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breed by Vancouver Island Seed Company

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Basic / Breeders Info

Burmese is a sativa variety from Vanc. Island SC and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±63 days ) and outdoors . Vanc. Island SCs Burmese is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

Vanc. Island SCs Burmese Description

Easy to grow, easy to clone. Very stable, we’ve kept the pure Burmese since the early nineties as well, VISC has used Burmese to breed some of the best Hybrids around. Burmese took first place in the Toker`s Bowl 2000. Don`t keep Burmese in the veg. state too long or possible height problems as the elongation during the flowering transition is impressive. For Sea-of-Green flip to bud as soon as the clones have roots. The smell is wonderfully amazing and very aromatic. One of the taller plants in your garden, exceptional results from a Flowering time of 8-10 weeks but many growers harvest after only 7 weeks for that early cerebral high. Indoors experienced growers can expect 2 to 4 ounce yields in a 2 Gallon pot indoors.

Flowering Time: 8 – 10 weeks
Yield: 110 – 140 grams

Burmese Reviews

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Burmese breed by Vancouver Island Seed Company Here you can find all info about Burmese from Vancouver Island Seed Company . If you are searching for information about Burmese from Vancouver


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Asian sativa Landraces :
BURMESE Sativa Landrace . / I’ll try to find out what people say about this one and collect all in one place – here. Add some photos and that’s it. /
Not easy to find pure Burmese sativa cuz they are often crossed with Thai sativas ( or any other strain from golden triangle ) .
Grow tipical for all sativas . Color of leaves is lime green/light green . Aroma & taste is tropical limey-sweet citrus nose with floral undertones which can be result of crossing with some other strains from same area .
Some information about this strain is possible to find if you read about crosses with pure Burmese ” A landrace pure sativa, Grown by the Lahu hilltribe in northern Thailand and Burmese border areaThis tribe are from Tibet originally,they migrated through China and Burma over a three hundred years ago.Seeds are always collected from same source,a pure breeding strain grown for over 100 years in the mountain village they are collected from on Thai side of the border,one farmer crosses male to famale using many different plants and distributes the seeds to others.Grows at 2000 metres,and producing two crops a year.This is the same landrace type as used bye DJ short for his blueberry and flo crosses.I have never seen any herm traits in this line,even plants that are stressed and re-vegged for three seasons has not shown any herm traits.A great breeding tool,rooted cuttings can be flowered strait away a will produce a managable sized pure sativa at just under a meter tall,flowering photoperiod is best at 11 hours 30 mins for quicker bud set.These seeds are from 19.5 latitude.”
Some quotes from Sativafiend:
im living in north west thailand,about 100k from burmese border,i have large amount of landrace seeds.these include seeds from loas,thailand and burma.i have done some crooses with skunk#1 to create some nice sativa f1 now looking for excotic sativas to work with.The daylenth here never exceeds 13 and half hours dropping to 12 around december.the genetics here varie so much,they go from 15 foot tall large leafed dark green monsters ,to small delicate light green plants with many branches and a very sweet citrus taste.the loa genes are like old school thai strains(not been crossed)i think many thai plants have been crossed to increase yield. i have some burmese seed that grows very tall,with large leaves,this plant takes on purple pink hues when flowering,its very fast growing and cultivated by the burmese/thai border hilltribes for many years.
Smoke Report On Burmese Sativa :
It reminds me of the old school Thia sweet smell & is super fruity smelln’ while growing also. The skunk/dank aroma begins when i start trimming it & once dried/cured this is still 1 of the strongest smelling herbs i have ever smoked. Jars are a must. all jokes aside this 1 really will draw attention & cannot be put in a bag in pocket w/o a real risk. I have had 5 or 6 ‘Kind’ strains in a bucket & only an 1/8 of this Burm. pheno & even my buddies said all they could smell was the Burmese. The high comes on kinda slow but is more felt in the head & is definetly kinda trippy & has me just sitting thinking for hrs’ sometimes. A thinkn’ mans herb i suppose or a good one for creativie activities.
Seedbanks where you can find purest of Burmese sativa strains :
-B.C. bud depot is one I will recommend ( they reactiv. last year-i think ).
– Reeferman seeds
– Chimera – Fighting Buddha is strain with high % of burmese sativa genes.
– Barneys Farm – Uptown Girl
– Vancouver Island Seed Company – Burmese / not sure if they still work /
– Real Seed Company – they had pure burmese sativa..not sure if they still do .
And one of nowadays strains with high influence by burmese sativa genetics is ” Green Crack” strain.

* 2nd picture is probably cross between burmese & laos sativas..or typical landrace sativa from golden triangle .reason it’s hard to find pure Burmese sativa is cuz in that area all strains look similar and people event think it’s same sativa landrace with small differences . So , thai, laos or Burmese sativa landrace could be same strain with small variations which depend on region soil or altitude that particular plant was grown .

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Asian sativa Landraces : BURMESE Sativa Landrace . / I'll try to find out what people say about this one and collect all in one place – here. Add some…