Check out these flower varieties when you need to fuel your imagination and spark ingenuity.