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How To Dry Your Fresh Cannabis Buds Quickly

Published : May 12, 2018
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All that time watching your baby plant grow has finally paid off. You now have many grams of weed ready to smoke—but wait. it’s still too humid. Well, wait no more, we have the solution for you!

So, your current stash just ran out, but you have a rack full of freshly cut buds. This is a situation a lot of growers come across: they’ll smoke the last harvest before the new one comes around.

Do not worry. Today, we’ll be going through some methods you can use to smoke your bud either immediately after you harvest, or just a few hours later. All these solutions are very effective, but won’t come highly recommended from most sources. If you want to get the best quality out of your smoke, you should allow your nugs to dry and cure for a few weeks. But in case you don’t have the time, let’s dive into the first method.


We’ve found a couple of different procedures to go about this method, so we’ll be giving you the one we found to be the safest and least risky. But feel free to explore the web for a quicker solution.

All you’ll need is a plate and a paper towel, besides the obvious weed and microwave. Grind your bud to desired size and place it on the plate. Spread this out to occupy as much surface area as you can. You want the thinnest layer of bud possible. Then, place a dry paper towel on top of your bud, covering all of it. Set your microwave to about 30% of its highest power and leave the plate there for about 10 seconds.

When this is done, remove your plate and stir the weed. Check to see if it’s dry enough. If not, replace the paper towel and repeat the process until you feel satisfied.


This is probably the easiest and most convenient method. There is nothing different that you have to do other than your normal routine. Just insert your fresh herb into your vaporizer and you’re good to go.

Vaporizers don’t burn plant matter, so the extra humidity won’t be too much of a problem. This method only extracts the cannabinoids in your herb. Experiment with the settings if you have the option to. Try with a lower temperature at first; the lower the temperature, the less water vapour you’ll be smoking.

If you want easy results, this is the method for you. On the other hand, it might be the method that wastes the most weed. Leave it in there for too long and the THC in your buds will start to degrade. Furthermore, if the temperature is too high, you can burn your stash and ruin the whole experience. Be sure only to use this method for herb you’re about to smoke. Storing decarboxylated cannabis for long periods is a bad idea.

Taking all of this into consideration, set your oven to a maximum temperature of 60ºC. Anything higher than this will burn your THC and resin glands, rendering your stash far less potent and enjoyable. Leave your bud in there for 10 minutes, then take it out. Allow it to cool for about 5 minutes, stir, and repeat the process if you feel there is still too much moisture in the buds.


For this one, you’ll need to know what kind of light bulb and lamp you have. Try to find one in your house where this information is disclosed on the bulb itself. You DON’T want a bulb with an output higher than 40 watts. That will burn your bud and delicious trichomes.

Once you have selected your lamp and bulb of choice, loosely place a sheet of tin foil on top of the lampshade so that the light hits it from below. Once this is done, simply place your weed on the foil and turn the light on. Stir every 5 minutes or so until you feel satisfied with the results. The number of times you’ll have to do this will vary a lot depending on your weed, light bulb, and lampshade.


You’ve been throwing away silica gel packs since you can remember, right? Well, from now on, keep them stored for the future. Anywhere between 5 to 10 should be enough. This technique might take you a few hours, but it sure won’t burn your weed or waste any of your cannabinoids.

Fill a small jar with as many silica packs you can. Then, grind your bud with your hands and place it inside the jar with the silica packs. Ideally, you want this mixture of weed and silica to fill the whole jar. So, either look for a small jar or more packs. This will take longer than the other methods, but it won’t take more than a single afternoon. Check the moisture of the herb every hour or so until you feel satisfied.


Independently of how well these methods work, nothing beats patience. Whether in terms of cannabinoids or terpenes, you’ll be losing quality in one aspect or another. There is a reason why with all of today’s technological advancements, growers still let their buds dry on a rack and cure in a jar. It’s the best way.

And obviously, nothing beats the sweet feeling of waiting a few weeks and achieving the perfect balance of flavours and cannabinoids that Mary Jane has to offer. Go out and try these techniques for yourself; even though they aren’t the best methods, sometimes they’re just what you need in a pinch. Good luck!

Ever wondered if you could smoke weed straight from the plant? Well, with these methods, you can! Read on to find out how!

Drying your cannabis fast

Wondering how to dry weed fast? There’s a lot of tools around the house that you can use for this task. Brown bags from the grocery store are one way to dry buds quickly. While it may not be the fastest way to dry weed, it’ll work in a pinch. This is not going to provide a wonderful aromatic bud for your enjoyment, but it will work. Put your buds in the bag, after 3 to 4 days remove the buds. Prepare an area where the fan from your computer blows out the air. Find those vents and place your buds on a paper towel in front of the fan. Rotate the buds every 10 minutes. You may have to wait up to an hour to obtain the dryness you want. You will now have quick cure marijuana that is smoke-able but could be harsh and not the best flavor or potency, but it may do in a pinch.

Outdoor ganja growers have for years found a rock to dry the herb. Putting your herb in a paper bag in a secure place facing the sun will do the trick. Make sure to secure the bag on the rock. This will, however, affect the taste and degrade the quality. You are also dependent on the weather. The time frame may take a couple of days, so pray for no rain.

Around the house drying methods

Oven drying cannabis, this is a sure way of wasting your bud. This method is too hot and you will destroy the cannabinoids, you will have cooked your bud. The buds will now appear dry and crispy and will give you no effective high feeling.

Perhaps you would like to try microwaving the bud to dryness. You could use your microwave as a kind of marijuana heater, you will be steaming the bud by using the microwave. Place your bud in a paper towel within the container, close the lid then microwave at 40% for 1 minute. You will now remove from the microwave, open the lid to release the steam. You should be able to keep a better part of the potency and taste using this fast method as compared to other methods of quick dry.

Desperate times, desperate measures

The vents under the couch can be a method for quick drying marijuana. This will entail leaving your herb on a shallow plate or ashtray on top of the vent. Presumably, it is winter, and you can pump up the heat to over 85 degrees F. By morning the under the couch drying method should have produced your morning wake-n-bake. This method can be used if the summer season is here, you will just use the air-conditioner for the same purpose. Make sure that the vent will be blowing cold air all night. Circulating the air on and around the herb is necessary.

Care should be taken in providing the best humidity for drying cannabis. Too much can produce mold within the buds. I think it is important to be careful with the amount of heat that you are using to quickly dry your marijuana. Too much and you will end up with useless burnt plant material. The key to achieving quality tasting and potency of the bud is not in the fast-drying methods mentioned. Patience and time are needed on your side, and the reward will be great tasting looking and potency that you have been waiting for.

Wondering how to dry weed fast? There’s a lot of tools around the house that you can use. Brown bags from the grocery store are a way to dry buds quickly.