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Homegrown Cannabis Co. is America’s premium seed bank, but we don’t just stop at supplying growers with top quality cannabis seeds. We publish a … Do you agree with Homegrown Cannabis Co.'s star rating? Check out what 337 people have written so far, and share your own experience. Homegrown Diaries is a unique platform to log all stages of your cannabis growing adventures

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Homegrown Cannabis Co. is America’s premium seed bank, but we don’t just stop at supplying growers with top quality cannabis seeds. We publish a wealth of educational content in conjunction with some of our closest collaborators, such as Kyle Kushman, Steve DeAngelo and Swami Chaitanya who will help you learn how to grow weed. We want to teach our customers how to grow marijuana, growing cannabis can be an intimidating adventure but we’re here to help. Join host Kronic as he shows you everything you need to know about growing marijuana plants. Want weed growing instructions? Look no further!

Which LED Grow Light is for YOU?

Kronic discusses the variables of what is quickly becoming the new industry standard technology for growers – LED lights. Check out this latest podcast for an in-depth look at all things you should consider when making your decision on which light best suits you and your requirements as a grower!

Homegrown Cannabis Co. Reviews

Very easy to maneuver through the website, simple to order & quick delivery! Would definitely recommend!

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

Can’t be trusted

I wrote a truthful long review on their website and they emailed me and deleted it. How can you trust them if they don’t keep up negative reviews? Guarantee more than half their reviews on their own site are fake and a lot are probably fake here too. Their seeds are terrible and I got randomized seeds too. Photoperiods instead of autoflowers. Never using them again.

service great

These guys deliver

These guys deliver. Many varieties to choose. I’ve got 18 different plants going. Love being a farmer. Duh? Whom would not want to grow You’re very own.

I ordered two batches of seed

I ordered two batches of seed. I trusted their reviews and their data on their products. For example, I ordered 16 Diesel Autos. Every single one came up, but that’s when I noticed something was wrong.

Every single plant ended up shrunken and deformed. Some of the seedlings came up with one ‘spear’ and one cotyledon.

The plants did all bud, but were scrawny, deformed and misshapen. Nothing over 13″ tall. They won’t even consider there is something wrong with their Diesel.

The ‘BigDevil’ grew more to form but were a total disappointment regarding quality. Yeah, they were BIG, but just fluffy, airy crap, no way 18% THC.
Maybe 1.8% THC. Another disappointment.

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The worst part was when I submitted an honest review of the Diesel Auto. They flat out refused to print it. Now I know why all of their strains are rated so high by their ‘reviewers’

I have a bunch more seeds from them, but I don’t know if I will waste my time and effort even bothering to grow them.

btw, I am no newb to growing. I grew my first plants when I was 13, and have been growing for 44 years now. been ‘gardening’ since I was 5.

I wish I could give NEGATIVE FIVE STARS!

I’d stay far away from this outfit.

Every seed germinated

Every seed germinated. I have ordered from other seed companies and received seeds that did not germinate. I am a happy gardener with my new weed seed supplier Homegrown Cannabis. The prices are excellent too!

This website is terrible I ordered from…

This website is terrible I ordered from them once gg4 x zkittlez 4 seeds for 84 dollars, got the seeds in a clear ziploc bag with a serial number looked tacky to say the least. The seeds where light green in color looked very premature. Planted anyways 3 seeds didn’t sprout 1 did I spent 6 months of my life and money growing what turned out to be a cbd plant. I can’t stress enough how pissed off and disappointed I was. Never have bought from them again and since then I’ve never received a cbd seed and my germination rate has always been about 90 percent. Do not buy from this website there are so many other better options that are cheaper. I think to myself all the time after trying other breeders out that I can’t believe I spent 20 per seed of straight garbage premature cbd seeds. I mean how disappointing is it to waste 6 months of time effort and money to grow cbd… Btw the plant looked good in the end I grew it right I know what I’m doing. Got a QP off of the one plant and it’s all in the trash. It was confirmed cbd too btw I’m not just assuming. Crap crap crap website. DO NOT BUY

They do not guarantee all of your seeds

They do not guarantee all of your seeds

This is horrible advertising. I own 2 farmers markets and would never my allow my farmers to not guarantee their produce and would probably fire my advertising team.

Great customer service great seeds and…

Great customer service great seeds and great quality! The order didn’t show the promotion of 4 free seeds but they made it right and sent them to me. If you don’t see the promotional item in your cart at check out let them know and they’ll take care of you! Great website to buy from A++

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Great service and excellent…

Great service and excellent correspondence for tracking

My product came discretely

My product came discretely. When I had an issue with USPS, customer service was helpful and professional.

My overall shopping experience was…

My overall shopping experience was pleasant. The menu was easy to navigate and I even received my seeds 4 days early. I can’t wait to test the end results!

Great product. Easy to navigate

My experience with Homegrown Cannabis has been great. I think the price of the seeds is reasonable given the success rate and the quality of the end product.


I can always count on my seeds popping right up and making healthy plants.

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The Cannabis Community is all about sharing good things and helping each other out so I have to share Homegrown Cannabis Co. with ALL

“Homegrown has a great variety of quality strains to choose from backed by a reasonable germination guarantee with quick, discreet and reliable shipping methods that provide secure payment options that leaves you feeling confident that you’re getting what you expected. The promotions are pretty enticing and has encouraged me to try strains I might not otherwise experience. I have gained a better understanding of cannabis in general and expanded my knowledge on a wide variety of topics that has made me a better grower through the helpful info, tips and tutorials, which are entertaining as well. Let’s not forget that I now get to shop at home in the good ol’ USA and don’t have to receive letters that my babies have been destroyed at customs! That wasn’t fun. I feel like I have a personal connection to Homegrown Cannabis Co. as if I’m dealing with someone familiar that I trust. I have dealt with 3 other seed banks, but I guess this will be the only one I need from now on. I have gone “all in” and even ordered the nutrients which I’ll be giving a try in the near future. Aloha and Mahalo from Hawaii!”

great service and follow up!

100% germination rate versus others…

100% germination rate versus others that were “quality” seeds at only 25% germination rate because they are finicky. Which for me as a new grower limits my ability to learn, if I don’t have plants to learn on. Also all the info provided on our website and YouTube about the seeds to help you grow them better. I’m sure they’re better genetics out there but for a beginner like myself I will definitely buy and have bought more as I get better from homegrown.

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Just had my pool guy test my tap water. PH is 7.8 and chlorine is way high. I always let watering buckets sit overnight which gets rid of chlorine. I have read that adding a cap of vinegar per gallon of water lowers PH.

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My first plant stunted, with less than ideal soil, minor light burn, and a power outage that occurred within the first days of the seed popping (which left it in the dark for about 24 hr), this plant had a rough go. I in.

The plants look awesome man, the only thing I’d suggest is lowering the temperature some how in their environment. 93 is too high and they’ve probably been stressed out because of it.

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Homegrown Cannabis Reviews

I ordered blueberry, blackjack and deelite auto flowers and every single seed produced huge, awesome plants with great yields!! Can’t wait to try some mor.

What is Homegrown Diaries?

Homegrown Diaries is a unique platform exclusively for customers of Homegrown Cannabis Co. It affords cannabis cultivators the ability to document and track their grow cycle from start to finish, factoring in elements such as strain, grow room type, grow medium, light type and start date. Furthermore it is also a digital space for growers across the country to share their experiences and learn from the experiences of other growers.

How to start my Diary?

First, you must sign up for Homegrown Diaries with your Google account or email address, after you have done so, you will need to do the following:

  • Go to the diary icon in the top right of the screen and hit ‘+’ to start your diary
  • Give your diary a name
  • Add the Homegrown Cannabis Co. strain you will be growing
  • Select the date you planted the seed
  • Choose your room type from indoor, outdoor or greenhouse
  • Select the grow medium you will use; soil, hydroponics or soilless
  • Select the type of light you will be using for the vegetative and flowering stages
  • Click “Save” and you are ready to track your grow!

Note: while you can only select 1 strain per diary, it is possible to have multiple diaries at one time.

How often should I update my diary?

We recommend that you update your diary once a week as the diary keeping interface is divided into weeks. Thankfully, uploading your weekly information should be a quick and easy process. Our platform allows you to add images of your plants, what nutrients you’re using and more to really help you track your progress.