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Expert Seeds

Expert Seeds is the collective of growers are cultivating and selecting marijuana for many years. So it has decided to create its own company that will specialise in selective breeding of the worlds most famous strains.

Expert Seeds is the result of collaboration of breeders from different European contries. Thus the collection of this seedbank is based on wide and various experience mixed with love and passion for cannabis.

The main goal is a production of well-known top-quality cannabis genetics and improving THC and CBD levels, medicinal values, visual appearance, aroma, taste and potency of them.

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Expert Seeds

The buzz is pretty heavy, I smoke all day. But I could see most smokers preferring this as a nightcap strain. Heavy body high for me.

This strain grows quick, its strong, and the buds look beautiful.

Die Pflanze ist leicht gewachsen und hat quantitativ sowie qualitativ super abgeschnitten.

Sie macht einen schöne Breitheit die müde und entspannt macht und wie ich finde super zu Musik funktioniert.

Der Geruch ist zitronig und leicht erdig, genau so der Geschmack.

Leider sind die Fotos von der Ernte vom Handy verloren gegangen und somit gibt es nur noch Bud’s. Sry

By far the best phenotype, and best behaviour while growing it. Figures this is the one i didn’t clone. Looks frosty. Smells like others, so i can assume taste is similar. A little spicy-earthiness is expected. Still has a hint of chocolate smell early on as other seeds did. Always potent, so no worries there.

8 – personal preferences relating to taste / length of bloom. Potency is not a problem.

Smell – chocolatey now, but will be more flowery and fruity later.

Taste – Earthy, spicy, woody

Potency – Not one seed has been weak. This one looks as strong as the better ones i’ve germinated. A bit disappointed i did not clone it.

Looks pretty for a purpel-ish bud. Smokes well. Not the tastiest in my opinion. I’m not a big fan of the earthy/woody taste.

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