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Guitars made from hemp

MADA guitars bring new form, new material, new design and for the very first time – organically molded hemp. No edges, no joints between top, sides and back, and in great colors: The Venus of the guitar.

No gimmick. The hemp guitar actually looks like it could be a great guitar. (Photo credits: AWS Designteam)

Hempstone makes it possible. 100% hemp-cellulose, 100% organic, no resin, and a renewable resource. A new procedure allows the spray-molding production of the new designed form. For seven years AWS Designteam head Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky has been experimenting with form and material of this revolutionary guitar.

Some prototypes were designed, produced and tested. Finally in fall 2006 the progress of development had reached the state of finishing a fully functional, charming and sexy guitar.

(Photo credits: AWS Designteam)

At the very moment more tests are running and construction is once again refined based on research and testing results. The maturity phase is in sight and soon production is being launched.

On June 14th MADA caimes will be publicly presented for the first time at the MADA launch party at the Aws Designteam studio in Vienna.

Partners of Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky in this project are luthier Andi Neubauer and drumparam head Norbert Schmid.

Many more colours are also avilable. (Photo credits: AWS Designteam)

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MADA Caimes Specs:


– Size 467 x 323x 50 mm

– Two shelled hempstone® construction

– Sustain Block mahagony

– Material thickness 3-5mm


– Scale (25,5’’) 648mm, 23,5 Frets

– Geometry with fingerboard: Nut: 44×21 mm,Fret 12: 52,3×22 (22. Fret: 56 mm)

– Construction Bolt on, reaching under Neck pickup

– Fingerboard rosewood 6mm, radius 12’’ (304,8mm), mother of pearl inlays

– Radius between headstock and neck min. 1,5mm, optim. for milling 6mm


– Bridge Gotoh 510 Tune-o-matic

– Tuners Gotoh 510 3L 3R Nickel


– 1 volume 1 tone Potties; Rosewood

– Pickups PAF Humbuckers, Custommade by Haeussel

MADA guitars bring new form, new material, new design and for the very first time – organically mold

U.S. firm launches ‘Silver Mountain Hemp’ brand of guitars, accessories

Posted By: HempToday® September 4, 2018

U.S.-based We Are For Better Alternatives (WAFBA) says it has ordered a first shipment of specialized guitars molded from hemp composite as it launches Silver Mountain Hemp (SMH), a new brand.

The guitars are the centerpiece for a line that also includes components and accessories. WAFBA has organized several strategic partnerships to source the products, said Morris Beegle, founder and owner at Ft. Collins, Colorado-based WAFBA.

“We’re demonstrating the potential to establish a supply chain with great partners who are committed to earth-friendly practices,” Beegle said of the development of the products, all of which have hemp in them. “Our entire business model is really centered around that.”

WAFBA founder and owner Morris Beegle

Highly customizable

SMH looks to stand out in the highly competitive musical instrument market by offering guitars built to customers’ specifications. “The plan is to let buyers customize their guitars with different color finishes, electronics, bridges, fretboards, tuners and knobs,” said Beegle, a 30-year veteran of the American entertainment industry. His firm also is owner of the Colorado-based NoCo Hemp Expo as well as Southern Hemp Expo, which debuts in Nashville, Tennessee this month.

WAFBA will roll out its first two models – the Silver Mountain Hemp Guitar (SMHG), and the HempCaster – during the Nashville event.

Classic designs

The guitars, supplied by Canadian Hemp Guitars (CHG), Quebec, are inspired by classic designs from legendary guitar makers Gibson and Fender, the SG and Telecaster models, respectively, Beegle said.

Marketing and sales of the SMH line will initially be through online channels and at hemp and cannabis trade events.

CHG guitars have a wood core underneath a molded composite of pressed hemp bast fibers on the back, sides and top. The Canadian company, started in 2012 by musicians Boyd Pellow and Stewart Burrows, makes a line of eco-friendly, hard-bodied instruments designed with a nod to the classic American chambered-body guitars of the 1960s.

Hemp in speakers

Meanwhile, Beegle has assembled Hard Truckers, a boutique cabinet group that’s building speaker cabinets with hemp board supplied by Sunstrand, a maker of natural composites based in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Sunstrand makes natural fiber-based products for the construction, automotive, electrical & electronics, and recreation industries.

Speakers inside the cabinets are from San Francisco-based Tone Tubby, whose Tone Tubby Cones substitute the paper component in high-quality speakers with more durable and tear-resistant organic hemp fiber-based material.

A range of hemp-plastic control knobs and picks made by Green Spring Technologies, Ft. Worth, Texas, with guitar straps from Poland-based Natural Materials Unlimited, Warsaw, round out the SMH line, which Beegle says will expand over time.

Silver Mountain Hemp knobs of hemp-based plastic are from Green Spring Technologies.

The Silver Mountain Hemp brand will be anchored initially by two guitar models inspired by classic designs from legendary guitar makers Gibson and Fender.