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Is Eden’s Herbals legit? See what feedback real customers share. Read honest critiques & experiences from buyers online! Eden’s Herbals CBD Oil Reviews By now you’ve probably heard quite a bit about CBD products, and may have even tried them for yourself. I know in my house we have tried a few different products Eden’s Herbals is a brand well-known for its affordable CBD products. The brand’s mission is to provide customers with high-quality CBD products at a low price.

Eden’s Herbals

CBD or Cannabidiol has been getting a lot of attention for its health benefits. Research states that it helps to quit smoking, clear up acne, manage post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and manage sclerosis. Aside from these, it is also beneficial to relieve pain and reduce anxiety.

It may be concerning to know that CBD comes from the hemp plant, a species of Cannabis, but understand that Hemp is unlike Marijuana. Marijuana’s production contains a prohibitive amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—the substance causing psychoactive effects. Contrary, Hemp contains high CBD and few amounts of THC. CBD calms and relaxes people that helps in various health concerns.

About Eden’s Herbals

Eden’s Herbals is a company providing CBD products. Their location is in Farmington, NH, USA. In terms of THC content, their tinctures are the only ones containing no more than .03% of THC. All products besides the tinctures are THC-free. The CBD offered is no less than 99% pure and no toxins found in pesticides or fertilizers. Eden’s Herbals provides a lab report for the claims the company states in their information.

Eden’s Herbals CBD is sourced in Colorado. Afterward, the CBD is tested in a hemp-testing facility by Botanacor Laboratories in Denver, Colorado. Tests are necessary since the Food and Drug Administration has not yet approved CBD to treat any illness. Customers should be knowledgeable regarding the risks anchored in CBD intake.

Eden’s Herbals has available customer support for queries and further information about their products. Customers may reach Eden’s Herbals via phone, email, and live chat on their website from 9 AM to 5 PM ET. Eden’s Herbals do not accommodate orders outside the United States of America. For shipping methods to available locations, the company implements discrete shipping options for its customers.

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Products and Services of Eden’s Herbals:

Eden’s herbals offer CBD in different options: gummies, tinctures, dog treats, isolate, topicals, and seed oil. CBD Gummies are dairy-free, gluten-free, and fat-free. It is the easier way of intaking CBD into your body. The Gummies contains 12 flavors, and customers may choose from three options; CBD Gummies 500mg, 1000mg, or 1200mg. For CBD Tinctures, it has four (4) varieties; 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000 MG bottles.

A powdered CBD isolate is available as well. Each gram of the isolate contains 99% pure CBD. It acts as an additive ingredient. For instance, mix it with coffee, tea, and cookies. Eden’s Herbals also offers CBD treats for dogs. The company claims that it aids in relieving pain for dogs with sickness, such as hips dysplasia. Nonetheless, customers must do their due diligence in researching and consulting with veterinarians if CBD is appropriate and safe to let their dog intake treats containing an amount of CBD. Other offered CBD products are body lotion, salve roll-on stick, and hempseed oil capsules.

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Compliments, Complaints and tips for Eden’s Herbals:

Have you ever purchased from the Eden’s Herbals website? We greatly encourage you to share your feedback and experiences on ReviewsBird.com. It makes Eden’s Herbals serve you better. One of the best ways to do this is to submit a customer review online. It is encouraged for you to be transparent in reviewing. Kindly include both the positive and negative aspects of your experience.

Eden’s Herbals CBD Oil Reviews

By now you’ve probably heard quite a bit about CBD products, and may have even tried them for yourself. I know in my house we have tried a few different products that contain CBD for various ailments. And I for one can attest that they do work – at least for my particular ailment I used it for it did work. I’m not a specialist or a professional of any sort on the subject and can’t offer anything other than my personal opinions as a user.

If you’ve been thinking about trying CBD for yourself now is a great time. One brand that offers a wide range of THC-Free CBD products is Eden’s Herbals. They offer high quality lab tested CBD products that are created right here in the USA. Their products are sold exclusively online, and are shipped free to all 50 states. They have a variety of products to choose from like CBD gummies, tinctures, dog treats, and lotions.

One of the most common concerns about using CBD products is the concern about psychoactive effects, so it’s important to note that Eden’s Herbals products do not contain TCH and will not produce any mind-altering effects. This is something you’ll want to always look for if you work for a company that does random drug testing.

When it comes to CBD tinctures, Eden’s Health has a variety of options to choose from. They have both regular and cinnamon flavors that come in sizes ranging from 1000 mg to 4000 mg. Products like these are a great way to help manage depression and anxiety by calming the nervous system. And it can also help other ailments like skin conditions and inflammation.

If you’d rather take an edible CBD product they also have them in a gummy form. They are fat-free, dairy free, gluten free, and THC free. I for one prefer these over tinctures because many times tinctures have an aftertaste I’m not fond of that I don’t find when I use the gummies. Eden’s Herbals has three options when it comes to their gummies. They have regular gummies in both 500 mg and 1000 mg options, as well as a sour apple flavored option in 1200 mg. The gummies are an affordable option that you can easily use at home or on the go. The gummies are easy to incorporate into your daily regimen since they can easily be added to a pill box with other medications.

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Another great way you can reap the benefits of CBD is thorough skincare products like body lotions and salves. Eden’s Herbals offers both of these products with 1000 mg of CBD. I for one love using these types of CBD products for centralized issues like muscle and joint pain. You can apply it directly to the place you need it most for the fastest relief. Their lotion is great for massaging into those sore areas while the stick is great for hard to reach places.

You can find additional information about these CBD products and more right on the Eden’s Herbals website. Be sure to use code “SMTILTON” during check out to receive 10% off your first order!

Eden’s Herbals CBD Review August 2022

Eden’s Herbals is a brand well-known for its affordable CBD products. The brand’s mission is to provide customers with high-quality CBD products at a low price.

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Company Analysis

Eden’s Herbals is a brand founded in 2018 and is based in Farmington, New Hampshire.

Eden’s Herbals buys large bulk quantities and keeps its overhead expenses low to provide high-quality products at a low price.

  • Light coconut or cinnamon
  • pineapple, cherry, grapefruit, strawberry, melon, orange, blue raspberry, lime, grape, apple, mango, and lemon.
  • Eve’s Sour Apple (1200mg)

Recommended for Optimizing Wellness

Eden’s Herbals products are formulated for people experiencing anxiety and depression.

Source of Hemp

The brand’s products are infused with hemp grown and processed in the United States.

Popular Products

Eden’s Herbals’ most popular products are the CBD Oil Tincture, CBD Gummies, CBD Body Lotion, and CBD Salve.

Types Sold

Eden’s Herbals sells both CBD isolate and broad-spectrum CBD.

Range of Products/Forms

The brand offers CBD in forms of gummies, tinctures, CBD isolates, pet products, and skincare products.

Extraction Method

Eden’s Herbals uses the CO 2 extraction method.

Lab Testing Transparency/Availability

Lab reports are available on the brand’s website.

CBD Concentration per Serving Range

Eden’s Herbals’ 30ml CBD Oil Tincture has a CBD concentration range of 1000mg/unit to 4000mg/unit.


The brand’s 30ml CBD Oil Tincture has a CBD potency range of 33.3mg/g to 133.3mg/g.

THC Range of Products %

Eden Herbals’ broad-spectrum CBD products have no detectable traces of THC.


The brand’s CBD oil tincture can be enjoyed in two flavors: light coconut or cinnamon.

Meanwhile, the 500mg and 1000mg CBD gummies feature flavors like pineapple, cherry, grapefruit, strawberry, melon, orange, blue raspberry, lime, grape, apple, mango, and lemon.

Eden’s Herbals also offers a 1200mg CBD Gummies in Eve’s Sour Apple flavor.

Tincture Carrier Oil

The brand uses keto-friendly coconut MCT oil as its carrier oil.

Price Range

The price of the products ranges from a wholesale price of $15 for 20 500mg CBD Gummies to $89 for the 30ml CBD Oil Tincture with a 4000mg of CBD concentration.

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Shipping and Delivery

Eden’s Herbals offers free shipping. It also ships orders in discreet packages.

First-class mail has three to five days of delivery time, while priority shipping has two to three days of delivery time.

Refund Policy

The brand has a seven-day time limit for customers requesting refunds. The buyer should email Eden’s Herbals immediately after receiving the product they intend to return.


The brand’s products are free from contaminants, like harmful chemicals, pesticides, or residual solvents.

Customer Service

The brand can be reached by calling 855-657-6766 or by sending an email to [email protected] . Coupon code is also available on the brand’s website.


Pros Cons
Provides a wide range of flavors to choose from There is only one lab result available on the brand’s website
Affordable product prices
Offers new affordable deals daily

Pros of Eden’s Herbals

  • The brand offers a wide range of flavors in its products.
  • Eden’s Herbals has affordable product prices, with the most expensive product sold at $89.
  • The brand also has Daily Deals that offer products at a discounted price.

Cons of Eden’s Herbals

  • The brand provides only one third-party lab report on their website.

Review of Eden’s Herbals CBD Oil Tincture

The brand’s CBD Oil Tincture comes in four CBD concentrations: 1000mg, 2000mg, 3000mg, and 4000mg. The CBD mixed with the product is derived from non-GMO industrial hemp.

For the CBD oil, the brand recommends a 1ml dosage. However, first-time users are encouraged to start with a few drops under the tongue to know how their body reacts before taking the full dosage.

The product is recommended for users who are experiencing anxiety and depression.

Research about CBD discovered that CBD could reduce anxiety. According to the study, CBD showed anxiolytic properties, which are present in drugs used to reduce the feeling of anxiousness [1] .

Review of Eden’s Herbals CBD Isolate

Eden’s Herbals’ 1000mg CBD Isolate is made up of pure CBD. It can be added to cookies, tea, coffee, or CBD oil to increase strength.

The CBD isolate is recommended for people experiencing stress, inflammation, anxiety, depression, nausea, and insomnia.

A 2018 research concluded that CBD has anxiolytic, antipsychotic, and neuroprotective properties. According to the research, CBD’s medicinal use showed promising results when used to help patients with anxiety and depression [2] .


Eden’s Herbals provides customers with affordable and high-quality CBD offerings. The brand’s Daily Deals provide customers with discounts on its products.

Eden’s Herbals also provides coupon codes that customers can use when they shop on the brand’s website. The customers only have to type in their coupon codes upon checkout to receive a discount.

However, customers should still read more about the brand because third-party lab results of the brand’s products are not available on its website. The brand currently has one lab report made public.

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