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We provide a specialist CBD oil fulfilment service, with organic warehousing, full batch control and fast shipping. Learn about our services today. Learn how ShipBob supports ecommerce CBD businesses with fulfillment and inventory management with easy integration, transparent pricing, and more. Find out Where Can You Legally Ship CBD? How can you Ship CBD Oil? Learn the USPS guidelines on shipping CBD oil and packaging tips.

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Specialist fulfilment services for CBD brands

With growing interest in the health benefits of (cannabidiol), more and more retailers are beginning to sell CBD oil and other CBD-related products online. In this increasingly competitive market, it’s vital to build trust and loyalty with customers. And that’s where James and James Fulfilment comes in.

We provide order fulfilment services to leading supplement brands, which sell CBD oil products online. We store your hemp-derived CBD items – from oils to capsules, creams to gummies – in our fulfilment centres, then pick, pack and despatch online orders to your customers.

CBD Fulfillment by ShipBob

CBD is becoming known as the latest miracle drug, a cure-all for a whole host of maladies, from stress and anxiety to joint inflammation and skin problems. Worth half a billion dollars in 2018, the CBD market is projected to skyrocket to $16 billion in 2025.

It’s no surprise that ecommerce vendors are getting in on the frenzy. Though federally legal, the hazy state-by-state legal status of CBD has made online stores an especially valuable sales channel for CBD users.

Looking to get in on the CBD craze? With a 3PL like ShipBob, you can do so without having to worry about the tedious logistics of retail fulfillment. ShipBob has the infrastructure, technology, and industry expertise to keep fulfillment running smoothly, so you can focus on growing your business.

“Our fulfillment is on autopilot. ShipBob saves us so much effort, and the opportunity cost savings has been substantial. ShipBob’s platform is easy to use and navigate, the interface is intuitive, and the analytics are very clearly laid out. Today, our health and wellness brand sells three CBD products in the United States.”

Yannick Crespo, Co-Founder & President of Pot d’Huile

Fulfill your CBD orders with ShipBob

You probably didn’t get into the CBD business just to spend all your time packing boxes, and ecommerce fulfillment entails so much more than that. You have to organize your warehouse, manage your inventory, and find the best shipping rates for your customers, just to name a few things.

Outsourcing fulfillment takes these burdens off your hands. Furthermore, using multiple ShipBob fulfillment centers can actually lower your shipping costs by reducing the number of shipping zones a package must cross to reach its destination. ShipBob’s technology also automatically searches the top mail carriers to find the best rates.

With ShipBob, your CBD products will get into the hands of your customers faster and cheaper than ever.

ShipBob’s services for CBD sellers

Setting up fulfillment with ShipBob is easy: you simply connect your store to our platform and ship your products to a ShipBob fulfillment center. We handle everything from there: inventory management, picking, packing, shipping, and more.

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Renting warehouse space for your inventory is expensive, and then you have to keep your warehouse organized, clean, and secure. With ShipBob none of this is a concern: your products are organized and stored securely in our fulfillment centers.

Inventory management

Warehousing is only part of the challenge; keeping your inventory counts accurate and tracking inventory levels is another difficult aspect of fulfillment. ShipBob’s platform comes with built-in inventory management technology that lets you track inventory counts at each fulfillment center that your products are stored. You can also set reorder points and receive automatic notifications when your inventory levels are low and you can get the right reorder quantity.

Custom, branded packaging

There are no hidden packaging fees with ShipBob: standard materials are included in your ShipBob quote, or you can opt for branded-custom packaging from one of our unboxing partners.


When an order is placed at your store it’s forwarded to our closest fulfillment center to your customer, where our picking and packing teams prepare and ship the order, with tracking info sent to the customer.

ShipBob works with your website

ShipBob connects seamlessly to your ecommerce platform so there’s no need to jump back and forth between apps. Onboarding is simple, and our partner ecosystem covers every area of ecommerce, from packaging to marketing and tax tools.


Is your store hosted on BigCommerce? ShipBob’s software is integrated with BigCommerce’s platform, so you can easily automate order fulfillment with no coding required.


Shopify is the biggest ecommerce platform in the world, and now you can streamline Shopify fulfillment with ShipBob. Offer guaranteed 2-day shipping to your customers and manage your inventory with ease.


Scaling your WooCommerce business with ShipBob is a breeze. Our software integrates easily with WooCommerce’s platform, our technology finds the fastest, cheapest shipping, and you can manage orders and inventory from your ShipBob dashboard.

Happy ShipBob Customers

CBD company Nature’s Ultra experienced a surge in orders in 2018 with the beginning of the CBD boom. The logistics became too much to handle, so they started searching for a 3PL that could scale rapidly and optimize their shipping to provide an Amazon-like experience.

Eventually, they landed on ShipBob, which allowed them to offer 2-Day Express Shipping to 100% of their customers, saw a bump in sales conversions, and went on to achieve 9,900% growth year-over-year.

“With ShipBob, 100% of our orders are going out via 2-day shipping and we can ship to all 50 US states with ease. ShipBob has allowed us to scale up and become successful — we have gone from $70,000 in sales in 2018 to over $7 million in sales.”

Andrew Hardy, COO of Nature’s Ultra


Here are some frequently asked questions about selling CBD online.

Is CBD legal?

Hemp-derived CBD, which is any CBD that contains less than 0.3% THC, was federally legalized in the 2018 Farm Bill. However, state-by-state legality varies, and the FDA still prohibits the inclusion of CBD in food or drink.

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Is it legal to send CBD oil through the mail?

Yes, as long as the CBD contains less than 0.3% THC, then you can ship CBD through the mail.

Can I ship CBD?

Yes, CBD with THC levels below the 0.3% threshold can be shipped to all 50 states.

Which couriers allow CBD?

All mail couriers allow you to ship CBD with less than 0.3% THC.
ShipBob works with all the major shipping carriers and helps get your CBD products delivered to US customers safely. Get in touch with ShipBob today to learn more.

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CBD Shipping Policy | eCommerce Fulfillment

After the Hemp Farming Act or Farm Bill of 2018, it is now legal to ship CBD oil to different places. The Hemp Farming Act is still a little hazy for the eCommerce portals and farmers because the bill is a new one. Due to the many complexities of the Act, many online retailers of CBD oil refrain from taking full advantage of the Act’s provisions.

In this article, we talk about the many provisions of the CBD shipping policy so that CBD harvesters can expand their business through shipping. CBD oil is a very versatile product that has been used in many fields. It is an excellent product for use in pain-relieving. It is also great for anxiety reduction and stress relief. Therefore, there is an inherent demand for CBD oil. The suppliers and harvesters of CBD oil can take advantage of the demand now. CBD suppliers can not only sell the oil in local markets but ship it to different locations. For further information on CBD oil shipping policy, continue reading through the following sections.

Where Can You Legally Ship CBD? How can you Ship CBD Oil?

It is now entirely legal to ship CBD oil through the mail. It is completely legal to ship CBD oil to all 50 US States. However, the CBD oil shipped to the different states must have 0.3 percent THC or less. Moreover, the THC component of the product should come from Hemp extract and not from Cannabis. As a CBD oil harvester and retailer, you must know about all these regulations. Following these regulations helps the retailers in running a business that is compliant with US federal law. For an uninterrupted and profitable business, your CBD oil business must be legal according to federal law.

Using USPS Services To Ship CBD Oil

The USPS is a leading shipping provider of CBD oil. However, the USPS is compliant with US federal law and has many guidelines. If you choose USPS as your shipping partner, you need to stay within the guidelines. These guidelines are updated by the USPS regularly. The most recent update on shipping hemp-derived CBD oil was in 2019.

According to the 2019 guidelines, the retailer produces a self-certification document with his signature. This document is subject to the False statements Act. The statement should have the mailer’s letterhead. Furthermore, the statement should have the mailer’s signature. The information is like a declaration that verifies the documents provided in the process.

  • When it comes to industrial level hemp producers, they possess a specific license. This license has the issuance of the Department of Agriculture. This license includes documentation that verifies the identity of the producer. It also authorizes the producer to market the product through the mailer.
  • There are concentration regulations on the products that ensure the safety of the product. According to the guidelines, the CBD product should not have a THC content of more than 0.3 percent by dry weight of the product. This ensures that the product is for therapeutic and safe use.
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By adhering to the guidelines given by USPS, a retailer avoids any complications in the shipping process. The shipping process is pivotal to the business, and USPS guarantees excellent service and timing. The only requirement is strict adherence to the guidelines.

UPS Shipping For CBD Oil

Private shipping couriers are also able to ship CBD oil. Shipping companies like UPS can ship CBD oil to different USA states. The competitors of UPS like DHL and FedEx are also shipping CBD oil to US states. After the legalization of the CBD shipping process, retailers can choose shipping with UPS too. The federal regulation on the THC content, however, extends over UPS too.

How To Package And Ship CBD Oil

CBD oils need care and caution when shipping too. Here are a few points that ensure the correct shipping of CBD oil. Keep these in mind as a CBD oil producer and retailer.

  • Provide documentation– There are some documentations, as mentioned before, involved in the shipping process. As a certified retailer, you need to furnish the proper documents so that your shipment does not run into legal trouble.
  • Stick to the federal rules– Whether you choose a government shipping service or a private shipping service, it is always better to stick to the authorities. Go through the rules and regulations for CBD shipping. Check for any additional guidelines put forth by the shipping company. Follow the rules and regulations.
  • Choose the correct box– For shipping the CBD oil, documents are as necessary as the box in which you send it. Choose the right dimensions and find a container for the product. Package it securely and ship it with care.
  • Arrange Pick-up– Schedule your pick-up at a convenient time and from a suitable place. This ensures that the package is shipped in a fast manner.

There are two important aspects of shipping CBD oil. One is documents, and the other is shipping packages. If you ensure that all the requirements are fulfilled, your business can expand.

We at Simpl Fulfillment work with tons of CBD brands that sell a variety of products. We’re able to fulfill anything with less than .3% THC legally. We can ship anywhere in the continental US. eCommerce store owners involved in selling CBD products should keep these regulations in mind to ensure their farm and production operations comply with the law.

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