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can someone school me on the earthbox


Im definitely not an expert, but I am just finishing up my first MMMJ Grow in 3 earthboxes (2 plants each – 6 total 1 600W HPS approx 12 S.F. I have another one going in my 2nd flower room as of right now at like 23 days in as well. with 9 other plants in standard pots.

The first water I water right through the soil until water comes out of the over fill hole (As well as any time I flush – I set up my earthboxes to have a little drain system that I can control – But with the new style I haven’t designed a easy to use drain so I have to flush it into my sump crock :(.

Anytime I water/feed normally though I water until I get a some run off out of my drain system right through the watering tube it came with (I filled the resovoirs up with Perlite – I will try without on the next run – should have tested one without perlite and put a airstone in there – This is the plan for next run in earth boxes. if there is another one) I must say though the plant that is 23 days into flower is in an earthbox by itself right next to 3 of the same clones in 7 gallon standard pots and the earthbox is freaking KILLLING em this time. but only one plant in the box by itself. Hope this info Helps FWIW


Sorry my answer was a bit confusing. I was using water and feed interchangeably.

The First time I feed/Water My plants I top drench the soil, and let it soak thru until the res is full and then it will begin to overfill, from that point on I feed/water as it was intended with the earthbox through the tube into the res. The plants basically dry out the res and soil before I place more water / feed through the res tube again.

When I flush my plants I water top drench them, and let the run off drain.

Lockout really hasn’t been a problem that I could tell to this point,

I have raised some monster veggies in earthboxes with much success as well using straight organic soil and basic feed.

Hello everyone. Im looking a getting a couple of these and got some questions in anyone can help. Like feeding.. do i just mix and add to the res?

Probiotic Earthbox Cannabis

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    Super into learning about Probiotic gardening these days. The Earthbox is an amazing tool for growing! Its a form of a SIP Sub Irrigated Planter.

    Probiotic growing in an Earthbox:

    ” GRO-KASHI Garden Dregs is a specialty fertilizer based on ancient fermentation. This is no ordinary soil amendment! GRO-KASHI Garden Dregs infuses life force back into the soil. Do not be alarmed! You may experience microbial growth which is natural and beneficial. “

    Probiotic grows amazing dank nugs with huge terp profiles !

    Thoughts & comments appreciated.

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