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Fire OG


The origins Fire OG genetics are a cross of the original OG Kush with another OG Kush variant from the San Fernando Valley in California in the early 1990s. What OG stands for is a bit of a mystery. Some say ‘original gangsta’, others ‘ocean grown’, and a third body of opinion claims ‘organically grown’. This strain combines Sativa and Indica genetics, with the Indica genetics slightly to the fore.

The Fire OG strain burns with a pungent yet sweet smell that’s reminiscent of top quality black hash. The taste comes as a bit of a surprise after the aroma, since it’s got strong lemon and pine notes. The hit is powerful, and inexperienced smokers in particular may find themselves couchlocked. The more experienced smoker will relish the heavy body hit combined with a vivid cerebral buzz. Medically, this strain is recommended for stress, muscular pain and poor appetite.

The plants grow to a medium height with light green leaves. The heavy, dense buds are covered in glittering crystals and red hairs which explain the ‘fire’ in the name. THC content has been measured in the lab at between 15 and 20%.

Growers in northern Europe will find Fire OG genetics are suited to indoor growing, although if you’re somewhere with a Mediterranean climate it will thrive outdoors. Flowering time is from nine to 10 weeks. Let it flower for the full 10 weeks to produce top quality resinous buds. Harvest time is mid- to late-October and yields are in the medium range.

The Fire OG strain requires some gardening skills to release its full potential, so beginners are best to try another strain. For those with the know-how and patience, this strain produces a highly potent crop with outstanding effects.

In depth review of Fire OG, an indica dominant weed strain with a potent body stone and vivid head high that will leave experienced smokers spellbound.

Fire & Water monstercropping

This is some decent average smoke. It does the job. The downfall is all the pistils everywhere kinda take away from the flavor of the buds. This is the risk you take when you grow a strain that has not been bred by a reputable breeder.

Works like a charm. Runs stable. Doesnt get more simple than maxi

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