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Best Hemp Backpacks – Our Top 10 Choices

Now is the season when backpacks are on everyone’s mind. Of course, students are getting into back-to-school mode all the way from preschool through graduate school. More than that, as the world gradually reopens for business, more and more of us are carrying our work documents, laptops, and supplies in backpacks. A great many of us have focused in on pure hemp backpacks, and rightly so. In this article, we’re going to list 10 of the best hemp backpacks available. For good measure, we’re going to explain why hemp fabric and backpacks make such a great combination.

The history of hemp in the United States is an amazing story, one you want to hear since it’s an ongoing saga of which you’re a part. The backstory of backpacks is intriguing as well. We’ll share this information along the way as we deal with important details about why hemp is so eco-friendly. First, let’s talk about some of the best available hemp backpacks.

Four Best Hemp Backpacks

There are many excellent hemp backpacks to choose from. Here are four of the very best Himalayan bags we selected for you to examine. Note as we begin that all these backpacks sport a very affordable price.

1. Himalayan Group Multi-Pocket Pure Hemp Backpack

This backpack grows softer with use, giving extra comfort without a decrease in durability. The interior pockets are lined with soft cotton. The hemp backpack comes with a unisex hemp hippie decal and is available in different sizes. This is a fair-trade product

  • Made in Nepal
  • Hemp and heavy cotton blend
  • 15 x 18 x 2.5 inches, 1.3 lbs
  • Multiple different size side pockets
  • Adjustable straps & hanging loop
  • International shipping, ships from the US

2. BackPack Rucksack Hemp Hand Made Bag

This bag is ideal for office work as well as outdoor backpacking. It’s made from top quality hemp and has a carry handle and a zipper front pouch closure. It has a unisex design and is hand-made so that no two of these bags are identical.

  • Made in Nepal
  • Hemp and Cotton
  • 17.75 x 13 x 5.5 inches
  • Multiple comparts
  • Foam shoulder straps
  • International shipping, ships from the UK

3. Eco-Friendly Himalayan Hemp Backpack

The Eco-Friendly hemp backpack is intended for the workplace, school, travel, or outdoor activities. It bears the ASATRE logo and inside the bag has the Hemp leaf and 100% Hemp logos as well. It has a padded center compartment and a side pocket large enough to accommodate an umbrella.

  • Made in Nepal
  • Hemp, Cotton, and Organic Cotton
  • 17.5 x 14.5 x 5 inches
  • Four body compartments and two water compartments
  • Straps and bag are padded
  • International delivery, ships from the US, delivers to the UK

4. 100% Natural Hemp Canvas Backpack

They make this backpack from canvas hemp, meaning it is especially rugged. It has multicolored panels trimmed in natural colored hemp. The interior is lined with heavy-duty cotton. Intentionally produced as an alternative to plastic and leather backpacks, it has a 100% wild hemp exterior.

  • Made in Nepal
  • Hemp canvas
  • 16 x 12 x 5 inches
  • Extra pockets and water bottle pockets
  • Padded interior
  • International shipping, ships from Nepal

The History of Hemp in America

For 77 years, the United States cut itself off from one of the most versatile, economically viable, environmentally useful plants ever cultivated. Now, however, hemp is making a comeback. Throughout recorded history, going back to ancient China through the era of the Scandinavian Vikings up through the American Revolution, hemp was the go-to crop. It became swaddling clothes for infants and shrouds for the dead. Like many other seafaring peoples, the Vikings made sails from hemp. The word canvas comes from the root word for cannabis: both hemp and marijuana emerged from the Cannabis Sativa species, only they were cultivated for very different purposes.

From the very beginning of European settlements in North America, the British monarchy decree that hemp be grown in the colonies to provide ropes and sails for the British Navy. The first American flags were hemp and hemp was a major cash crop. The American affection for and use of hemp came to a crashing halt in 1937 with the passage of The Marijuana Tax Act, which slowly strangled the production of hemp in the US. Apparently, legal authorities had a hard time telling the difference between marijuana and hemp, so Congress just outlawed both.

The absurdity of hemp being declared illegal was pointed out continually over the 75 years that followed. Beginning in 2014, Congress allowed nine states the privilege of cultivating hemp. Hemp is still not a legally cultivated plant in some American states, though it continues to make inroads. Perhaps one day, every American state will have the same rights they all enjoyed in 1936: to grow hemp.

A Hemp Backpack—The Natural Choice

While hemp weathered its pointless ostracization in the US, another quiet trend took over. It started on the West Coast in the early 1970s when students at the University of Washington began to carry their books to class. Not in their hands or strapped together, but in a redesigned backpack. Made of nylon, it was significantly smaller and lighter than the heavy canvas backpacks used by hikers. This device allowed individuals to carry essentials on their backs while their hands remained free. Over the next decade, the backpack became a revolutionary carrying instrument. By 1980, throughout the US, the back-to-school supply list for elementary children included a backpack.

In the 40 years after it became a default requirement for students at all levels, the use and design of backpacks grew exponentially. Because of the wide-ranging uses, materials, and designs, inevitably the new wave of carrying devices encountered the timeless hemp fabric. The hemp backpack came into being.

What About Laptop Backpacks?

You are out of luck if you try to find a student-sized laptop or computer tablet for sale these days. Laptops aren’t just for the business elite anymore. With distance group learning apps and the online posting of assignments and reports, laptops are at a premium. Transporting them safely is also a great concern. With this in mind, here is our list of three of the very best hemp laptop backpacks. Of course, they all have side pockets as well. Just remember to keep your water bottle closed when you’re packing your computer.

Three Best Hemp Laptop Backpacks

Many of these Nepalese hemp backpacks are designed specifically to carry laptop computers. Here are three of the best we’ve found in a side-to-side comparison, after which we’ll fill in some details:

5. Large Himalayan Hemp Backpack with Laptop Pocket

This vividly colored, over-sized hemp backpack is designed to furnish safe transport for your laptop while offering extra storage capacity. Meant for outdoor use at festivals and on hikes, this bag is THC free and is a fair-trade product. Because each bag is handwoven, no two will be exactly alike.

Hemp backpacks are an environmentally friendly choice for your every day items, laptop or school. Here's out top 10 hemp backpacks for all sorts of uses.

For Making Almond Milk & Cold Brew, These Versatile Nut Milk Bags Are *So* Perfect

You likely already know that homemade almond milk (or the nut milk of your choosing!) is on another level compared to store-bought varieties. Getting the best nut milk bag will help you make the best strains, while also opening up your kitchen to other tasty homemade endeavors, like cold brew, yogurt, or juicing. Yep, though it’s called a nut milk bag, it’s an incredibly versatile, low-tech kitchen tool. Before diving into my top picks, there are a few basic factors to think about.


First, consider the material options for the bag, since some may make more sense depending on what you plan to make.

  • Nylon: This durable, synthetic fabric is perfect for cold brew as well as nut milks. It won’t lose its shape and it’s one of the strongest textile materials. Plus, nylon resists mildew. But, nylon can melt if it becomes too hot, so a natural material may be better if you’re considering using a nut milk bag for tea or broth.
  • Cotton: Probably the most popular material for nut milk bags, this natural fabric is soft, affordable, and biodegradable. It’s worth noting, however, that cotton is susceptible to shrinking after washing and is a high-water consumption crop, so you may want to consider a hemp bag if a natural material made from a sustainable and renewable crop is important to you.
  • Hemp: This long-lasting material is stronger and more durable than cotton, and it’s a material that naturally resists pests, so no pesticides are used in the growing of it. Hemp won’t stretch out of shape, though it may have a noticeable odor at first.

Size & Shape

Look for nut milk bags with a U-shape or rounded bottom; the curved edges are easier to clean pulp out of than a bag with straight corners. In terms of size, larger options will allow for more versatile use of the nut milk bag. As mentioned above, you can make everything from yogurt to cold brew. Smaller bags are more limited in their utility and work better for brewing tea or infusing a broth with herbs.

With all this in mind, keep reading for the best nut milk bags to add to your kitchen repertoire.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

You likely already know that homemade almond milk (or the nut milk of your choosing!) is on another level compared to store-bought varieties. Getting the best nut milk bag will help you make the best strains, while also opening up your kitchen to…