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How-to Get Seed of Light – All Three Seeds – Destiny 2: Forsaken

Get all of the Seeds of Light and completely level your super!

Learn how-to obtain all three Seeds of Light and gain all of the abilities for your new super in Destiny 2: Forsaken! If you’ve been wondering how to get those last two seeds, then this Seed of Light Guide should help you finish that up. The first one is obviously very easy, but the second and third will require you to be in the 550 power level range, so be sure to equip yourself heavily before attempting to get your additional seeds.

First Seed of Light: Visions of Light Feathers

If you’ve already completed the Forsaken campaign then you’ve likely already done this. If you haven’t, then you’ll start to find Visions of Light feathers dropping from enemies in The Tangled Shore. Once you collect enough of these, you will be then told to head to Io and complete the quest that will unlock the additional super.

Second Seed of Light: The Blind Well (Public Event)

First of all, you’ll need to unlock The Dreaming City to begin with. Be sure you’ve completed the Forsaken campaign, and then speak to Petra Venj and you will be given an item called the Broken Awoken Talisman. You will then be sent on a quest to run around completing Lost Sectors, Strikes, and more. You’ll finally come to the Beyond the Watchtower mission and once you complete that you will unlock The Dreaming City.

Font of Starlight, The Dreaming City

Arcane Awoken technology with the power to split the seams between realities.

Now, this will require you to be much further along in your power level (550 is the recommended). Head to The Dreaming City and to the east you will find The Blind Well Public Event. There are multiple tiers to the Blind Well event, but what you need to complete is the second tier. To start this, you’ll first need Charge of Light – Tier II. To get these, purchase them with Dark Fragments from Petra Venj (each tier 2 charge of light is 13 fragments). If you complete a Blind well event, this will also sometimes reward you with a Charge of Light, so jump into one of those if you see it active.

Now that you are ready to go, head to The Blind Well and use those tier 2 charges of light. You will want a fireteam for this, so don’t attempt to do it alone. This now spawns a ton of enemies that you will need to dispatch and finally finishing with a boss to complete.

If you are able to complete the event then you have a CHANCE at gaining a Seed of Light. There’s no guarantee, it’s a random drop. It also isn’t a guaranteed to any members of your party, it’s random all the way around.

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Third Seed of Light: Raid or Mara Sov

Firstly, you can do this in any order. You can get this “third” seed before you get the one from The Blind Well. There are two ways to do it. You can attempt to head into the Raid and kill the first boss: Kalli, the Corrupted. You will have to be pretty high power level, looking in the 560 – 580 range.

Alternatively, you can do it the easier way, but it requires you to do it at a certain time. The Dreaming City is on a three week rotation, during the final week when the curse is at its height you can go to Petra Venj and pick up the “Gateway Between Worlds” weekly bounty. You complete this by finishing the Blind Well event multiple times. The higher tier you complete, the more percentage is given towards the bounty. Once you’ve done this, you will be given the “Offering to the Oracle” reward. Head to the Observatory and give the offering to the Oracle. This will open up a portal, and allow you to visit with Mara Sov. She will give you a reward which is the third seed of light!

How-to Get Seed of Light – All Three Seeds – Destiny 2: Forsaken Get all of the Seeds of Light and completely level your super! Learn how-to obtain all three Seeds of Light and gain all of

Destiny 2 Seed of Light Guide – How to Find Another Seed of Light

Way back when Bungie released the Forsaken expansion for Destiny 2, they added new subclasses for each of the game’s three types of Guardians. By completing a quest for Ikora, players could obtain a Seed of Light, which can be used to unlock one subclass for either the Solar, Void, or Arc power sets. However, it’s not immediately clear how to obtain more in order to unlock the two others. To obtain another Seed of Light in Destiny 2, you’ll have to head to the Dreaming City.

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Second Seed of Light in Destiny 2 – Blind Well

If you haven’t been to the Blind Well yet, it’s a location in the Dreaming City that also includes a public event. One player will have to insert a Charge of Light into the Well, kicking off a survival mode that culminates in a boss battle. The event itself is pretty straightforward. Make sure to stay in safe zones before the bosses show up, and when they do, kill the “Anathema” enemies and collect the orbs they drop to get a buff that will allow you to bring down the bosses’ shields.

To get a second Seed of Light, you’ll have to complete a Blind Well activation using a Tier II charge. These can show up as rare drops in the Dreaming City, or can be obtained by completing a Tier I activation of the Blind Well. Unfortunately, the Seed of Light is a random drop from a Tier II completion, so you might have to run the event a few times to get it.

Third Seed of Light in Destiny 2

There are two ways to get the final Seed of Light in Destiny 2, one of which is straightforward but difficult and another which is complex but easier. The straightforward, difficult way is to defeat Kalli, the Corrupted in the Last Wish raid. For help with that, check out our Destiny 2 Last Wish Raid Guide.

If you don’t raid, you’ll have to do things the complicated way. Wait until the Dreaming City is on the last week of its three-week cycle. There’s an easy way of determining what part of the cycle you’re in by looking at Petra Venj’s location. On the first week, she’ll be at Aphelion’s Rest. On the second, she’ll be at the Bay of Wishes. And on the third, she’ll appear at the Chamber of Starlight. (A)phelion’s Rest, (B)ay of Wishes, (C)hamber of Starlight, get it?

Anyway, hit up Petra for the Gateway Between Worlds weekly bounty and complete it by doing Blind Well runs. Get the Offering to the Oracle item by completing the bounty and take it to the Observatory. Instead of a chest appearing as normal, you’ll be taken through a portal to Mara’s Sov’s throne. She’s out right now, but has kindly left a chest containing the last Seed of Light.

And that’s all you need to know about getting another Seed of Light in Destiny 2! Now get out there and use your broken roaming supers until Bungie nerfs them.

By completing a quest for Ikora, players could obtain a Seed of Light, which can be used to unlock one subclass for either the Solar, Void, or Arc power sets.