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At Discreet Seeds we aim to supply the finest and freshest seeds from the world’s most reputable cannabis breeders. We do so at the most competitive prices. We highly respect our customer’s security and privacy, and ensuring this is not compromised is a priority for us.

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Discreet Seeds is listed as “green” at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely can recommend this seedbank.

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guest United Kingdom, September 2020

Absolute first class #1

guest United Kingdom, September 2020

Great seedbank, I am a sucker for good reviewed companies and this has 5 stars on Trustpilot as well as awesome customer service.
I used to use their sister company but when they moved out of the UK there was only one bank left for me.
Thanks Discreet :-)

guest United Kingdom, September 2020

First order with this seedbank, very fast and discreet, all in original breeder packs and I got double free seeds for paying by bank transfer plus lots of extra goodies, everything popped so will definitely be going back for more

guest United States, May 2020

First order here , will use again. Prices in line with others . Quick delivery even during vivid.

guest Australia, February 2020

Seems to be operating out of the old Herbies UK address

420londontown United Kingdom, February 2020

i paid by debit card – seeds always come really quick and in packaging, very responsive to emails
never had a problem 🙂

guest United States, February 2020

best bank ever get seeds discreetly in about 6 days from london to west coast us, massively reccommend these guys are so sweet caring and professional, i reccomend bit coin , works really well. have gotten 8 carts from these guys any any any issues contact them at discreet support they will bend over backwards to love you and make you happy! go discreet seeds!

get your seeds here, professional presicion , huge selection, free seeds each order, email replies from support in one hour or less.. these guys are so good, got so many carts fast from them nevr had an issue, its the only seed bank i use and you can buy seeds 1 per strain or 100 packs. they love me they take care of me and i will keep coming back because the customer service is sincere and consistant.

guest United Kingdom, July 2019

Didnt have the item I ordered in stock but we worked it out and it was all good in the end

oldtimer United States, October 2018

Ordered Durban Poison Auto. Cant wait to start growing. Service was great. Speed was awesome. Super stealth shipping. Will use again.

guest United States, September 2018

3rd party re-seller of various seed banks. The cool thing about this place, they sell cheap single seeds and they take Bitcoin.

smk54 United States, November 2017

Good selection. Good packaging. Nice freebies. Very Happy. Highly recommend!!

guest United States, September 2017

I ordered 6 different single seed varieties, 3 were in individually marked small bags, the other 3 were from Dinafem, Pyramid, and VIP and they were in individual breeders packs. Quality free seeds from Dinafem were included. Service was fast and there was no holdup in customs. Ill use Discreet again.

guest Germany, June 2017

Everything went perfectly fine. Fast processing and shipping. Friendly and
helpful customer service!

guest United States, April 2017

Gets the order out within 48 hours. Easy to use website. No longer able to take credit card.

guest France, April 2017

guest United States, March 2017

Prompt shipping after payment was received. Nice selection online. Nice website. Very pleased with freebies. WILL order again.

guest United States, November 2016

Delivered fast and discreet with nice crush-proofing. Good contact/confirmation level. Prices a bit above average, but may be worth it for peace of mind.

guest United States, November 2016

I ordered three strains and got seeds in breeder packs (the strains that were 1-2 seeds were in seperate bags). Only 5 days from order they arrived in my mailbox. Discreet shipping and no problems. Got exactly what I paid for and lots of freebies.

guest United Kingdom, October 2016

2nd time purchasing. Ordered beginning of September, order came really quickly, already started some beans and looking top notch! Would recommend

guest Italy, August 2016

None of the buied seeds germinate only free seeds are ok,( however i buied only 2 seeds)

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Discreet Seeds Seedbank Review At Discreet Seeds we aim to supply the finest and freshest seeds from the world’s most reputable cannabis breeders. We do so at the most competitive prices. We

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Write a review

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When I received my order unfortunately…

When I received my order unfortunately there was some damage to part of it. The response from discreet was fantastic, they replied to my email very quickly and sent out a replacement straight away. good service as always.

5 years 20 orders from ds

5 years 20 orders from ds, all perfect, comes to us in a week, i recomend bitcoin, cheers, love these guys very dedicated and caring

Your words mean so much to us , thanks 🙂

Have a great festive period and best wishes

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