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Strain Mastery is the term to describe your ability to harvest the plants effectively. When you water the plant at proper intervals you gain additional buds. If you reach a minimum number of buds your strain mastery improves. When you improve your mastery a specific number of times you level up and your strain receives a permanent bonus. There are 5 mastery levels allowing you to add a total of 5 buds to your overall yield.

Epic Buds Edit

Epic Buds are special buds which you can use in the breeding lab. (see Breeding Lab section below). Epic buds are dropped when you perform a perfect harvest, which means you have to fully water your plant at all intervals. You can still obtain Epic Buds without a perfect harvest but it’s a much lower percentage. Usually less than 30% chance and lower.

Legendary Buds Edit

Legendary buds are special buds that can be used in the breeding lab to improve strain quality. Legendary are extremely rare buds provide possible bonuses to all 4 attributes and can be used in a similar way that a regular bud can be used–they can be used once per attribute but provide a higher average reward.

The Breeding Lab Edit

Each time you breed two strains you have a chance to improve one trait of the mother strain. There is also a small chance to improve all 3 properties if the marker falls on the “Bonus” category. If two strains cannot be bred to produce a new strain a “bonus” option replaces the chance where the “new strain” found would normally be.

Strain Properties Edit

Each strain has 3 of the 4 properties in different proportions. Each strain has both a potency and aroma property as well as either pain or mood. Indicas have the pain property and sativas have mood. Hybrids have one or the other.

Strain Properties:

  1. Potency
  2. Aroma
  3. Pain
  4. Mood

Breeding Table

Mother Father Child
Afghani Skunk No 1 Northern Lights
Skunk No 1 Northern Lights Chemdawg
Northern Lights Chemdawg Hindu Kush
Chemdawg Hindu Kush Sour Diesel
Hindu Kush Sour Diesel Haze
Sour Diesel Haze G13 Haze
Chemdawg G13 Haze Jack Herer

Mother and Father strains Edit

The mother strain acts as the base (initial strain traits) and the father strain acts as the modifier (strain bonuses). The father strain dictates what bonuses are added to the mother strain to produce the new child strain.

Watering Edit

Watering the plants increases the number of buds it produces during harvest. Each strain has a different number of watering requirements and different intervals.

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Hempire New Hack Guide For New Players

It is bizarre how the big Hempire is in conflict with other entertainment that develops weeds. There is definitely a lot to do between managing your performance, maintaining your business and improving the inclusion group.

Stingel is one of the most unique parts of Hempire Hack. You get the power to make new ones and you can improve the functions of your current strains to make them stronger (and more meaningful).

To start the propagation of deformation, epic or surprising shoots are needed, with epic buds that are rare drops of the crop.

If you’re happy, you’ll get an epic button when you come together, but you can increase your chances of getting him to look for buds by keeping your plants completely wet and maintaining the temperature so that the plant likes it.

The benefits of perfecting your plants

Every plant can be watered several times, and if you are aware of the deviation, it is well substantiated, despite all the problems. Give your plants water completely:

Create the extent of the epidemics that you will get during the collection

Build the tasks to get an epic epidemic by putting it together

Develop the fastest factory

If you irrigate a plant every time you need it, the development is completed when you have sprayed it for the last time. Ideally you will irrigate them infallibly, and it is justified in spite of all problems.

To date, there are nine varieties of Hempire. The following is a summary of everything, with its kind:

Afghani (Indica)
Chemdawg (Hybrid)
G-13 Haze (Hybrid)
Haze (Sativa)
Hindu Kush (Indica)
Jack Herer (Sativa)
Northern Lights (Indica)
Skunk No1 (Hybrid)
Sour Diesel (Sativa)

You start having fun with Hindu Kush and they give you Skunk No1 to raise the northern lights to get your permission, and from that moment on you have to work to enlarge yourself.

The basic principles of breeding vampires

Fortunately, the breeding strains in Hempire are very basic. Each variety has its own restorative properties, which can be improved by aging. New tensions are also open through education, which requires a little more ingenuity.

In breeding you can build one of the three therapeutic properties:

Pain (Indica or hybrid) or Mood (Sativa or hybrid)
Increasing these increases the overall quality and value of your bud.

In the breeding profile you have to choose parenting and parenting. Both are necessary.

The selected parent strain will base its characteristics on restorative characteristics and serve as a platform for the impact of the parent strain, which will reward the resulting stress, regardless of whether there is another strain.

The maternity stock is more essential than the father, because that is the reason for the outcome. If you start with Afghani as a mother, you will get an improvement. Afghani with father plant wins later unless you have chosen the right mix for another species.

So you have read it and are ready to move on with your tension. This is extremely simple. In fact, less demanding than it seems at first glance. The biggest problem is to know that mum and dad are mixing to create new tension and we will get there.

If you plant similar plants, they will appear this way. For example, if you make two good sativas together, you get a sativa. The same can be said. In any case, if you grow a perfect indica with a good sativa, you get half of the race. It refers to the know, but is not it better fraud?

How about arrival on the parent page, because it is probably confusing to get what you need:

Afghani + Skunk No 1 = Northern Lights
Northern Lights + Chemdawg = Hindu Kush
Northern Lights + Skunk No 1 = Chemdawg
Hindu Kush + Chemdawg = Sour Diesel
Hindu Kush + Sour Diesel = Haze
Haze + Sour Diesel = G13 Haze
G13 Haze + Chemdawg = Jack Herer

If you try to reproduce to improve the quality of your tribes instead of looking for new strains, remember brilliant management: each species can so often improve the therapeutic qualities of others. As a result, you are expected to develop the variety you need to improve with different varieties, instead of just becoming a member of another breeding breeder.

The street with maximum quality is associated with the varieties.

There are a number of other complexities in the context of Hempire’s parenting, but ideally this guide has helped you if you are new to the fun or stick to the quality. Stop printing!

It is bizarre how the big Hempire is in conflict with other entertainment that develops weeds. There is definitely a lot to do between managing your performance, maintaining your business and improving the inclusion group. Stingel is one of the most unique parts of Hempire Hack. You get the power to make new ones and…