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Giggle Till Your Cheeks Hurt: 5 Best Strains to Make You Laugh

There’s nothing like coming home after a long day and taking a rip off of a bowl of one of your favorite strains to make you laugh. But even better than that is getting to just the right state of elevation, where the giggles flow out of you in fits of happiness and the worries of the day just melt away.

Today we’ve gathered the 5 best strains to give you the giggles for those times when all you need is a good cheek-splitting grin to make your day a little bit better.

5 Best Strains to Make You Laugh

High Season’s Moscato: Ideal for Hangouts with Friends

Moscato, one of our newest strains,

Mango Kush (Hybrid): Perfect for the Couch and Comedy TV

Mango Kush is a classic hybrid that lives up to its name: the mango aroma and tropical flavor of this strain will satisfy all five of your senses.

The sativa effects will hit you first, enhancing your creativity and zinging you with euphoria. You’ll be in giggle-heaven once the indica finish begins–turn on your favorite comedy TV show and all of your worries will melt away.

White Widow (Hybrid): Amazing for Laughs with Friends

White Widow, named for its famous sticky white resin, is a world-famous hybrid that is great for gatherings with good friends or family.

Its stimulating and euphoric effects are perfect for combatting stress and social anxiety, allowing you to relax and initiate creative conversations. White Widow is perfect for any group activity.

Durban Poison (Sativa): Smile Till Your Cheeks Hurt

Durban Poison is a high-THC sativa strain that will have you grinning until your cheeks are sore.

With a sweet and piney flavor, this strain is delicious and incredibly stimulating. If there are any chores to be done or errands to be completed, Durban Poison will have you grinning through every moment. Be on the lookout for Moscato, our Durban Poison and Grandaddy Purp hybrid!

Purple Kush (Indica): Turn Your Anxiety into Joy

One of the most relaxing strains out there, Purple Kush is an indica that is known as a classic for its full-body relaxation and psychedelic mind effects.

This strain will turn any anxious day into a giggly and euphoric one, allowing you to turn your worries into pure joy.

Super Lemon Haze (Sativa): Energetic Euphoria

Super Lemon Haze is a cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, easily distinguished by its intensely lemony and citrusy scent. One hit off of this tasty strain will have you puckering your mouth with glee.

This sativa is perfect for anxiety–its energetic effects will help you be productive while the euphoria it brings will erase any worries you may have. Like Durban Poison, this strain is great for a day full of time-consuming chores and errands.

Giggle Your Worries Away

Whether you need the full-body relaxation that a pure indica strain can provide or just a little bit of mental stimulation that sativas bring, High Season has you covered. From our tempting proprietary strains to our carefully curated selection of bud, you can be sure that whatever you grab from our shelves will be great. Stop by our Perris dispensary or our Adelanto dispensary to find som strains to make you laugh, reflect, or whatever else you might want to do.

We’ve gathered the 5 best strains to make you laugh, for those times when all you need is a good cheek-splitting grin to make your day a little bit better.

Euphoria Inducing Marijuana Strains

Sometimes, you may want to indulge in cannabis couch lock. Other times, you may have a desire to get up, get baked and get things done. If today is one of those days, you’ll want to know all about these euphoria inducing strains of marijuana that put you in a happy mood without slowing you down.

Blue Dream

Legendary among West Coast growers and cannabis connoisseurs, Blue Dream combines the easy relaxation of Blueberry with the creative, happy buzz of Santa Cruz native, Haze. Averaging between 17 and 24 percent THC, this Indica-Sativa hybrid offers a cerebral high along with number of potent medical benefits, including pain relief, elevated mood and reduction of anxiety, explain cannabis experts at Wikileaf.

White Widow

Originally developed in the Netherlands by Green House Seeds, White Widow fuses the rejuvenating high of South Indian Indica with the heady effects of Brazilian Sativa landrace strains to create a beautiful buzz that’s just right for conversation and creativity. Popular in Dutch coffee shops since the mid-1990s, this stimulating hybrid is known for its ability to boost energy and mood while providing a mild body buzz, explains Wikileaf.


First cultivated by celebrated California breeder Ken Estes, Candyland unites robust, Indica-dominant Granddaddy Purple with earthy, lemony Bay Area Platinum Cookies to create a stimulating strain that’s perfect for focused creativity and friendly social interaction. Sparkling with sugary trichomes, Candyland offers cannabis aficionados a happy high that may alleviate neuropathic pain while providing almost instantaneous anxiety relief, explains Medical Jane.

Triple Cheese

Brilliantly bred by Barney’s Farm in the Netherlands, Triple Cheese combines the flavorful funk of Old Cheese with the pungent bouquet of Blue Cheese strains. Known to cause euphoria, elevated mood, and a sense of utmost relaxation, this smooth smoke is ideal for both daytime and nighttime use. Due to its exceptional aroma, Triple Cheese is best enjoyed where the smell of cannabis is not problematic, advises Wikileaf.

Green Crack

Legend has it that Snoop Dogg gave this inbred Skunk its cocaine-connected name. Exceptionally euphoric, Green Crack elevates creativity while providing an exhilarating boost of energy. If you want to remain locked on the couch all day, this heady hybrid probably isn’t your best choice. But, if you want to have a great time cleaning house and finishing projects, Sativa-dominant Green Crack is definitely worth a try, recommends Allbud.

Pineapple Express

When Barney’s Farm combined the best features of tantalizing Trainwreck and fabulously fruity Hawaiian pakalolo, they came up with one of the happiest hybrids around. Reminiscent of mango, crisp apples and pine, this cannabis cultivar offers a long-lasting, euphoric high that inspires energy, creativity and productivity. Pineapple Express delivers around 17.5 percent THC and is commonly used to treat stress, anxiety, pain and fatigue, explains Leafly.

Super Sour Diesel

Dank and delicious, Super Sour Diesel is a powerfully potent cross between Sativa-dominant Sour Diesel and Super Silver Haze strains. If you are looking for a euphoric high that comes on fast and lasts a long time, you’re sure to enjoy this creativity-boosting cannabis hybrid. With between 18 and 23 percent THC, Super Sour Diesel is the budtender’s choice for patients seeking relief from chronic pain, fatigue, stress, and depression, explains Allbud.

Purple Kush

Native to Oaksterdam, Purple Kush is a purely Indica strain that came about by crossbreeding super-stony Purple Afghani with heady, hashy Hindu Kush. Although not as energizing as some other strains in this list, the densely packed buds of Purple Kush offer a long-lasting, euphoric high that is ideal for those who desire beautiful dreams and a good night’s sleep.

Tangerine Cookies

Carefully crossbred by Elev8 Seeds, Tangerine Cookies offers the euphoric effects of its parent plants, Tangie and GSC Thin Mint strains. The dense, sticky buds of this aromatic herb are just right for those who seek a heady and happy high. According to Leafly, the 5 percent terpene profile of Tangie Cookies may help to reduce stress and elevate mood while providing an energetic and uplifting experience.

Sour Strawberry

Developed by BOG Seeds, Sour Strawberry combines the finest happiness-inducing traits of Strawberry Cough, Sour Bubble, East Coast Sour Diesel and Razz strains. With a cannabinoid profile of around 15 percent THC, this fruity, flavorful strain provides a lovely full-body high that is ideal for daytime enjoyment. According to Leafly, Indica-dominant Sour Strawberry helps to improve mood, relieve pain, boost appetite, and reduce stress while offering feelings of euphoria.

Amnesia Haze

Despite its name, Amnesia Haze probably won’t make you forget your name. In fact, one puff of this potent Thai-Afghani-Hawaiian hybrid offers an uplifting vibe that is very likely to inspire mental sharpness, clear focus and creativity. A multiple Cannabis Cup award winner, a toke or three of euphoric Amnesia Haze is ideal for surfing, hiking and other energetic endeavors, advises Canna Connection.

NYC Diesel

Crossbred and cultivated by Soma Seeds, NYC Diesel includes genetics derived from energizing Mexican Sativa and superbly stony Afghani cannabis strains. Due to its ultra-long flowering period, NYC Diesel may not be as readily available as, for instance, Blue Dream, but if you can find it, NYC Diesel is sure to boost your mood in a very big way. In fact, this happy high is exactly right for those who like to start their day in a wake-n-bake way. If this sounds like you, be sure to save time for breakfast, because NYC Diesel tends to give smokers a massive case of the munchies, explains Wikileaf.

Lemon Kush

Although nobody seems to know its precise origins, cannabis lovers around the world agree that the sticky nuggets of Lemon Kush hold the key to happiness. Upon inhale, this euphoric herb tastes musky and dank. Exhale to enjoy a flavorful aftertaste of sweet lemonade. With around 19 percent THC, Lemon Kush is known to alleviate bad mood while boosting creativity and relaxation, explains Leafly.

No matter what your cannabis jam, you’re sure find every sort of flower, vape or tincture you desire at Euphoria Wellness. We also offer a nice selection of edibles and pre-rolls. For additional info, give us a call at (702) 960-7200.

If you want to get baked & get things done, you'll want one of these euphoria inducing marijuana strains to put you in a happy mood without slowing you down