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High grade hemp seed now available

Grow an in-demand, sustainable crop that yields incredible profits

PUBLISHED ON June 16, 2019

LONGMONT, Colo. — As more states approve hemp as an agricultural crop, farmers have a phenomenal opportunity to grow an in-demand, sustainable crop that yields incredible profits, according to Bodhi Urban, owner of High Grade Hemp Seed Inc. (HGH), which has a new inventory of certified seeds available for distribution in hemp-friendly states across the U.S.

“Whether you’re a small farmer or a large-scale farmer growing crops like corn and soybeans, you’re in a position to start making money again if you start with the right hemp seed,” said Urban, a farmer and seed and genetics specialist who founded HGH Seed in Longmont, Colo., named America’s First Certified Hemp Farm in 2014 and widely regarded as the leader in the CBD seed industry.

For example, “farmers who currently are putting in long days to grow corn, soybeans or alfalfa fall somewhere between breaking even or, if they’re lucky, clearing $400 per acre,” said Urban. “They could see a profit of $20,000 to $50,000 an acre with high quality hemp genetics.”

Currently the industry faces a shortage of reputable genetics, “so farmer beware,” said Urban, who points to a $21 million lawsuit in Oregon over seeds that didn’t perform as advertised. The key to a successful crop is seed that delivers high quality, consistent plants that meet government standards.

While some hemp seed suppliers promise a 70 to 75 percent germination rate, HGH customers are reporting a 98 percent germination rate, according to Urban, who said HGH puts its seeds through extensive trials to assure the best plants.

“We’ve been able to achieve consistency with all of our seed varieties through the expertise of our team and by working closely with the Colorado State University (CSU) Seed Laboratory and other lab partners that go above and beyond national requirements to ensure the most consistent and purest genetics,” he said. HGH provides a consistent supply of seeds as well because of its skilled farming partners across the U.S.

“Holding ourselves to the highest standards and delivering on our promises is important to us as we work with farmers across the country so they can continue doing what they love – planting, growing and harvesting sustainable crops that provide value to consumers and making a decent living to provide for their families.”

Ensuring a quality crop is important, but finding markets is critical and there’s no shortage.

While some hemp farms focus on the production of cannabidiol (CBD) for oils, health and wellness products, beverages and food, others produce industrial hemp that can be used for making everything from biodegradable plastic and construction materials like siding and drywall to paper, soap and clothing.

“Our team not only offers assistance with cultivation, propagation, testing, quality control and harvesting, but we work with farmers to find end users so they know their harvest is going into some really great products,” said Urban. HGH partners with CBD seed distributors Seed2System and iHempX, regarded as leaders in the U.S. hemp industry.

It’s an exploding market and Urban encourages farmers who are interested in learning more to reach out.

“The benefit of working with HGH Seed is that we get it. We are farmers,” he said. “We know you don’t have hours to spend every day learning all of the intricacies that growing requires, so we’ve done that for you. We simplify the process by providing a roadmap from cultivation to the final product.”

For more information contact HGH at (833) 867-7333 or [email protected]

HGH Seed Inc., located in Longmont, Colorado, is dedicated to producing the highest quality farm-proven hemp genetics. The HGH team prides itself on the best ecological practices with a focus on air and sustainable partnerships with farmers and researchers. HGH sees its work in the hemp industry as an opportunity to create positive changes in the world and is humbled to be a part of a community full of talented farmers, scientists, geneticists and more.

High grade hemp seed now available Grow an in-demand, sustainable crop that yields incredible profits PUBLISHED ON June 16, 2019 LONGMONT, Colo. — As more states approve hemp as an


At High Grade Hemp Seed we produce best-in-class hemp cultivars with proven compliance, feminization, and cannabinoid levels. We back up our genetics with customer service you can count on. We understand how risky hemp farming can be. That is why we test all of our seed varietals on our farms prior to selling them to our customers.

High Grade Hemp Seed genetics are farm proven with average feminization rates over 99.98%* and germination rates well above 95%* in most cases. Hemp is revitalizing agriculture, turbo-charging business, improving health, and delivering life-changing returns for farmers.

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