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Dutch Dwarf

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Dutch Dwarf is genetically comparable to DutchFem Autoflower. So then we wanted a strain which has a bit more character so we crossed her with a Skunk male to make an authentic strain.

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Dutch Dwarf stays fairly small and is harvest-ready in about eight to nine weeks after germinating. Because she won’t grow very tall she is perfect to grow in small cupboards or small tents or closets. We’ve even had customers who grew her in an old PC case! Outside it will definitely take a bit longer before she is ready to harvest, so be ready to cut those beautiful sticky buds in twelve weeks or so.

Dutch Dwarf is probably the smallest autoflower available on the market. The yield will probably be a bit less than with other autoflower strains, but you can grow her on the tiniest places. Indoor she will grow up to 40 or maximum 70 cm (1’3-2’3 feet). Outdoor she’ll be about 60 – 100 cm (2-3 feet.) You can harvest up to 150-200 gr/m² indoor and outdoors, depending on the climate, about 30 – 70 gram per plant.

If you don’t have a lot of space and for all beginning growers this is the perfect solution. She’s small, she’s quick and still has a good result. The high is social, mild and relaxed. She won’t give you the ‘couch-lock’ so you are still able to visit your granny and she won’t notice it ;-).

Buy Dutch Dwarf Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds – Fast and Discrete shipping – Dutch Dwarf is the smallest autoflower available on the market.

Royal Dwarf


By combining potent Skunk genetics with a ruderalis variety, the hardiest, most compact strain known as Royal Dwarf churns out impressive yields for a plant of its stature. Reaching only 40–60cm in height, this feminized autoflowering variety isn’t only fast-flowering and the ideal size for a discreet guerilla grow, her intense aroma will remind you of the potency contained within her buds.

Fast, Compact, and Efficient

Who needs a bonsai plant when you can crop a miniature cannabis tree that will have you surfing the cosmos? The plant’s tight buds and resistant nature are further heightened by its brief life cycle, which completes in 9–10 weeks from seed to harvest.

By the end of the flowering phase, resin-covered flowers will impress the cultivator who didn’t believe autoflowering strains could really deliver. Royal Dwarf produces decent yields of up to 80g/plant outside, and up to a very respectable 200g/m² under ideal indoor conditions.

A Stimulating and Cerebral Daytime Smoke

Being a indica-dominant cultivar, Royal Dwarf encourages social, uplifting highs; yet the experience is rounded out with a relaxing, soothing effect that brings out the best from the Skunk genetics. You can’t grow wrong with a low-profile strain that has been hybridised to perfection by the expert team at Royal Queen Seeds. Start your cultivation exploration today and find out all there is to know about Royal Dwarf!

Royal Dwarf data sheet

Strain Type: Autoflowering
THC: 13%
CBD: Low
Yield Indoor : 150 – 200 gr/m2
Yield Outdoor: 30 – 80 gr/plant
Height Indoor: 40 – 70 cm
Height Outdoor: 50 – 90 cm
Flowering time: 6 – 7 weeks
Harvest Month: 9 – 10 weeks after sprouting
Genetic Background: Skunk x Ruderalis
Type: Sativa 10% Indica 60% Ruderalis 30%
Effect: A motivating and inspiring feeling
Climate: Cold
Flavor: Citrus, Sweet

Title : Perfette
Comment : Piantati 3 semi sul vaso finale, nate tutte e 3. Purtroppo L’hummus mischiato nel substrato era di scarsa qualità ed ha rilasciato una notevole quantità di muffa uccidendo 2 piante. La 3 invece ha superato miracolosamente la botta e sta facendo il suo corso! 🙂

Title : Small but fast
Comment : Great store with great things.

Title : Belle graine
Comment : Toptoptop

Title : Resistant strain & thx for the gifts
Comment : I bought this strain cause it’s resistant to cold and i wanted to plant outdoors on winter. My light time is very restricted and on winter more it is. But they holded really fine and even turned purple with the cold haha. Altough the short light time, I got the enough for 1 and half month of self-consume with only 2 plants. The delivery was fast safe for the seeds as always and with 15€ I got the seeds, a grinder, really cool stickers and posters and a powerbank wich is very usefull. Thancks

Title : Piantine molto restenti
Comment : piantata da una settimana germinati 3 su 3 e uno di questi semi ha subito anche un trapianto maldestro da germinazione in cotone a terra quando era ancora minuscola. sembrava morta, ma invece s’è ripresa!! Vediamo il raccolto, per ora tutto benissimo!

Title : So far so good
Comment : Its my first attempt situazione auto, so in a newby also by indoor growth. All 4 seda germinated but one remained so small that i had to eliminate. In 2 weeks 15 cm high, it begins ti smell a bit of lemmon. In quite satisfied so far, 20 Hours light with per lamps and 4 hrs darkness. Ad first time with auto i am so far happy. I sull’ wait till flowers ti boost with some fertilising. Shipping kind of slow (10 days) but home it was worth it. thank you RQS

Title : Great plant, success!
Comment : Kept this really compact, ended up about 30cm tall due to training, got 54g off of her! Took about 11 weeks in total from seed to harvest.

Title : Great and fun strain
Comment : Got it in the mail a few days ago, second time growing it, first time was awesome.

Title : andre
Comment : la taille réduite est un +!

Title : Nice and strong for now
Comment : Delivery was super in time as always. Planted the Royal Dwarf Automatic alongside a Hulkberry Kush and the Dwarf is sprouting up fast and strong, more than the Kush. Let’s see!

Title : looks nice
Comment : w8ing for results got only 3 weeks now

Title : Top Product
Comment : it grows bushy healthy and perfect. Thanks RQS for blazing fast delivery and services

Title : Ótima para o inverno!
Comment : Para quem planta outdoor em Portugal, esta espécie é ótima escolha para o inverno!

Title : Tiny plant, amazing taste
Comment : Little, strong, amazing plant, perfect for little growbox. it’s a must for me

Title : Looks good
Comment : I ordered 3 seeds and started my growth only with 2 of them . Only one seeds germinated and the plant looks healthy and strong so far .I ordered this strain due to low THC and easy smoke during the day. I hope I will take good care of her . Thank you RQS for the extra seed . 👌

Royal Dwarf is a compact cannabis strain with incredible Skunk genetics. Like most Skunks, this strain has a strong aroma that induces a full body relaxation.