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MUAY THAI SuperAuto by Flash Seeds

Auto Warrior

This is a top shelf strain.

Here is the catalog description:

Pick n Mix Flash Muay Thai SuperAuto Autoflowering Feminised Seeds
After several trips to Thaliand in order to find the best typical strains of this beautiful country, Flash Seeds come back with very good quality seeds of very potent varieties thread like red and yellow. The yellow or gold thread, are the most powerful of a physical and mental buzz energy with a super nice touch. This is a true champion for outdoor growing that will provide you a very potent strain, with that typical smell of Thai incense mixed with cherries and a touch of lemon. The buds are long, not too tight , covered in white resin and leaves are very thin. A pure pleasure to grow for those who truly seek powerful sativas.

Breeder: Flash Seeds
Variety: Mostly Sativa
Flowering Type: Autoflowering
Sex: Feminised
THC Content: 19%
CBD Content: 0.7%
Yield: 200 – 400 gr/plant
Plant Height: 150 – 300 cm
Grows: Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Flowering Time: 95 – 110 days
Taste / Flavour: Cherry, Lemon, Spicy / Herbal
Effect: Creative, Motivating, Psychedelic

Did it autoflower?: Yes, under 24 hr. light around day 20

Soil/hydro: Soiless mix in 3 gal fabric pot

Nutes: Seagrow all purpose 16-16-16 and Bloom 4-26-26, some Hula Bloom 0-50-30, silicates, Sugaree, some Hygrozyme, Great White mycos, Botanicare CalMag

Light (kind and schedule): LED panels from Mars-Hydro and Blackstar, 24hrs, later to 18/6 then 14/10.
Grown horizontally in a 2’x7’x4′ tent. It finished taking up about 2’x4.5′ of space, was very cramped.

From seed to harvest date: 111 days

Dry Yield: 240 grams of dry weed, also discarded around 15 grams.

High/Effect Duration: 2 hours, relaxing after effects.

BAG APPEAL: *** 3 stars. The buds maintain a lot of white pistils and have the look of being premie. Yet, they are big chunky and heavy. Not so much visually trichomed on the exterior — resin is inside.

THE GROWTH: ***** 5 stars. The plant was very tolerant of crowded conditions and took a lot of bending. Lanky grower, should be a tall plant with long branches. Pliable branches but longer internodal space is somewhat inconvenient–this plant needs a lot of space. Longer growth rewarded with very high yield. All the colas were 12″ – 15″ long. Underbuds were heavy as well even without much direct light. Nutrients were too N heavy for her, especially as she progressed in flowering, but still produced a lot of heavy buds, even in a 3 gal pot. Vigorous and forgiving, I know there’s a lot more to be had from her!

here’s some pics:

THE SMELL: **** I’m gonna go 4 stars. The plant had a nice incense aroma going into the harvest window, it produces skunky smells as well when rubbed but is not a stink-your-house plant, is fairly discreet. I went for later harvest for my preference, and the smell changed around day 109 to an autumn leaves smell, haze type aroma.

THE SMOKE: **** 4 stars. The smoke has a dry quality to it, is skunk-like. The lemon and cherry flavor notes are in there, the flavors are subtle. The smoke is not harsh on the lungs at all.

THE HIGH: ***** 5 big ones for sure. This is a great high, my favorite from the grow. Has a good motivating and creative aspect, good mental energy and also good body muscle relaxation for a primary sativa. Good potency, very good medical effect for me. Later harvest may have helped here. No racy side-effects, is great to smoke when tired as it refreshes the mind, but will not interfere with sleep when ready. Smoke it any time of day, it’s a complete remedy.

If you can deal with the height and size of this plant, she’s a very satisfying harvest

This is a top shelf strain. Here is the catalog description: Pick n Mix Flash Muay Thai SuperAuto Autoflowering Feminised Seeds After several trips to…

Flash Seeds

Flash Seeds is based in Spain and has a product line containing over 24 different types of marijuana seeds and strains..

Flash Seeds is the new quality seed bank located in Valencia Spain. The Flash cannabis seed breeders are exclusively professional with several years of experience in Auto flowering cannabis seeds. The breeder working for Flash Seeds is the owner of a very extraordinary and unique genpool. Flash Automatic Seeds are proud to provide our world with novel new Super Auto strains. By combining experience, knowledge and love for cultivation, and the desire for the best result he created Superauto.
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Flash Seeds is the new quality seed bank located in Valencia Spain. The Flash cannabis seed breeders are exclusively professional with several years of experience ..