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Definition of skunk

Definition of skunk (Entry 2 of 3)

Definition of Skunk (Entry 3 of 3)

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Synonyms for skunk

Synonyms: Noun

  • bastard,
  • beast,
  • bleeder
  • [ British ],
  • blighter
  • [ chiefly British ],
  • boor,
  • bounder,
  • bugger,
  • buzzard,
  • cad,
  • chuff,
  • churl,
  • clown,
  • creep,
  • cretin,
  • crud
  • [ slang ],
  • crumb
  • [ slang ],
  • cur,
  • dirtbag
  • [ slang ],
  • dog,
  • fink,
  • heel,
  • hound,
  • jerk,
  • joker,
  • louse,
  • lout,
  • pill,
  • rat,
  • rat fink,
  • reptile,
  • rotter,
  • schmuck
  • [ slang ],
  • scum,
  • scumbag
  • [ slang ],
  • scuzzball
  • [ slang ],
  • sleaze,
  • sleazebag
  • [ slang ],
  • sleazeball
  • [ slang ],
  • slime,
  • slimeball
  • [ slang ],
  • slob,
  • snake,
  • so-and-so,
  • sod
  • [ chiefly British ],
  • stinkard,
  • stinker,
  • swine,
  • toad,
  • varmint,
  • vermin

Synonyms: Verb

  • annihilate,
  • blow away,
  • bomb,
  • bury,
  • clobber,
  • cream,
  • drub,
  • dust,
  • flatten,
  • paste,
  • rout,
  • shellac,
  • skin,
  • smoke
  • [ slang ],
  • smother,
  • snow under,
  • thrash,
  • trim,
  • tromp,
  • trounce,
  • wallop,
  • wax
  • [ slang ],
  • whip,
  • whomp,
  • whop
  • ( or whap ) ,
  • whup

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Examples of skunk in a Sentence

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First Known Use of skunk

1634, in the meaning defined at sense 1a

1843, in the meaning defined at sense 1a

History and Etymology for skunk

earlier squuncke, from a Massachusett reflex of Algonquian *šeka·kwa, from šek- urinate + -a·kw fox, fox-like animal

Skunk definition is – any of various common omnivorous black-and-white New World mammals (especially genus Mephitis) of the weasel family that have a pair of perineal glands from which a secretion of pungent and offensive odor is ejected. How to use skunk in a sentence.

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