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Female Seeds

Female Seeds tries to provide customers top quality seeds. It became a huge success because of the low priced quality seeds concept. After harvesting, seeds are subjected to a strict test, which can guarantee that 99% of seeds gives rise to female plants when grown under the right circs.

The seeds are produced in a protective environment and are kept refrigerated and under controlled humidity for optimum freshness.

The seeds are packed in sealed seed packs coated with a special foil in which the seeds are not visible for protecting the seeds from destructive light. It preserves their pullulation’s ability as long as possible.

Cannabis seed bank information: grow journals, strain reviews, best growers, brand history. Female Seeds

Female Seeds Review

Female Seeds provide customers with top quality seeds. It became a huge success because of the low-priced quality seeds concept. After harvesting, seeds are subjected to a strict test, which can guarantee that 99% of seeds gives rise to female plants when grown under the right circumstances.

The seeds are produced in a protective environment and are kept refrigerated and under controlled humidity for optimum freshness.

The seeds are packed in sealed seed packs coated with a special foil in which the seeds are not visible for protecting the seeds from destructive light. It preserves their pullulation’s ability if possible.

Female Seeds entered the market in 2003. However, Ferry, the main breeder and founder, started making regular seeds during his study, as a source of extra income already in the late 80s. It soon became a massive seeds production business for cannabis seed banks throughout the 90s.

The experience gained through these years in massive regular seed production, along with his engineering background motivated him to investigate into how to produce 100% reliable female seeds. At the end of the 90’s the first female seeds came on the market. They were very popular, but also very unreliable.

It became a huge success because of the high quality at low prices concept.

In the early 2000’s Ferry and his team of breeders decided to start the first seed bank offering reliable, quality feminized cannabis seeds. They soon became so popular drive by the high quality at low prices concept.

At this time, many seed banks have entered the market with Feminised seeds.

Female Seeds are a huge favourite at Discount Cannabis Seeds with our cannabis customers and in this blog you will see why. I have some reviews of Female Seeds, strains, growing tips and photos of seeds bought and grown.

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Reviews of Female Seeds Seedbank by customers.

I would highly recommend this seed bank. Also they have the best stealthy packaging.

Perfect company and seeds. Always use these guys.

They all germinated quickly and are turning into lovely looking plants already. Highly recommend this company.

Last four years purchasing female seeds and cannot explain my happiness.
So do not think and work with female seeds.
They are the best!

You cannot go wrong buying Female Seeds because they are all 100% feminised. You will not get any male plants guaranteed.

They are some great reviews on Female Seeds so let us look at some strain reviews which are available to buy at Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Female Seeds Chem OG Cannabis Seeds.

Female Seeds Chem OG Cannabis Seeds is an indica dominant strain that based on the crossing between two outstanding genetics – OG Kush mother and Chemdawg father.

The plant develops a strong potent structure with sturdy stems, dense OG Kush-type buds and light-green leaves. The orange pistils and fat trichomes cover buds and provide amazing and attractive appearance.

The plant suits for different growing methods. It has a good reaction on stress training and overfeeding and it is ideal for ScrOG. It is recommended to keep a low humidity level at the end of blooming to prevent mould.

The harvest comes after 8-9 weeks of flowering and brings decent yields of about 500-600 gr/m2 of aromatic buds.

The smoke delivers an intense aroma mix of lemon, pine, earth and wood. The Chemdawg genetics adds sour and pungent notes of diesel. The effect is uplifting and relaxing. It is ideal to relieve stress.

this was a different smoke like a hazy Kush not much dawg taste more haze but the high was great a very strong relaxing high buds turned out great lost a cola to mould unfortunately as she stacks so tight buds were dense and formed well and was dripping in THC would recommend to both indica and haze fans as she taste like haze but the high is of an indica .

  • Smoke 8/10
  • High 9/10
  • Density 9/10
  • Growth 8 /10
  • Yield 8/10

Female Seeds Chem OG Cannabis Seeds was a typical full indica plant from the start. Sprouted strong came out real quick got its smart proteins at the start and grew pretty darn quick. Only got three weeks of veg in, took training well, then started smelling really citrussy like Indica’s do with that depth of smell if that makes sense.

Put out it is flower in the Christmas tress way plenty of side shoots even though I did not do much training. Smelled like lemons and gasoline at some point. Harvest came much quicker than I thought bottom of week 11 incredible effort by the Chem OG Cannabis Seeds, harvested at 30%.

Smoke is really potent but a bit harsh, if I had known to expect 11 weeks of growing I would have started my flush sooner or moved to additives but hey, it’s there but nothing a bit more curing won’t get rid of, plus there’s the extract to look forward to, look out for those diaries my friends, it’s going to be fun getting some tubes out.

Bag appeal is meh, should have probably protected it a bit better during the drying but what to do, nice and dark, browns really prominent, no one’s going to ever have to decide if they buy some or not so it’s fine.

Taste is out there though, Indica citrus woody flavours (which I have grown to like since the six shooter) and thick potent smoke. Nugs are crazy dense, I wish someone would touch it but I never share my weed lol maybe someone will puff one out one day in the grinder and I will update with their reaction. What can I say check the stats you tell me how dense it came out.

I grew this strain easily with no issues. I would recommend this strain for anyone looking for a great smoke in an easy to grow plant.

Female Seeds C99 (Cinderella 99) Cannabis Seeds

The Female Seeds C’99 Cannabis Seeds is a mostly sativa plant with amazing sweet taste. It is based on the Grapefruit and the Pineapple.

The plant looks like landrace sativa but has faster flowering of 7-8 weeks. It develops sugary central bud and tops. It is ideal for indoors and outdoors in warm, sunny, temperate climates. The height reaches to 80-100 cm.

The strain provides enjoyable, happy, extremely high and creative effect and brings energy. The smoke delivers fruity taste and aroma like a pineapple and grapefruit.

Wow! I’ve never considered myself to have a refined sense of anything. but the smell of sweet grapefruit from these C99’s is undeniable! They grew in a pattern I associate with sativa strains. long and willowy. Their smoke is pretty in line with that also, mellow but uplifting, not overwhelmingly long lasting, so a perfect daytime or early evening strain.
Female Seeds C99 Cannabis Seeds is an amazing sativa strain with amazing smell, taste and smell for me this plant takes first place. I never thought cannabis could have smell like Female Seeds C99, it is just magic. since it has a freshly chopped smell of pineapple, magic doubles if you smoke through a vaporizer, why do I need a tropical cocktail if I have Female Seeds C99, it’s really a golden grail, you can smoke C99 at least during the day, or night, not matter, Female Seeds C99 a medical sativa, as it contains enough CBD,

Never had such a sticky Harvest. Cinderella 99 is a lovely Strain. Easy to grow. And produces a good Amount on High Quality Flowers. Buds are dense and all over “sugar”.

Female Seeds C99 Cannabis Seeds came out pretty darn good despite the difficulties what I could keep had two phenos in it, one tropical-fruity and citrussy, one was woody and lemony. The plant itself was grown with three weeks’ veg, the seedling sprouted really quick, I had one seed with two seedlings in it, separated them at birth grew them both out, one was kind of runted though then it died like a couple weeks before the chop which came in record time.

The flowing produced wide stocky plants that made landrace/sativa flowers but we indica in smell and taste. Those trademarked elongated sugar leaves made the plants a sight to behold growing it. The smell(s) came quickly starting in veg almost. I experimented with inducing resin production by lowering the lights last few days of veg then raising and lowering them again 3/4 weeks before the chop. This make these chunky nugs , with loads of resin, bag appeal is decent with the contrasting greens and pistils. Came down at 30% amber the high is really stick you to the waves of the universe, tuned in so to speak.

I grew this hoping it would be like the C99 I had gotten in a shop. It is the same sweet taste of pineapple and grapefruit. After a week of curing, it smells wonderful. It is mostly sativa, so it wakes me up, but it is not an energetic high. It has a slow, dream like quality to it. Inhibitions go right out the window. It is visually and creatively stimulating. I find myself dancing randomly.

Growing her was a breeze. Topped and Scrooged. She never slowed down. She was a mutant, growing 4 nodes out of the topped 5th. She got heavy in the last few weeks and needed a lot of branch support. I harvested at day 63, to let her bulk up, but trichomes we are all milky at 56.

Female Seeds Auto Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds.

Female Seeds Auto NL Cannabis Seeds is an auto flowering version of the original Northern Light that was crossed with a ruderalis. This famous genetics has an exceptionally long history of selecting, changes and testing.

The strain has energetic growth and fast flowering of 11-12 weeks from germination. The harvest brings high yields of sugary buds coated with white crystals. The plant grows up to 40-80 cm in height and demonstrates great results both indoors and outdoors in different climate conditions. The strain is ideal for SOG.

The strain inherited the taste and aroma of the original Northern Light. The effect comes fast and brings strong indica high.

The grow was as simple as can be. No issues with the plant whatsoever. I perhaps would have left it for another week before harvesting but I am away, so it had to be now.
Female Seeds Auto NL Cannabis Seeds is the nicest smelling plant I have harvested it almost smells like lilt (the soft drink) it’s so fruity.
I am seriously looking forward to trying this strain once it has dried and cured.

All the buds on both plants were very frosty, just covered in trichomes. Not super aromatic growing or drying, but always had a wonderful pine scent whenever you took a sniff. They dried very dense and hard and they grind easily. The smell of the ground is just wonderful with a strong mint mixed in with that earthy pine background. It takes me back to 90’s and camping all May long, smoking menthol cigarettes.

The high is nice, in a word I would say. happy. I would probably put this one in the hybrid category. I like it best after supper or anytime you just want to hit the recliner and relax or relieve some stress. The body stone is very relaxing, though I would not use this as my sleepy time smoke. The effect is uplifting, and it can very quickly strip away any stress the day has brought and leaves you. well, happy.

Beautiful reddish-purple colour. Smell is sweet with a nice kushy aroma, and it taste almost as good as I think Bubba Kush does. Got a clone going from her, I will be glad for a second round. This plant also put up with me learning a lot too, so I would highly recommend it.

I am extremely happy with the end results with this plant. Great cannabis for anxiety, stress, and to help with sleep. Really a classic indica feel and a very heavy stone. Still good for creative and daytime use but recommended for night-time use. Buds are dense, sticky, and covered in trichomes. I would guess that it has a bit of CBD content because of the look of buds and feel of stone. Great medicine and this are the kind of strain you can smoke regularly and not get tired of it. Good smoke and colour too!

Genuinely nice little plant, it grew fast, and regularly, super rich smell and taste, first fruity and then quite dank, almost diesel. Really relaxed with a nice buzz in the head. Easy before to sleep, but not right before going to bed.

Female Seeds Auto White Widow x Big Bud Cannabis Seeds.

Female Seeds Auto White Widow x Big Bud Cannabis Seeds is a feminised auto flowering version of the outstanding cross between White Widow and Big Bud. This is an indica dominant strain with strong smell and very narcotic high.

The plant has fast flowering that takes only 10 weeks from seedlings. It develops huge buds that cover whole plant. The structure is quite compact, and the plant grows up to 80-90 cm tall. It is suitable both for indoors and outdoors.

The smoke brings sweet taste with skunk notes and typical indica effect with deep relaxation. The strain inherited White Widow’s body stone high.

It was extremely easy to grow strain. has strong and long branches so it does not require a lot of lolloping if spread out nicely. a quality auto flower strain that has a smell of real parent (big bud).

I really enjoyed growing this strain! Very vigorous growth right from the start and began flowering on day 22. I let her grow naturally with no topping or training and I was pleased with the shape/structure. I defoliated a bunch through flowering, and she did not seem to slow down at all. Harvested at 64 days. Thick leaves which are great for disease resistance.

Strong cheese/diesel smell. Just cut them today, so I will post weight and smoke next week. Really big yielder though. So much so that I just did not harvest the smaller buds. These are big, dense buds on this beauty. These were easy to grow. If you want a good yield, then look at this strain!

Female Seeds Auto Bubble Cannabis Seeds.

Female Seeds Auto Bubble Cannabis Seeds is a feminised strain with amazing sweet flavours. This is an auto flowering version of the original Bubble Gum that was created by growers from USA. This indica/sativa hybrid is the result of the crossing between a ruderalis and the Bubble Gum.

The strain demonstrates energetic growth and fast flowering. The time from germination to harvest takes only 10 weeks. The plant is exceedingly small. It grows up only to 40-60 cm that makes it ideal for small spaces. The harvest brings good yields of resinous sweet buds.

The smoke provides intense taste with notes of bubble gum and soft relaxing high.

Super easy to grow smell is so sweet. Perfect smoke, a night-time strain with extreme munchies.

Lovely sweet flavours and nice aromas that will only get better with time. This stuff gets that classic skunky weed smell when jarred up. Once you grind it, a nice fruity smell will come out. The high is one of happiness and relaxation. More sativa, but the effects later turn into a couch lock. But not too heavy, if that makes sense. Love smoking it, just wish I had grown more.

Nice indica effects from this plant. This strain is one of my favourites. Love the taste of this thing. Nice sweet taste to it, no earthiness that I usually find with auto flowers. I have smoked too much of this on occasion and it is a deep body stone, but also a giggly one. Makes you laugh at inappropriate things. I did not grow this one as well as the last one, so the yield is way off what it should have been. I would recommend trying it.

Nice sweet tasting buds. Tastes fruity, like berries. The flavour does linger as well. I am almost thinking I am catching a slight whiff of bubble gum when I am grinding this up, but it is hard to tell with all the other smells. Very relaxing high that will not knock you out. It is strong, but not overwhelming. Does induce hunger as well.

Female Seeds Grapefruit Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

This is a mostly sativa plant with short blooming. The Female Seeds Grapefruit Cannabis Seeds is based on the crossing between Cindy 99 cannabis and fast flowering sativa. The plant demonstrates great stability. It is an extremely popular variety due its properties and pleasant flavours.

The flowering cycle takes only 8 weeks. The Grapefruit is a semi-auto flowering variety. It blooms even with a light schedule of 24 hours of low light. The plant is easy to grow. It brings great yields and suits for outdoors.

The smoke provides amazing aroma of grapefruit and pineapple and pleasant feeling of happiness. This is the excellent choice for lovers of sweet taste.

Female Seeds Grapefruit Cannabis Seeds is just awesome strain, it is amazing! all along the line. Amazing sativa with an amazing smell of tropical fruits, the smell of grapefruit stands out strongly. If you smoke through the vaporizer, it feels like you are drinking a tropical cocktail, have a very long aftertaste of citrus. I smoked it with Crater420 vaporizer.
The effect of this strain is very strong and sativa, I really liked it, because it reminded me of an old school Thai sativa.
It was a growing test with short vegetative periods, I really liked so this year the first I will grow grapefruit and c99 trees with Mars hydro TSW200.

he high and the aroma are the best parts it is an energetic smoke very cerebral and the smell is just rank grapefruit simply put. Decent yield I should have given more time to recover from training before flip. Nugs are dense and taste fantastic. I have a head stash of this right next to my bed it is a solid wakeup call just to open the jar for a minute. Highly recommend.

Female Seeds Auto Speed Bud Cannabis Seeds.

Female Seeds Auto Speed Bud Cannabis Seeds is one of the fastest strains in the Female Seeds collection. This is indica/sativa hybrid with compact size and high yielding.

The plant is small sized. It reaches only to 40-80 cm tall. Despite of this fact the strain brings good yields of resinous buds and has a high flower to leaf ratio. The time from germination to harvest takes only 8 weeks. The plant is easy to grow both for beginners and experienced growers. It suits for cultivation indoors, in greenhouses, on balconies or outdoors if it is not too cold.

The Female Seeds Auto Speed Bud Cannabis Seeds produces moderate stone high and soft pleasant flavours with diesel notes.

Just chopped the rest of the plant at day 70. Beautiful big, dense buds with purple tones. This was an easy and fast grower. Yield looks to be particularly good considering I had taken about an ounce from the middle to help with humidity during the heatwave. I will give this a nice cure then come back with a smoke report. Definitely growing again for sure.

Best auto yield to date (never thought I would see a day when auto yields more

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Female Seeds provide customers with top quality seeds. It became a huge success because of the low-priced quality seeds concept.