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Hemp Pasta

Fancy a superfood for your next plate of bolognese? Think that your next pasta dish can’t be healthy for you? Think again. Try some hemp pasta.

Hemp flour, which is used to create hemp pasta, contains a full array of vitamins, minerals, good fats, and protein. Most other superfoods would be jealous.

Traditionally, pasta is a delicious dish. However, it is extremely high in gluten, starch, and carbohydrates. These don’t sit well with everybody.

In fact 1 of a cup of cooked pasta (which is not much by any standard) has over 45g of carbohydrates! That’s not great if you are watching your waistline.

And it gets worse if you’re suffering from celiac disease. Gluten can cause respiratory problems, digestive issues, and more.

Apparently, many people who have celiac disease don’t even know that they have it. All the more reason to try alternative noodles from time to time.

Hemp pasta, on the other hand, is quite different from traditional pasta. Here is how.

What is hemp pasta?

Hemp pasta, with its distinctive nutty flavor, is becoming popular in restaurants around the world. This new trend comes from hemp seeds.

Unlike wheat, these seeds contain very little carbohydrates. For example, hemp flour is about 25% carbohydrate, whereas whole wheat flour is about 70%.

Whether you make it at home or purchase in a packet, hemp pasta could provide some great alternatives for your next dinner party.

How do you make hemp pasta?

There are indeed recipes that combine hemp oil and traditional pasta flour.

These are fine, as the hemp seed oil will provide significant amounts of added nutritional value to your dish. However, you will still have lots of carbohydrates and gluten in your meal.

Should you wish to use hemp seed flour to create your hemp pasta, you’ll take your pasta to the next level of healthiness.

To make your dough, you can combine hemp flour, cassava flour, tapioca flour, and ground chia seeds. Add in a few eggs, and then mix.

Then add some more if need be. Allow the dough to sit, then roll it out and cut it into your desired shape. Now you have gluten-free hemp pasta. Way to go!

This type of pasta cooks in only 2-3 minutes. You can make it with whatever kind of sauce or topping you like. Maybe some vegan eggplant parmesan.

Are there any benefits?

There is a wide range of benefits of hemp pasta. Firstly, there are some health benefits to eating hemp pasta.

You get lots of protein and vitamins, including antioxidants. Also, your body will enjoy a high amount of fatty acids. It really is a super-pasta.

But wait, it gets better. These eco-friendly noodles can help support a healthy heart. Also, certain compounds in hemp can help with inflammation throughout the body.

Aside from all this, there are lots of benefits for the environment. The biggest benefit is that hemp is a carbon-negative crop.

That means it takes carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere when people grow and manufacture it. Any way you can incorporate hemp into your life is a step in the right direction.

Why do we need it?

For people who suffer from celiac disease, this is a great option. Having a tasty, gluten-free option that offers high levels of protein and low carbohydrates is not just needed, it’s a must.

However, be aware that many online suppliers mix wheat flour with hemp flour. You’d really want to make the pasta yourself to be sure that there’s no gluten inside.

Not only that, but through innovations such as hemp pasta, inefficient and often unhealthy ways of producing food in this country are challenged and changed.

Also, the hemp plant is an awesome crop. It can thrive in many conditions and doesn’t need much water.

That means people around the world can grow it in different climates. Furthermore, it has a short harvest time.

Farmers can grow it multiple times in a year and use the same soil. That’s because the roots replenish some nutrients for the soil.

Where can I get hemp pasta?

Online and health food stores are your best bet. If you’re looking on the net, try Sfaglini or Carun for some options. Or, as our recipe suggested, why not make it at home? It could be fun!

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Hemp flour, which is used to create hemp pasta, contains a full array of vitamins, minerals, good fats and protein that most superfoods would be jealous of.

Hempiness Organic Hemp Fusilli Pasta

Fusilli spiral pasta made from high quality durum wheat and hemp flour with the spiral shaped design of fusilli making it perfect for holding chunky sauces, from rich meaty sauces to the simplest of tomato sauce. The hemp flour gives the pasta a delicate nutty flavour, as well as being rich in protein, minerals and fibre.

A wonderfully nutritious alternative to regular pasta as it contains fatty acids and essential amino acids and minerals. This pasta is rich in antioxidants and protein and is a good source of fibre and contributes to a healthy diet, complete and balanced, helping to maintain low cholesterol levels. Contains no egg and is recommended for sports nutrition, vegetarians and vegans.

With a cooking time of 6 minutes.

Available by the 250g box, 3 & 6 box offers

Ingredients: Organic Durum Wheat Semolina & Organic Hemp Flour

This organic pasta is made from Durum Wheat and Hemp food flour in the form of Fusilli spirals. With a cooking time of 6 minutes, these spirals exhibit a delicate nutty like taste and are rich in nutritious proteins and other nutrients.