dark purp weed


You know that beautiful purple bud that you sometimes see in the Instagram feed? Want to know what is the explanation for this magical phenomenon? Come with us: we will explain in this post!

Trimmed purple buds, ready to be consumed

A subject widely commented on in the cannabis world – mainly by those curious growers is purple cannabis. Does it really exist? Where does it come from? Why does it get that way? Ah, there are many questions. And we want to answer all of them here!

Many images circulate around the famous Purple Haze and it’s beautiful and mesmerizing purple buds. But it is worth saying, Purple Haze is not the only purple strain, there are some other varieties more likely to develop this beautiful coloration and also some weather conditions that play an important role in purple buds.

Do you want to explore this wonderful world of colorful cannabis? Come with us, we’ll explain everything about it!

What makes it purple?

Not sure if everyone remembers, but we already had a similar conversation a while ago. Many people came to Instagram to ask us what made our hash water very purple, as if it were wine. And the answer to this amazing phenomenon is in an substance called anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is a pigment, and is part of the famous group of flavonoids (the one that makes wine healthy drink, when taken in moderation), and carries with it an enormous importance for our organism.

Do-Si-Dos (Pyramid Seeds) has it’s leaves purple due to induced stress in the final stage of flowering

Flavonoids have nothing to do with flavor. The word, in fact, has Greek origin, and is related to the yellow color.

Anthocyanins are found in countless vegetables, fruits and even flowers – and the expression of this colors, purple, super purple, bluish and even black coloring depends on the pH.

But what do you mean, yellow, if we’re talking about something purple?

Flavonoids have the power to transform the colors of plants in which it is present. The anthocyanin brings shades tinted to the cyan (from blue to almost black). When the plant enters “autumn mode”, like mapple, it reaches a reddish color, and mixes both types of pigmentation. Blue + red = purple. And then we see the result that we love so much!

Okay, and how do I make it turn purple?

There are many myths around this issue! I know that sometimes we growers want to play “God”, but trying to wake up a trait in a plant that does not have the genetic predisposition for it will just be a stressor. That is why:

Generally Purple genetics will present a purple bud and green leaves

Do not use dyes in your plant at all. Besides being able to decrease its health, you can decrease yours. Some dyes that we see on the market can be carcinogenic, and we do not want to smoke that right?

The secret is the right genetics. There are types of cannabis that contain more anthocyanins, which leads to the possibility of developing purple colors

It is not by depriving your plant of oxygen, carbon dioxide or other substances that it will turn purple. The most you will get is a dry brown, due to the loss of health of your cannabis.

More experienced growers do not recommend that you add cold water or decrease the amount of light in your herb to achieve something close to the desired effect. This will just express your plan.

Lower temperatures contribute to the development of purple color in plants that already have this predisposition. If you have indoor cultivation, turn on the air conditioning at the end of the cycle and watch the magic happen!

Do you know why some cannabis strains are purple ?! Understand the reason and answer all your questions about Purple Kush and other genetics.

Dark purp weed

Strain Name: Black Dragon

Grade: A

Type:100% Indica

Looks:mainly dark purple leaves; as well as lime green and orange hairs

Smell: a very sweet/strong “grapie” scent

Taste: same as smell. more of a sweet flavor w/a “grapie” after taste. One of the best tasting buds for me. due to good harvest.

Effects: Nice relaxing and long lasting effect. “Body high”. GREAT for ANY kind of pain, or discomfort

Potency: A high 9 out f 10.

Reviewed by: D_I_L

Good Strain For:sleeping/insomnia, relief of pain, and lighting you mood.

OG Darth Vader

Strain Name: O.G. Darth Vader

Grade: A

Genetics: Kush x Afghani backcrossed on the Kushmum.

Type: Indica Dominant

Looks: A very beautiful dark violet strain with dense bud. I’ve never seen a bud so dark purple. A really marvelous bud from the dark-side. The name comes from it’s dark color. There are some tightly packed orange hairs in there.

Smell: Has that “purple” smell with a slight sour scent, still sweet, but more sophisticated smelling. A smell I love to bask in.

Taste: Tastes a bit Skunky, has that Purple Kush taste. Pretty flavorful if you ask me, since it has that unique grape taste.

Effects: All the power of the dark-side, but this herb won’t leave you feeling like going to the dark side. It will have you smooth and relax, TV watching may become a bit hazy, but it truly is a journey one would want to explore. Let out those light-saber lighters, and take a good hit!

Potency: Highly Strong. Recommended for the fans of Skywalker.

Reviewed by: HighCrow

Good Strain For: pain blocker, body comfort and a pleasure to smoke, body stone, couch-lock, anxiety, appetite, insomnia, muscle pains, nausea, and a goodnight toke.

Purple Power

Strain Name: Purple Power

Grade: A

Type: Sativa

Looks: Dark Purple, almost black Nugs with dark green and orange hairs throughout. The nugs are fluffy and covered in crystals

Smell: sweet and fruity

Taste: The taste is flavorful with sweet and tangy on the exhale. If purple had a taste this would be it.

Effects: Dreamy effect last for a few hours them leaves your body with a mellow ending. Overall moderate high

Potency: 7/10

Reviewed by: Scully

Good Strain For: Best strain for WAKE AND BAKE

Gracie Slick

Strain Name: Gracie Slick

Grade: A

Type: Indica

Grown: Organic

Looks: Exotic looking! Colors remind me of Halloween. Rich dark purple with neon bright orange hairs. 10/10

Smell: When the jar is cracked it has a very skunk smell with a dash of purple. When it’s broken up it smells like skunky grapes. Smell is not as good as the taste. I don’t think this batch of gracie slick of cured properly because the smell is a bit off. 8/10

Taste: Has a very skunky, musty, earthy taste on the initial inhale. After the initial skunk taste, it transitions into a delicious crisp earthy grape flavor. Does not have the traditional “purple” taste. Absolutely delicious taste, even with the smell being a bit off! 9/10

Effects: Day or night time use. Excellent medicinal effects with a totally clear head. Very good for socializing without being in a haze. 10/10

Potency: Strong 8/10

Reviewed By: Volcanobis

Good For: Social anxiety, depression, relaxing, stress, anxiety, creativity, nausea, socializing, clear head

Notes: All 3 volcano bags tasted delicious, the flavor does not run out after one bag.


Strain Name: Moolah

Genetics: Og kush x Belladonna x Sensi star (Friends personal blend)

Grade: AA outdoor

Type: Indica dominate hybrid

Looks: Strong dark purple/green color many crystals 8/10

Smell: Smells piney, with a slight og kush (diesely smell)

Taste: Very heavy on the OG Kush taste. In fact its all OG Kush when it comes to the taste of this strain. If you have tasted real Og then you know.

Effects: Strong high lastin 1.5 to 2 hours

Potency: Very pleasing high, more one of those “At night” Herbs

Reviewed by: Tokentheaces

Dark purp weed Strain Name : Black Dragon Grade : A Type: 100% Indica Looks :mainly dark purple leaves; as well as lime green and orange hairs Smell : a very sweet/strong